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Jason McFadyen

   Wolf QB Jason McFadyen runs the offense during the last truly great CHS football season. (Photo courtesy Carmen McFadyen)

It came from the dusty "archives" -- Ron Bagby's football contract for the 1990 season.

   It came from the dusty “archives” — Ron Bagby’s football contract for his undefeated season. (Jack Sell photo)


The core of the 1990 Wolf gridiron squad. (Photo courtesy Noah Roehl)

Ron Bagby made $86.80 per game in 1990, while delivering arguably the best football season in Coupeville High School history.

That’s just one of the facts I discovered this morning, while digging through several boxes of long-buried, and mostly hand-written, Wolf gridiron records.

The boxes were recovered, Indiana Jones-style, after CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith led me through a maze of back rooms ripe with the smell of history (or maybe just unwashed uniforms).

“Don’t breathe through your mouth!!!” he giggled.

While the mass of paperwork stashed in the boxes should spur several stories, the one which immediately jumps forward is the tale of the ’90 football squad.

With the recent installation of the school’s new Wall of Fame in the CHS gym, current players can gaze upwards towards two football league titles — 1974 and 1990 — both won by teams which went undefeated in the regular season.

While CHS fell 34-14 in its 1990 state playoff opener, falling to visiting Rainier on a brutally windy prairie afternoon, that squad still looms large in Wolf lore.

Through the remainder of Bagby’s 26-year coaching career, and much shorter stints by his successors — Jay Silver, Tony Maggio, Brett Smedley and now first-year man Jon Atkins — Coupeville has never made it back to state in football.

While the school’s basketball, track, baseball and tennis teams have continued to pile up league titles and bring home state trophies, the football program has been on a bit of a dry streak.

As they aim for their own shot of glory in 2016, they can look back to ’90 for inspiration.

It was a year when Coupeville claimed 10 of the 23 spots on the All-League team, yet somehow Bagby was passed over for Coach of the Year by the Northwest B League.

Linemen Chris Frey and Mark Lester and running back/defensive back Todd Brown were All-League on both sides of the ball, while four other Wolves got the nod at one position apiece.

Matt Cross (offensive line), Brad Haslam (kicker), Todd Smith (defensive end) and Frank Marti (linebacker) joined the two-way honorees.

Concrete, which held Coupeville to a season-low in points (while still losing to the Wolves) had seven All-League picks, with Darrington (4), Friday Harbor (2) and Orcas-Lopez (2) rounding out the rosters.

The biggest surprise in 2016 is looking at an All-League sheet and seeing Darrington’s Rob Wales listed as Coach of the Year during a season when Bagby’s marauders beat the Loggers 18-8 and went (ahem) undefeated.

Moving on, the 1990 season is one of the rare ones for which I’ve actually discovered a fully-detailed team stat chart.

No poking through piles of papers, adding things up by hand, and then discovering at the last second that yes, we are missing a stat sheet for game #4 and David can feel the brains leaking out of his ear.

Now, of course, one caveat.

While the offensive stats are all there, I could find only a smidgen of the defensive ones. So, no tackles or sacks, just interceptions.

Hey, it’s a start.

The tale of the tape:

Coupeville beats Sultan 35-6
Coupeville beats Cascade sophomores 29-22
Coupeville beats Mariner sophomores 44-22
Coupeville beats Snohomish sophomores 25-6
Coupeville beats Friday Harbor 28-21
Coupeville beats Concrete 10-0
Coupeville beats Darrington 18-8
Coupeville beats Orcas-Lopez 36-0
Coupeville beats La Conner 41-22

Team stats:

Total points: 266-107 in favor of CHS
First downs: 148-71 in favor of CHS
Passing: 61-113 for 933 yards and 8 TDs
Rushing: 359 carries for 2,340 yards and 28 TDs
Total Yards: 3,273 (364 a game)

Individual stats:


Jason McFadyen 60-108 for 892 yards and 7 TDs
Frank Marti 1-2 for 25 yards
Brad Haslam 1-3 for 16 yards and 1 TD


Ben Biskovich 22 catches for 345 yards
Brian Barr 13-209
Marti 11-183
Haslam 11-62
Todd Brown 2-7


Brown 156 carries for 1248 yards
Marti 80-522
Haslam 45-273
Kit Manzanares 27-170
McFadyen 17-88
Jason McManigle 3-20
Les Hall 6-19


Marti 12
Brown 11
Biskovich 4
Haslam 4
McFadyen 3
Barr 1
McManigle 1


Haslam 22


Haslam 2


Biskovich 5
Barr 2
Haslam 2
Marti 2

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Mike Thornton

Mike Thornton

Once a Wolf, always a Wolf.

Former Coupeville High School girls’ soccer coach Mike Thornton lives with his family in Texas now, but he is fondly remembered for his time at the helm of the CHS program.

Thornton, a 1990 graduate of Oak Harbor High School, is currently battling stage two Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which he was diagnosed with in early March.

He and his family have set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses, and he is keeping fans and friends updated on his fight through that page.

I worked with Thornton during my time covering sports for the Whidbey Examiner, and always found him to be a friendly, rock-solid guy, both as a coach and person.

It would be great if as many Coupeville people as possible could pop over and take a look at his page, help out financially and/or send encouragement.


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