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Wolf runners use their summer time wisely. (Photos courtesy Elizabeth Bitting)

It was a busy week for Coupeville cross country.

Continuing to put in off-season work, runners from the middle school and high school combined to rack up 112 miles, pushing their summer total to 600.6 miles.

But it wasn’t all grit ‘n grind, as the Wolves also participated in their second virtual race.

The Rhodie Roadie Run, set up by CMS cross country guru Elizabeth Bitting, was a 1.98-mile affair.



High School:

Hank Milnes (1st) 12:35
Alex Wasik (2nd) 13:02
Reiley Araceley (3rd) 13:53
Tate Wyman (4th) 14:20
Helen Strelow (5th) 15:26


Middle School:

Jack Porter (1st) 12:24
Thomas Strelow (2nd) 14:05
Nik Wasik (3rd) 14:16
Ayden Wyman (4th) 15:45
Johnny Porter (5th) 16:40


The Wolves have two more virtual races set for this summer, but will take next week off, focusing on just putting in some mileage at their own pace.

Bitting has set up two runs for her proteges, a 3.4-mile jaunt and a 5.5+-mile workout.

Regardless of which run each Wolf chooses, their coach also wants them to include some “fartleks” in at least one of their workouts.

“The most fun of all run names, “fartleks” — the Swedish term for “speed play” — are similar to intervals in that they vary between intense and moderate effort, but they do so in an unstructured manner,” Bitting said.

“Essentially, you run hard for a time or distance that seems appropriate, follow this spurt by a short recovery.

“Fartlek runs are great for simulating races, because they force you to increase your speed unexpectedly, as you do when passing an opponent.

“They train your body to recruit more muscle fibers even when you are tired.”

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