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Mia Farris rolls to the hoop. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf fans check out the latest stats (or their sweet, sweet sandwiches).

Call them the Magnificent Seven.

As we head towards the final week of the regular season, with the promise of playoff action on the horizon, seven Coupeville High School hoops players have cracked triple digit scoring.

But they’re just the tip of the iceberg, as hardwood heroes on all four Wolf teams continue to fill up the bucket.

A look at up to the moment scoring totals for everyone in a CHS uniform this winter:


Varsity girls
(13 games):

Maddie Georges – 110
Audrianna Shaw – 82
Izzy Wells – 64
Carolyn Lhamon – 48
Savina Wells – 47
Gwen Gustafson – 30
Lyla Stuurmans – 28
Ja’Kenya Hoskins – 24
Abby Mulholland – 22
Nezi Keiper – 19
Alita Blouin – 11
Katie Marti – 6
Mia Farris – 4


Varsity boys
(14 games):

Xavier Murdy – 196
Caleb Meyer – 152
Logan Downes – 141
Alex Murdy – 121
Grady Rickner – 108
Hawthorne Wolfe – 106
Logan Martin – 44
Cole White – 33
Dominic Coffman – 19
Jonathan Valenzuela – 8
Nick Guay – 2
Zane Oldenstadt – 2


JV girls
(10 games):

Madison McMillan – 62
Katie Marti – 50
Brooklyn Thayer – 34
Gwen Gustafson – 32
Desi Ramirez-Vasquez – 26
Skylar Parker – 19
Mia Farris – 17
Kayla Arnold – 16
Reese Wilkinson – 13
Lyla Stuurmans – 12
Bryley Gilbert – 7
Jada Heaton – 5
Nezi Keiper – 3
Edie Bittner – 2
Yodnum Nakakul – 2


JV boys
(10 games):

Nick Guay – 74
Hunter Bronec – 68
Ryan Blouin – 61
Zane Oldenstadt – 36
Mikey Robinett – 30
Hurlee Bronec – 25
Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim – 22
Jack Porter – 15
William Davidson – 10
Johnny Porter – 8
Landon Roberts – 8
Carson Field – 2

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Nick Guay tossed in 13 points Saturday in a Coupeville JV win. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They made it rain.

Throwing down eight three-balls Saturday, the Coupeville High School JV boys basketball squad blitzed host Granite Falls 49-42.

The non-conference victory lifts the young Wolves to 3-6 on the season, with two more games on the schedule.

The JV closes with road games against Northwest 2B/1B League foes Friday Harbor (Feb. 4) and La Conner (Feb. 10).

Coupeville will enter that home stretch awash in a nice afterglow, thanks to Ryan Blouin, Nick Guay, and Zane Oldenstadt scorching the Granite nets.

The first two of that trio connected on three treys apiece, while Oldenstadt drilled the bottom out of the net twice from distance.

Ryan Blouin ponders life as a three-ball assassin.

CHS actually trailed 15-10 at the first break Saturday, then found its shooting groove.

Six different Wolves scratched their name in the scoring column during a 15-8 second quarter run, before Coupeville blew things open with a 16-6 tear in the third frame.

From there the sweet-shooting assassins coasted in for the win, the first of two claimed by Coupeville’s male hoops players on this night.

Guay topped the scoring chart with 13 points, while Oldenstadt tossed in 11 and Blouin added nine.

Mikey Robinett (6), William Davidson (5), Hunter Bronec (3), and Johnny Porter (2) also scored, with Landon Roberts, Hurlee Bronec, and Jack Porter all seeing floor time.

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Audrianna Shaw takes a cut during a team scrimmage. (Tiffani Blazek photo)

Sage Sharp frames a pitch. (Morgan White photo)

“Stop … hammer time!” (Blazek photo)

Abby Mulholland (left) offers a helping hand to a rival. (Renae Mulholland photo)

Zane Oldenstadt (13) watches hardball action unfold under the fading prairie light. (Michelle Glass photo)

Mckenna Somes is locked and loaded at the plate. (Megan Somes photo)

The pandemic has changed many things, but there is one constant for CHS athletes — frequent ferry rides. (Glass photo)

The CHS softball sluggers are (sorta) ready for their closeup. (Aaron Lucero photo)

Take a picture. It’ll last longer.

As this pandemic-shortened spring sports season zips by, Coupeville parents are taking heed of that bit of wisdom.

Cameras are clicking, and the return to school athletics in the Age of Coronavirus is being documented from many angles.

Thanks to some of those parents, here’s a collection of images from the prairie and beyond.

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Zane Oldenstadt rumbles down low in the paint. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Oldenstadt and William Davidson pause for a photo op during track season. (Morgan White photo)

Zane Oldenstadt listens to his mom, and that may pay off as the world deals with a pandemic.

As Coupeville students prepare for a new school year, without knowing for sure how it will play out in the age of coronavirus, incoming freshmen have high hopes in an unsettled world.

For Oldenstadt, who plans to be a three-sport athlete at CHS, it’s a perfect time to reflect on words of wisdom from mom Michelle Glass.

“My mom’s had a huge impact in showing me how the only way things get done is through perseverance and work,” Oldenstadt said.

Whether his high school days start off in a classroom or at home in front of a computer, the outgoing 9th grader-to-be wants to make an impact in everything he does.

Oldenstadt is “very interested in marine biology, and I plan to go to college for it,” while in the arena he hopes to play football, basketball, and baseball, in whatever order the WIAA and CHS allow him to.

Being a three-sport athlete is something which comes naturally, as he played soccer and basketball, then wrapped up the school year competing in track and field during his middle school days.

He also played little league baseball.

While he enjoyed all of his sports, Oldenstadt felt most at home on the hardwood.

“Basketball, I have fun getting out there and battling on the court,” he said. “It’s a sport I never tire of, and I’m always ready to go and give it my all.”

As he makes the transition from CMS to CHS, Oldenstadt already has the height and strength to set him apart from other athletes his own age.

But he also realizes he needs to add other components to his game if he wants to be successful at a higher level.

“I think my athleticism at my size really stands out,” Oldenstadt said. “But I’d still like to work on overall quickness.

“My goal in high school sports is to better myself and the teams I play on through hard work and commitment.”

When he’s not playing sports, Oldenstadt enjoys listening to music.

In an uncertain world, though, athletic activity is key to his happiness.

“Sports helps me cope with stress or anything else that’s bothering me,” he said. “It’s nice just to go and focus all your energy on trying to win something.”

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Logan Downes pumped in 27 Wednesday, including all 15 of his team’s fourth-quarter points. (Morgan White photo)

So, this is what it’s like to play at home.

After opening the season with four of five games on the road, the Coupeville Middle School boys basketball squads kicked off the second half of the season Wednesday in their own gym.

Facing off with rough-and-ready King’s, the Wolves nabbed a win, while pushing hard for a second one but coming up just short.

How the afternoon played out:


Level 1:

Spurred on by the red-hot shooting of Logan Downes, who went off for a season-high 27, the Wolves put a scare into the visiting Knights before falling 49-33.

The loss drops Coupeville’s top squad to 1-4 on the season.

The Wolves split up their scoring load in the first quarter, with Downes, Ryan Blouin, and Zane Oldenstadt each scoring a bucket.

After that, it was the “Logan Gets Buckets” show, as the CMS 8th grader scored 25 of his team’s final 27 points, including all 15 they tallied in the fourth quarter.

The only time a teammate put the ball in the bucket over the final three-fourths of the game was when Cole White knocked down a third-quarter jumper.

Downes has had a hot hand all season, leading all CMS scorers with 95 points across the first six games, a whisper below 16 a night.

While they didn’t score, the trio of Landon Roberts, William Davidson, and Nick Guay provided key support on the defensive end of the floor for the Wolves.


Level 2:

Coupeville’s most-successful team continues to roll.

Putting the game away with solid runs in the second and third quarter, the Wolves cruised to a 31-15 win, improving their record to 4-1-1.

The game was close for seven minutes, as CMS clung to a 4-2 lead coming out of the first break.

After that, Timothy Nitta got going, and he carried his team on his back.

Popping for five points in the second and another seven in the third, the sharp-shooting Wolf guard spurred Coupeville to 11-5 and 10-4 surges, keeping King’s at bay.

Nitta finished with a game-high 16, hitting from all angles (six free throws, two regular buckets, and a pair of three-balls), while Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim knocked down six points in support.

Mikey Robinett (4), Nathan Ginnings (3), and Hunter Bronec (2) also scored, with Jack Porter, Hurlee Bronec, and Johnny Porter seeing floor time.


Level 3:

A cold-shooting third quarter kept Coupeville’s young guns win-less.

Toss out that frame and it was a one-point affair, but a 10-2 deficit coming out of the halftime break sealed the deal in a 22-15 loss which drops the Wolves to 0-5.

“Team three fought hard, but couldn’t quite make enough shots fall,” said Wolf coach Greg White.

JP Edoukou paced CMS with four points, Justin Jansen (3), Carson Fields (2), Chris Villarreal (2), Harlan Mouw (2), and Jordan Bradford (2) also scored, and Jesus Madrigal rounded out the active roster.

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