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Wolf QB Dawson Houston has completed 60% of his passes through two games. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

In the end, only one stat truly matters, and that’s your win-loss record.

So far, the Coupeville High School football squad is acing that, with two wins in as many games, having submarined Port Townsend (28-18) and Vashon Island (13-0).

But, as the Wolves (2-0) prep for a non-conference home game Friday against Friday Harbor (1-1), we’ll take a moment to marinate in all the other more personal stats we’ve been able to pull together.

As always, the stats come from CHS coaches, and I am just the messenger.

Agree with something? You’re welcome. Disagree? Go talk to your coaches.




Dawson Houston 9-15 for 116 yards with 2 TDs
Sean Toomey-Stout 1-1 for 20 yards


Shane Losey 4 receptions for 78 yards
Jake Pease 3-33
Gavin Knoblich 3-25


Toomey-Stout 41 carries for 528 yards
Chris Battaglia 9-52
Losey 13-48
Xavier Murdy 2-15
Andrew Martin 2-11
Gavin Straub 2-5
Alex Turner 1-(-5)
Houston 5-(-18)

Total Yards (Rush/Pass/Rec):

Toomey-Stout 548
Losey 126
Houston 98
Battaglia 52
Pease 33
Knoblich 25
Murdy 15
Martin 11
Straub 5


Toomey-Stout 3
Battaglia 1
Losey 1
Pease 1


Murdy 1


Knoblich 1
Pease 1


Toomey-Stout 18
Pease 8
Battaglia 6
Losey 6
Knoblich 2
Murdy 1




Martin 18
Turner 16
Dane Lucero 11
Ryan Labrador 9
Pease 7
Battaglia 6
Knoblich 6
Toomey-Stout 6
Brian Casey 4
Miles Davidson 4
Losey 4
Matt Stevens 4
Ben Smith 2
Isaiah Bittner 1
Houston 1
Straub 1


Toomey-Stout 2
Martin 1

Fumble recoveries:

Knoblich 1
Turner 1


Lucero 2
Knoblich 1

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Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin runs between the rain drops. (John Fisken photos)

Gavin Knoblich

Gavin Knoblich anchors the line for the Wolves.

team tackle

   A pack of Wolves including Ulrik Wells (25), Jake Hoagland (middle) and Trevor Bell (72) bring down an Eagle.

Matthew Shreffner

CHS receiver Matthew Shreffner gets lined up.


And then the sun went supernova.

Dawson Houston

Wolf QB Dawson Houston comes out flingin’ heat.

Where’s the lightning when you really want it?

A week after having their game stopped seven minutes early by flashes in the sky (from off-Island), the Coupeville High School JV football squad (and its fans) were left out in the rain and wind for the full duration Monday night.

The first half was a cascade of moisture, which always make one a bit hesitant to be camped out next to the electronics which operate the score board.

As we’re currently living through a year without a press box, the school’s athletic master of ceremonies, Aimee Bishop, was left to construct an intricate wall of blankets and umbrellas around the equipment.

Which worked until the rain was joined by a wall of wind which sliced ‘n diced its way right through the (thin) layer of protection.

All in all, it was the sort of evening where the crew in the stands, and the soaked coaches on the sideline, moaned a bit each time Klahowya threw a pass while up by four touchdowns in the fourth.

Why, you ask?

Because the clock stopped every time the slick ball evaded the grasp of an Eagle receiver, stretching out how long we got to enjoy the “balmy” Washington weather.

By the time we were all set free, Klahowya was headed back to the bus with a 36-0 win that never really felt like a blowout.

Coupeville, which got a strong rushing effort from freshman Andrew Martin — no one was keeping stats in the downpour, but he had to have made a nice run at a 100-yard night — hung close until midway through the third quarter.

With just 12 players available on the sideline, thanks to late-season injuries, the JV squad fought until the final play.

Wolf freshman Spencer Machen picked off a pass to stop one Klahowya drive, and CHS coach Ryan King praised the effort of other young guns such as Jacobi Pacquette-Pilgrim and Ulrik Wells.

To see more photos from this game (purchases fund college scholarships for Coupeville student/athletes) pop over to:


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Freshman Andrew Martin has joined older brother Jacob on the Wolf roster. (John Fisken photo)

   Freshman Andrew Martin has joined older brother Jacob on the Wolf roster. (John Fisken photo)

Don’t let his age fool you.

While Andrew Martin will be starting the first day of his freshman year at Coupeville High School Tuesday, he’s already a battle-tested veteran on the gridiron.

He’s entering his eighth season in the sport, and reuniting with older brother Jacob, a senior, and dad Jonathan, a CHS assistant coach.

The trio have already been part of a landmark win, with the Wolves crushing South Whidbey 41-10 Saturday in their opener.

The youngest Martin is following in his brother’s footsteps, playing linebacker and running back.

Also, like Jacob before him, Andrew doesn’t shy away from mashing people on the field.

When asked what he enjoys the most about football, his answer is quick and to the point.

“Big hits, I love the contact.”

A two-sport star (he also plays basketball), Martin enjoys hunting and fishing and plays trumpet in the school band when he’s not in uniform.

He credits the coach who lives in the same house for his game skills, while continuing to work hard on fine-tuning those skills.

“My dad (has had the biggest impact on me), because he’s coached and developed me,” Martin said.

“I need to work on my strength, speed and explosiveness,” he added. “I want to improve my knowledge of the game and get better every day.”

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