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William Davidson measures twice…

and cuts once. (Photos courtesy Michael Davidson)

School is out of session, but “Mr. Freeze” is taking his education to the garage.

Coupeville Middle School soccer star William Davidson, who’s also been known to respond to the nickname “The Cornish Game Hen,” fulfills two assignments sent out by teacher Chad Felgar in the paparazzi pics seen above.

Assignment one – how to measure using a tape measure.

Assignment two — how to cut a straight line with a handsaw.

Extra credit — Have a dad willing to send me photos fresh out of the camera, so Coupeville Sports can pick up some sweet, sweet page hits thanks to featuring the urban legend who can’t be contained by one nickname alone.

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Zane Oldenstadt rumbles under the hoop. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

CMS students cram the stands to support their classmates.

Wolf coaches Jon Roberts (seated) and Craig Anderson ponder the action.

Coupeville’s Level One team is (back, l to r) Logan Downes, Oldenstadt, William Davidson, Nick Guay. Front: Timothy Nitta, Ryan Blouin, Hunter Bronec, Cole White, Landon Roberts.

Blouin lets the ball fly.

Greg White delivers his best Vince Lombardi speech to his players.

Downes strolls in for two of his game-high 25 points.

Calm and composed, William “Mr. Freeze” Davidson remains a cool cat, even when crashing to the floor to snag a loose ball.

Rumble, young man, rumble.

Playing at home for the only time in their first five games, the Coupeville Middle School boys basketball squads were in top form Thursday afternoon.

The Wolves captured two wins in as many games against visiting Northshore Christian Academy, while wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken worked the sidelines, clicking away.

The pics above are courtesy him, but there’s a lot more.

To see everything Fisken snapped, and maybe nab some early Christmas gifts for Gram and Gramps, pop over to:


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William Davidson earned MVP honors for the first-ever Coupeville Middle School boys soccer squad. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

He froze out the competition.

William “Mr. Freeze” Davidson has a little bit of Cow Town athletic history to call his own, after being named MVP of the first-ever Coupeville Middle School boys soccer team.

The CMS 8th grader, who anchored the Wolves with his play as the team’s primary goalie, was honored at an awards banquet Wednesday night.

Also receiving awards were Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim (Most Improved), Mikey Robinett (Rookie of the Year), Ryan Blouin (Best Defender), and Andrew Williams (Best Sportsmanship).

The Wolf booters finished 2-8 during their debut season, drilling Granite Falls twice, while fighting strongly against undefeated league champ Lakewood and posh private school Northshore Christian Academy.

Logan Downes led the squad in scoring, rattling home five goals.


The trailblazers:

Reese Cernick (Head Coach)
Michelle Cernick (Assistant Coach)
Ryan Blouin
Mason Butler
William Davidson
Logan Downes
Preston Epp
Nathan Ginnings
Nick Guay
Dane Hadsall
Tavan Hughes
Zane Oldenstadt
Mikey Robinett
Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim
Alexander Smith
Nick Wasik
Andrew Williams

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Nick Wasik leads off a collection of CMS soccer portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Tavan Hughes

Alexander Smith

Mason Butler

William Davidson

Nick Guay

Dane Hadsall

Nathan Ginnings

It’s that moment where every mom says the exact same thing.

“You couldn’t like comb your hair before they took the photo, you savage???”

I kid. I kid.

In the Coupeville Middle School boys soccer portraits seen above, most of the hair follicles were in place pre-snap.

The pics capture eight of the 15 Wolves who are part of the first-ever CMS soccer squad.

The other seven?

Five have already run here on Coupeville Sports, while there are two being saved to go with stories on the final two games of the season.

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Nick Guay leads the charge. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Aha, my old foe, you thought you could escape from me, but you were wrong, so wrong!”

Familiarity breeds improvement.

During its first season of competition, the Coupeville Middle School boys soccer team has just three rivals filling out its 10-game season.

The Wolves have beaten Granite Falls twice, while falling all three times they’ve played both Lakewood and Northshore Christian Academy.

The latest of those defeats came Wednesday in Lakewood, where CMS fell 4-0 on the pitch to their large-school rivals.

While the losses have piled up a bit during a 2-6 season, the chance to face off with the same squads has given the Wolves a chance to measure their progress.

In each of their three meetings, Coupeville has reduced the goals scored by Lakewood, a much-larger middle school which funnels students to a 2A high school.

The Wolves have brought the number down from eight in game one, to five in game two, then to four in the final meeting this season between the schools.

And it was actually much closer, as Lakewood only led 1-0 at the half and 2-0 late in the game.

A pair of back-to-back scores in the waning moments stretched out the margin, but didn’t dampen the positive showing from the Wolves.

“We played a great game against an undefeated team,” said Coupeville coach Reese Cernick.

“The Lakewood coach kept commenting the whole game how much we had improved and how on point our defense is.” he added. “This was one of the best games we’ve played this season, hands down.”

Coupeville has two games left on its schedule, traveling to Granite Falls Monday, Oct. 21 in pursuit of a season sweep.

After that, the Wolves wrap their inaugural season Oct. 23 at home against Northshore Christian.

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