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The race must go on. Just not in person.

With the ongoing pandemic, Race the Reserve, the biggest fundraiser for Coupeville High School’s graduating class, has shifted to being a virtual event this year.

You pick a route (5K, 10K, half or full marathon), pay $45, and you’ll still get a bib, T-shirt, medal, and swag bag.

All proceeds go towards a safe, drug and alcohol-free graduation night party for the CHS Class of 2021 next spring, and you still have a week left to register.

The cut-off is Oct. 10, so get movin’.


For more info and/or to sign up, pop over to:


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Helen Strelow is a key member of a pack of young, talented Coupeville cross country runners. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf harriers put in summer work on Coupeville’s trails. (Photos courtesy Araceley, Strelow, and Wasik families)

They ran strong until the end.

Coupeville cross country runners have been pounding the trails all summer, piling up mileage under the watchful (virtual) eye of CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting.

Wrapping up the final week in which they can work with coaches — the WIAA’s no-contact period kicks in between Aug. 18-Sept. 27 — 11 Wolf runners combined to put in 87.96 miles.

That ran the final summer total out to an impressive 891.96 miles put into the books.

“Great job! We didn’t hit the 1,000-mile mark but you all came SO CLOSE!,” Bitting said. “It’s amazing to see the miles add up from week to week and you all put in that hard work! Good job!!!”

Coupeville runners capped their official summer workouts with another virtual meet, this one the 1.98-mile “Pretty Pratt Run.”



High School:

Reiley Araceley (1st) 14:03
Tate Wyman (2nd) 15:59
Helen Strelow (3rd) 16:09


Middle School:

Jack Porter (1st) 15:37
Thomas Strelow (2nd) 16:33
Ayden Wyman (3rd-tie) 18:38
Johnny Porter (3rd-tie) 18:38


“In true (virtual) running suspense we had ourselves a pretty awesome race for 3rd place!,” Bitting said. “That race ended in a tie!!! A VIRTUAL TIE. These runners amaze me!”

While Coupeville runners can’t work with coaches again until the end of September, that doesn’t stop the Wolves from continuing to work on their own.

As the world deals with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the normal fall sports season has been bumped, with activities such as cross country moving from a September start to March.

As she departed into the official “cone of silence,” Bitting offered her runners a final challenge, with a suggested run complete with hill repeats, and some words of wisdom.

“Thank you to all who participated in any or all of the virtual races!,” she said. “I know this isn’t how you were hoping our Summer Fun Runs would look like, but you continued the hard work, enjoyed some virtual runs and stayed active.

“We are in unprecedented times right now. Be sure you continue to do things that give you peace and happiness.

“I am hoping when we reconnect, in about six weeks, things will look a little different and we could get together for some small group runs.

“In the meantime be safe, stay healthy, and ‘Be Polite & Run On’!!!”

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Wolf runners use their summer time wisely. (Photos courtesy Elizabeth Bitting)

It was a busy week for Coupeville cross country.

Continuing to put in off-season work, runners from the middle school and high school combined to rack up 112 miles, pushing their summer total to 600.6 miles.

But it wasn’t all grit ‘n grind, as the Wolves also participated in their second virtual race.

The Rhodie Roadie Run, set up by CMS cross country guru Elizabeth Bitting, was a 1.98-mile affair.



High School:

Hank Milnes (1st) 12:35
Alex Wasik (2nd) 13:02
Reiley Araceley (3rd) 13:53
Tate Wyman (4th) 14:20
Helen Strelow (5th) 15:26


Middle School:

Jack Porter (1st) 12:24
Thomas Strelow (2nd) 14:05
Nik Wasik (3rd) 14:16
Ayden Wyman (4th) 15:45
Johnny Porter (5th) 16:40


The Wolves have two more virtual races set for this summer, but will take next week off, focusing on just putting in some mileage at their own pace.

Bitting has set up two runs for her proteges, a 3.4-mile jaunt and a 5.5+-mile workout.

Regardless of which run each Wolf chooses, their coach also wants them to include some “fartleks” in at least one of their workouts.

“The most fun of all run names, “fartleks” — the Swedish term for “speed play” — are similar to intervals in that they vary between intense and moderate effort, but they do so in an unstructured manner,” Bitting said.

“Essentially, you run hard for a time or distance that seems appropriate, follow this spurt by a short recovery.

“Fartlek runs are great for simulating races, because they force you to increase your speed unexpectedly, as you do when passing an opponent.

“They train your body to recruit more muscle fibers even when you are tired.”

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Cristina McGrath is one of many Coupeville cross country runners working hard this summer. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Tate (grey hoodie) and Ayden Wyman put in some miles. (Photos courtesy Wyman family)

Pandemic or not, Coupeville’s cross country runners continue to burn up the prairie.

Wolf harrier coach Elizabeth Bitting had 14 runners submit mileage stats this week, with nine completing the first of four virtual competitions.

All combined, Coupeville’s fleet-footed young guns piled up 119.3 miles, bringing the team’s summer total to 372 miles.

The first virtual race was a 1.98 mile workout tabbed as “The Super Sherman Run.”




High School:

Tate Wyman (1st) 13:33
Alex Wasik (2nd) 13:41
Helen Strelow (3rd) 13:43
Hank Milnes (4th) 14:05
Cristina McGrath (5th) 16:42
Erica McGrath (6th) 17:17


Middle School:

Thomas Strelow (1st) 13:39
Nic Wasik (2nd) 14:12
Ayden Wyman (3rd) 14:59

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Wolves like Jean Lund-Olsen, sidelined by the pandemic, can compete in virtual track meets. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

It works for middle school stars like Lyla Stuurmans, as well.

Spring sports were shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic, but track and field athletes may have a new outlet.

Athletic.net, the clearing house for monitoring results from across the nation, has launched virtual meets which any prep track star can participate in.

Athletes participate on their own, while practicing social distancing guidelines, have their performances recorded, then see how they do against other athletes from across the nation.

Weekly prizes are offered, as well.

“Your safety and health are of utmost importance at all times,” the website said. “Please follow all guidelines set forth by national and local officials, schools and parents.

“Virtual events are intended to help you stay active and motivated while training and exercising on your own. We all miss the sport and competing together in one location; we know you do, too.

We can all use this time to enjoy those close to us and compete with everyone else from afar!”

For more info, pop over to:


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