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Gabriella Gebhard had the fastest time in the 200 and 400 of any Coupeville Middle School girl this season. (Jackie Saia photo)

It was an unusual, but successful season.

With the pandemic altering things, the Coupeville Middle School track and field team competed against itself, and not other schools, this spring.

That four-meet intramural season ended Thursday, with Wolf coaches Elizabeth Bitting and Jon Gabelein hailing their young athletes for a job well done.

“Thank you for a very successful season,” Bitting said. “Without the support of all families we would have had a difficult time completing the season.

“THANK YOU to all who came out and volunteered on meet days.”

One of those volunteers, Coupeville High School cross country ace Helen Strelow, even stepped onto the oval Thursday, taking a leg on a relay team so her young compatriots could all compete.

“She graciously stepped in to help a relay team who was short one runner today,” Bitting said. “It was awesome to have the support of a high school runner and have EVERY athlete compete in the relay medley.”

While the meets had a different feel, with no rival teams present and not every event competed in, the experience was a hugely positive one.

“Yes, the season was a very different one compared to other seasons, but the athletes made it feel just like any other season,” Bitting said. “The support they gave to one another, the friendships that were made, the laughs had, the memories made and the competition they had with one another was priceless.

“We hope each of you continue to be active during the summer months and we hope to see you all back out on the track next season.”


Complete Thursday results:

100 — Preston Epp 13.89; Carson Field 14.44; Eleanore McDonald 15.24; Thomas Strelow 16.09; Carly Burt 16.16; Dianne Brown 16.69; Ivy Rudat 16.85; Axel Marshall 18.22; Liza Zustiak 20.69

200 — Field 29.24; Gabby Gebhard 34.13; Malachi Somes 34.63; Ayden Wyman 35.12; Joshua Stockdale 37.28; Marshall 37.37; Zustiak 38.95

200 Hurdles — Epp 33.36; Field 34.33; Brown 39.04; McDonald 39.68; Marshall 42.92; Zustiak 46.13; Frankie Tenore 48.60

Relay  — McDonaldFieldStrelow, Burt 2:21.14; Epp, MarshallStockdale, Rudat 2:30.87; Wyman, Gebhard, Zustiak, Brown 2:36.39; Rudat, Abbigail Bond, Tenore, Helen Strelow 2:42.44

Shot Put — Somes 19-07.50; Brown 14-08; Burt 13-09; Rudat 13-01; Marshall 12-09; Bond 12-07; Tenore 12-02

Turbo Javelin — Somes 85-06; Epp 84-06; Field 82-00; Strelow 69-02; Stockdale 49-00; Wyman 40-07; Marshall 35-03; Gebhard 31-09; Tenore 31-03; McDonald 30-01; Bond 24-03

Long Jump — Field 12-00; Strelow 10-03.50; Wyman 10-02.50; Burt 10-01; Gebhard 9-05; Brown 9-05; Rudat 9-04; Marshall 8-11.50; Bond 8-11; Tenore 7-09


Top performers for the season:



100 — McDonald (1st), Brown (2nd), Burt (3rd)

200 — Gebhard (1st), Wyman (2nd), Zustiak (3rd)

400 — Gebhard (1st), Wyman (2nd)

200 Hurdles — Brown (1st), McDonald (2nd), Bond (3rd)

Shot Put — Brown (1st), Tenore (2nd), Burt (3rd)

Turbo Javelin — Wyman (1st), McDonald (2nd), Zustiak (3rd)

Long Jump — Wyman (1st), Burt (2nd) Gebhard (3rd)



100 — Field (1st), Epp (2nd), Somes (3rd)

200 — Field (1st), Somes (2nd), Stockdale (3rd)

400 — Epp (1st), Field (2nd), Marshall (3rd)

1600 — Field (1st), Strelow (2nd), Marshall (3rd)

200 Hurdles — Field (1st), Epp (2nd), Marshall (3rd)

Shot Put — Strelow (1st), Somes (2nd), Marshall (3rd)

Turbo Javelin — Epp (1st), Somes (2nd), Field (3rd)

Long Jump — Field (1st), Epp (2nd), Strelow (3rd)



Relay — McDonald, Field, Strelow, Bond (1st); Epp, Somes, Marshall, Stockdale (2nd); Wyman, Gebhard, Rudat, Bond (3rd)

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