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Ava Mitten gets out of town, quick. (Karen Carlson photos)

The season’s over, but the photo dump continues.

With spring sports fading into the sunlight, we take a look back at the just-concluded Coupeville High School track and field season, thanks to photographer Karen Carlson.

Dakota Eck prepares to launch.

Dominic Coffman and Ryanne Knoblich hang out between events.

Helene Lhamon and Jon Gabelein monitor results.

Mitchell Hall sneaks a peek at the clock.

Sam Wynn is joined by mom Jennifer and older brother Henry, a strong Wolf runner himself back in the day.

Hank Milnes (middle) and Tate Wyman (left) keep the pace brisk.

Logan Martin and mom Abbie discuss strategy. Or the fact that it’s cold.

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