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Former Coupeville High School track and soccer star Marisa Etzell is studying abroad in Australia. (Photo by Dawn Spilsbury Pucci)

Four down, three to go.

Former Coupeville High School athletic supernova Marisa Etzell, she of the fleet feet on the track oval and soccer pitch, is out to conquer every continent.

Etzell, currently a junior at Pacific Lutheran University, is spending a chunk of time in Australia, operating as a student abroad.

As she enjoys her time Down Under and experiences continent #4 on her check list, she’s documenting her adventures on a blog.

Want to keep up to date with one of the most talented, selfless, remarkable young women on the planet?

Of course you do.

So, here you go, a handy, dandy link to Marisa’s words and pics, as they arrive by carrier pigeon from the land of Crocodile Dundee.

Well … I’ve just been informed that’s not how the internet works at all. Apparently no carrier pigeons, just a bunch of tubes and … what, still not right?

Maybe just ignore me, and pop over here:


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Kelley (Dunaway) Hefflinger

Kelley (Dunaway) Hefflinger

Some people are just nicer than others.

For whatever reason, they have a special sparkle, a different way of looking at life, a genuine sweetness and light that permeates their every action.

Kelley Hefflinger is one of those people.

Back when we worked together during my time as manager at Videoville and Miriam’s Espresso (I got paid to watch movies! I want that back, now!!), she was using her pre-marriage name, Kelley Dunaway, and she was still in high school.

At one point, I came up with a list of nearly 100 people who worked at those establishments during my 12+ years behind the counter, but Kelley stands out because she was genuinely nice.

To everyone. All the time.

There was no artifice about her. She treated everyone the same, with a huge smile and an open, friendly attitude.

Which is why now, unasked, I want to do what I can to help her achieve her goals. To pay her back just a bit for being a really wonderful young woman.

Kelley has a chance to go abroad to study in Italy in June of this year, but she needs financial help to make her dream come true.

So don’t be a Grinch. Go, take a look at her page, at http://www.gofundme.com/kelley.

Think about sending a dollar or two (or more) her way. Do it for her. Do it for yourself.

Because rewarding the wonderful ones among us makes us all better people.

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