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It took 12 years, but I finally killed the “car that wouldn’t die.”

They might throw a parade.

Arguably the worst car in Coupeville, the one every store owner was afraid to see enter their parking lot — in case it never exited — is no more.

It took me 12 years of use and major abuse, but I finally killed the “car that wouldn’t die.”

One final scream (from me or the car?) as the power steering departed for the great junkyard in the sky, and we finally reached the point where no mas was truly no mas.

12 years, though.

From the tail end of my video store life, through doing yard work on a 25-acre chunk of rock-encrusted property, a return to the dish pits of my youth, and then a full embrace of eking out a living pounding out thousands of stories here at Coupeville Sports.

Let’s be honest here.

I have no car repair skills and put that car through the wringer, and yet it endured. How we’ll never know.

It was the car covered in moss, dirt and rust.

The one which lost chunks of paint off the hood, chunks which flew across and hit oncoming traffic like kamikaze birds.

Until I covered the hood in bumper stickers, which then, little by little, chipped away and flew free across the prairie.

At one point those stickers advertised the Whidbey Examiner, from back in the days when it still operated as a scrappy independent newspaper and I wrote a gazillion stories in return for … yeah, pretty much those stickers.

The passenger side mirror? Sheared off while exiting a bank drive-in after a long day of work. I’m pretty sure the wall was attacking me…

The front of the car? Mangled by a major collision with a deer (who definitely attacked me, flying down a hill, spearing me, then sticking his tongue out at me as he wobbily bounded away to tell his buddies the story).

Which is why the licence plate was strapped on with weed eater cord for years. As you do.

The driver’s seat? It broke a year or two back, making me adept at working on my inner core when taking turns.

Yet that hunk o’ junk endured. Until it didn’t.

With a new school year just weeks away, that puts me in a spot.

Writing a blog, especially one focusing on small town sports, is not a way to get rich quick (or ever), but my readers have been hugely supportive over the past six years, enabling me to use my writing to pay my limited bills.

As I try and scrape together a few bucks to replace the dead hunk o’ junk with a slightly-more-working hunk o’ junk, if you want to help keep Coupeville Sports alive ‘n kicking, maybe check out my GoFundMe:


Any help is appreciated as I try to reclaim my standing as the car owner most likely to give shop owners the cold sweats when I pull into their lot.

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Madrona Way, now free of Checkpoint Charlie for the first time in nine months. (David Svien photo)

   The corner of Madrona Way and Sherman, now free of Checkpoint Charlie for the first time in nine months. (David Svien photo)

Our long national nightmare is done.

If you had nine months in the Madrona Way road project bingo game, time to cash in.

Checkpoint Charlie, which has loomed outside Coupeville Sports World Headquarters, right there on the intersection of Madrona and Sherman, is no more.

Freedom. Sweet, sweet driving freedom.

No longer do a kazillion cars have to make a right, shoot up past my duplex, then make the scintillating choice between taking Black Rd. or the highway.

Now we have TWO, I say TWO ways in to town.

What an age to live in…

Now what insignificant thing will I have to whine about?

Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m sure I’ll find something.

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Jake Davis with his two loves -- baseball and cars.

Jake Davis with his two loves — baseball and cars.

Baseball is a family tradition for Jake Davis.

The Coupeville High School sophomore, who ripped a two-run single at Sultan Friday to cap the JV season, is following in the footsteps of multiple family members every time he puts on the spikes.

“I started baseball because I thought it would be a really cool hobby,” Davis said. “All of my cousins played baseball and I was always excited to watch them play.”

A three-sport athlete (he also plays football and soccer), Davis is still a work in progress on the baseball field. But he continues to work hard at fine-tuning his game.

“I’m good at running fast, but I’m slow on making consistent plays,” he said.

It’s worth it, however, when he nails a big play such as his key hit against the Turks.

“The reason I play baseball is that when you get that adrenalin rushing through your body as you make a fantastic play,” Davis said.

“I like to complete goals and want to be able to tell great stories to my kids,” he added. “And hopefully be able to get them playing this amazing sport, as well.”

If he one day passes down his love of baseball to his own children, Davis will be doing what his own father is currently doing.

“My dad is a big influence on me,” Davis said. “He’s the one that got me into sports.”

When he’s not on the diamond, he enjoys his PE class and likes to work on automobiles.

“Outside of school, I involve my self around cars,” Davis said. “I enjoy tinkering with my car and improving it.”

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