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Mia Farris rolls to the hoop. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf fans check out the latest stats (or their sweet, sweet sandwiches).

Call them the Magnificent Seven.

As we head towards the final week of the regular season, with the promise of playoff action on the horizon, seven Coupeville High School hoops players have cracked triple digit scoring.

But they’re just the tip of the iceberg, as hardwood heroes on all four Wolf teams continue to fill up the bucket.

A look at up to the moment scoring totals for everyone in a CHS uniform this winter:


Varsity girls
(13 games):

Maddie Georges – 110
Audrianna Shaw – 82
Izzy Wells – 64
Carolyn Lhamon – 48
Savina Wells – 47
Gwen Gustafson – 30
Lyla Stuurmans – 28
Ja’Kenya Hoskins – 24
Abby Mulholland – 22
Nezi Keiper – 19
Alita Blouin – 11
Katie Marti – 6
Mia Farris – 4


Varsity boys
(14 games):

Xavier Murdy – 196
Caleb Meyer – 152
Logan Downes – 141
Alex Murdy – 121
Grady Rickner – 108
Hawthorne Wolfe – 106
Logan Martin – 44
Cole White – 33
Dominic Coffman – 19
Jonathan Valenzuela – 8
Nick Guay – 2
Zane Oldenstadt – 2


JV girls
(10 games):

Madison McMillan – 62
Katie Marti – 50
Brooklyn Thayer – 34
Gwen Gustafson – 32
Desi Ramirez-Vasquez – 26
Skylar Parker – 19
Mia Farris – 17
Kayla Arnold – 16
Reese Wilkinson – 13
Lyla Stuurmans – 12
Bryley Gilbert – 7
Jada Heaton – 5
Nezi Keiper – 3
Edie Bittner – 2
Yodnum Nakakul – 2


JV boys
(10 games):

Nick Guay – 74
Hunter Bronec – 68
Ryan Blouin – 61
Zane Oldenstadt – 36
Mikey Robinett – 30
Hurlee Bronec – 25
Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim – 22
Jack Porter – 15
William Davidson – 10
Johnny Porter – 8
Landon Roberts – 8
Carson Field – 2

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Reese Wilkinson scored a season-high five points Tuesday in a loss to Sedro-Woolley. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Take away one cold-shooting quarter, and the game was a barn burner.

Unfortunately for the Coupeville High School JV girls basketball team, that one bad stretch doomed them Tuesday night during a rumble with visiting Sedro-Woolley.

The Wolves were outscored 13-1 in the second frame by the Cubs, and that was the difference in a 48-35 loss.

Despite falling to 2-7 with the non-conference defeat, Coupeville’s JV squad held up well playing a rival from a much-larger school.

The 2B Wolves went nearly basket-for-basket with 2A Sedro-Woolley over the opening eight minutes, trailing just 12-10 at the first break.

Coupeville spread its offense out in the early going, with five different players dropping in points and the team closing the quarter on a 7-2 run.

Desi Ramirez-Vasquez kicked off the rally by draining a bank shot off the glass, catching the pass and letting go of her shot in one fluid motion.

After that, big buckets from Madison McMillan and Skylar Parker — the first on a power move in the paint, the second coming off of a steal and breakaway — pulled the Wolves to the edge of a tie.

But then the rim turned brutally unforgiving for Coupeville, which didn’t hit another field goal for almost 12 minutes of on-court action.

A free throw from Brooklyn Thayer was the lone saving grace for the Wolves in the second quarter, and a beautiful three-ball from Parker finally snapped the dry spell deep into the third frame.

Trailing 33-18 headed into the final quarter, CHS suddenly found its rhythm, making the nets jump for 17 points over the final eight minutes of play.

Sedro ultimately held the Wolves at bay, but Katie Marti, McMillan, and Reese Wilkinson kept the visiting coach on the edge of her seat until the final buzzer.

Katie Marti sparked the Wolves on both ends of the floor.

Eight of nine players to see floor time scored for Coupeville, with Thayer (7), Parker (6), Marti (6), and McMillan (6) leading the way.

Wilkinson banked in five points, Kayla Arnold (2), Ramirez-Vasquez (2), and Mia Farris (1) scratched their name in the scoring column, and Bryley Gilbert brought intensity on defense.

The young Wolves have three games left on their schedule, with a Feb. 4 road trip to Friday Harbor next up for Greg Turcott’s squad.

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Nick Guay swoops to the hoop. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Brooklyn Thayer (center) has played strongly for the Wolf JV.

The scoreboard has been busy this season.

Coupeville High School basketball players have combined to score 1,602 points through the most recent games.

With the next Wolf games scheduled to go down Thursday and Saturday, a look at season-to-date individual scoring stats for varsity and JV players:


Girls Varsity
(10 games):

Maddie Georges – 76
Audrianna Shaw – 74
Carolyn Lhamon – 46
Izzy Wells – 45
Savina Wells – 29
Gwen Gustafson – 28
Lyla Stuurmans – 25
Abby Mulholland – 20
Ja’Kenya Hoskins – 15
Alita Blouin – 11
Nezi Keiper – 7
Katie Marti – 6
Mia Farris – 4


Boys Varsity
(11 games):

Xavier Murdy – 152
Logan Downes – 129
Caleb Meyer – 122
Alex Murdy – 91
Hawthorne Wolfe – 87
Grady Rickner – 76
Logan Martin – 35
Cole White – 26
Dominic Coffman – 19
Jonathan Valenzuela – 8
Nick Guay – 2
Zane Oldenstadt – 2


Girls JV
(8 games):

Madison McMillan – 51
Katie Marti – 34
Gwen Gustafson – 32
Brooklyn Thayer – 25
Desi Ramirez-Vasquez – 16
Lyla Stuurmans – 12
Kayla Arnold – 10
Mia Farris – 8
Skylar Parker – 8
Reese Wilkinson – 8
Bryley Gilbert – 5
Jada Heaton – 5
Nezi Keiper – 3
Edie Bittner – 2


Boys JV
(7 games):

Hunter Bronec – 52
Nick Guay – 45
Ryan Blouin – 40
Mikey Robinett – 22
Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim – 22
Hurlee Bronec – 21
Zane Oldenstadt – 18
Jack Porter – 13
Johnny Porter – 6
Landon Roberts – 4
William Davidson – 3
Carson Field – 2

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Katie Marti would like a word with the manager. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The squeak of shoes mixed with the click of the camera.

Three of Coupeville High School’s four basketball teams played Wednesday, with wanderin’ photo clicker John Fisken in attendance to record events.

The pics above and below are courtesy him, but there’s a lot more to see.

To view everything Fisken shot, and possibly purchase some glossies for gram and gramps, pop over to:







The Marauding Murdy boys, Xavier (left) and Alex, team up to play lock-down defense.

Brooklyn Thayer lines up a shot.

Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim finds an opening in the defense.

Jada Heaton prepares to pull the trigger.

Desi Ramirez-Vasquez has the inside track on a loose ball.

Hurlee Bronec powers his way to the paint.

Wolf seniors (l to r) Logan Martin, Caleb Meyer, Xavier Murdy, Grady Rickner, and Miles Davidson enjoy a moment together.

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Katie Marti and the Coupeville JV played tough against La Conner Tuesday in their first game after a nearly three-week break. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

One rough quarter killed their buzz.

Outscored 20-6 in the second quarter Tuesday, the Coupeville High School JV girls basketball team fell 48-41 to visiting La Conner.

The loss, coming in the team’s first game in 18 days, drops the young and scrappy Wolves to 1-2 in Northwest 2B/1B League play, 1-4 overall.

Coming off of an extended holiday break, Coupeville opened strongly against the Braves.

Freshman Madison McMillan knocked down six quick points in the opening quarter, and with three teammates each chipping in for a bucket apiece, the Wolves were up 12-7 at the first break.

Unfortunately, the Braves had an answer for Coupeville’s early dominance, and it came courtesy of the wham-bam combo of Kennedy Miller and Maeve McCormick.

The La Conner duo combined to score 17 points in the second frame, pushing their team out to a 27-18 lead at the half.

Coupeville came out on top in both the third and fourth quarters, to the tune of 11-10 and 12-11, winning three of four frames, but the Wolves couldn’t get all the way back.

While Miller (19) and McCormick (18) teamed up to score the majority of La Conner’s points, CHS spread its offense out among multiple players.

McMillan and Brooklyn Thayer both rattled the rim for a team-high 10 points, with Thayer singing the nets in all four quarters, while Gwen Gustafson banked in nine.

Lyla Stuurmans (4), Reese Wilkinson (4), and Kayla Arnold (4) also scored for the Wolves, with Bryley Gilbert, Jada Heaton, Skylar Parker, Desi Ramirez-Vasquez, and Katie Marti also seeing floor time.

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