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Brian Casey, a warrior on the football field, and a quality guy off of it. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Don’t let the photo above fool you.

The first rule of football picture day is you can’t smile. Been that way since the days of wearing leather helmets.

But, every other time I’ve seen him, Brian Casey has been smiling.

And not just a little smile, but a big, world-encircling kind of one.

One example, Friday’s football game at Vashon Island.

Casey was on the sidelines, unable to play, as he battles through an injury, but the Wolf sophomore was an exuberant presence.

Running back and forth, never standing still, he was among the first to congratulate any of his teammates as they came off the field.

Screaming, thumping people on the back, high-fiving, grabbing running back Andrew Martin and bellowing, “My boy! My boy!!,” Casey showed, in a small moment, why he’s the kind of player every gridiron program wants to see.

On the field, he’s a coach’s son through and through, charging in to the scrum with a scream, ready to lay fools out.

But, it tells you a lot about what kind of person a player is by how he acts when he can’t play.

Some players sulk, or stand off to the side, zoned out from what’s going on.

Some don’t show up for the game at all.

Brian Casey is not those kind of players. He is there for his teammates every step of the way.

And it sucks he will lose his entire sophomore season, a time when he would have been a two-way starter for the Wolves.

Casey has a torn ACL and meniscus, an injury which he suffered during summer camp. Reality has intruded, and he will have to undergo surgery in early October.

It’s not fair, and you hate to see a quality kid have to go through this.

But go back to that word – quality.

Brian Casey, in everything I’ve seen and heard, is a quality player, a quality teammate, and a quality person.

He will be back, and hopefully get to rip up the joint as a junior and senior, playing with the toughness and love of the game handed down to him by dad Brett, a CHS assistant football coach, teacher, and owner of a truly legendary beard.

But before he pulls that uniform back on for his own playing days, Brian will be there for his teammates. Of that I have no doubt.

On the sideline. In the locker room. On the bus. In the weight room and at the practice field.

Words are one thing. Actions are something more.

The way Brian carries himself, the way he conducts his business, the way he chooses to lift up his teammates, instead of wallowing in self-pity, are all signs of a young man going places.

He has earned the respect of Wolf fans, and we wish him a speedy, painless recovery.

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Skyler Lawrence tossed in a team-high nine points at Sequim. (John Fisken photo)

   Skyler Lawrence tossed in a team-high nine points at Sequim. (John Fisken photos)

Lauren Rose

   Lauren Rose (22) re-injured her ankle Wednesday, one of four Wolves to be hurt during Coupeville’s JV game.

The Mouse was not in the house for very long.

And by the end of the game, a lot of her teammates were gone, as well.

Injuries were the story of the night Wednesday for the Coupeville High School JV girls’ basketball squad, which got beat up pretty good en route to a 32-13 loss at Sequim.

The non-conference defeat dropped the Wolf young guns to 3-6.

Actual pain hurt worse than any mental pain from a loss, however, as scrappy swing player Lauren “Mouse” Rose went down with an ankle injury in the first quarter.

After that, Brittany Powers took an elbow to the mouth, resulting in a chipped tooth, and sisters Nicole Lester (finger) and Lindsey Laxton (ankle) joined her in the team’s ever-expanding MASH unit.

In between the pain and the agony and the “stop hitting me in the face!!” moments, the Wolves got a big performance from Skyler Lawrence, who went for five of her team-high nine in the final quarter.

Skyler was kind of our saving grace,” said Coupeville coach Amy King. “She helped bring the ball up the court on press break and was just as strong with the ball.”

While the Wolves struggled to overcome Sequim’s man defense and full-court press — which resulted in a fair amount of steals — King was pleased with the effort her young prodigies displayed.

“The girls played as aggressive as they could,” she said. “Now a few days off the bus and getting some practices in, then hopefully ending our week with some good play on Saturday.”

Sarah Wright and Kyla Briscoe each sank a bucket to provide back-up for Lawrence on the offensive end, while the duo combined for nine rebounds (six and three, respectively).

Rose and Maddy Hilkey made off with two steals apiece, while Ema Smith (two boards), Allison Wenzel (one rebound), Brisa Herrera (one rebound) and Ashlie Shank (one steal) all saw quality floor time.

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The frequently injured Hunter Downes. (John Fisken photo)

  The frequently injured, but always resilient, Hunter Downes. (John Fisken photos)

Downes has never shied away from contact, regardless of the sport.

Downes has never shied away from contact, regardless of the sport.

An already thin Coupeville High School boys’ basketball squad took another hit Tuesday night.

Sophomore Hunter Downes suffered a broken collarbone while putting in extra work after practice, and is expected to be out for six weeks, said mom Angie.

This injury follows on the heels of a previous one during football season.

Downes opened the year as Coupeville’s starting quarterback, but went to the sidelines after the first two games with a dislocated growth plate.

He returned late in the season for a quick curtain call, but only saw action in three of his team’s 10 games, completing 26 of 47 passes for 272 yards, a touchdown and three interceptions.

The loss of Downes cuts the Wolf hoops roster (varsity and JV) to 17 players.

Of those, three guys (Gabe Eck, Cameron Toomey-Stout and Ty Eck) are still short of practices and one (Desmond Bell) is limping as we speak.

Coupeville opens the hoops season Monday on the road at Meridian.

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Strasburg (John Fisken photos)

   Danger has returned. The electric current that sparks the Wolves, Madeline Strasburg, is back in uniform. (John Fisken photos)

Back in her natural environment, flying on the break.

Back in her natural environment, flying on the break.

"Ooh, this is gonna hurt you a lot more than it's gonna hurt me!!"

“Ooh, this is gonna hurt you a lot more than it’s gonna hurt me!!”

With all due respect to her eight teammates, Coupeville High School senior Madeline Strasburg is the most electrifying player on the floor.

Makana Stone is the most talented Wolf hoops player, but Strasburg hits such highs and such lows, generally followed 0.3 seconds later by more immediate highs, that she is a show like no other.

Even as she had to sit out seven games with a leg injury, having only played in the season opener against South Whidbey, she was the most animated person in the gym.

Stalking the sideline like a wild animal (barely) caged, she made an excellent assistant coach.

Every one of “her” players, upon exiting the game, got a slap on the back, a kick to the butt or a soft pat on the head and a few quiet words of encouragement in their ear.

Even out of uniform, Strasburg walked the walk, talked the talk, screamed out the assignments and used every fiber of her being to will her teammates to victory.

Seeing her back on the court Monday against Vashon Island — she came off the bench and scored eight points while flying from end to end with wild abandon — was especially nice.

This is a young woman who once hit half-court buzzer-beating three-point bombs from the same spot on the court in consecutive games — 17 days apart.

Even if she never asked for it, she earns the nickname Maddie Big Time every single freakin’ game.

But it’s more than that.

Few people seem to really, truly love playing high school sports as much as Miss Strasburg does.

When she graduates, she will go out head high, knowing there was never a moment when she gave less than her all.

I wish every high school athlete would look at Madeline, see her joy and drive, the bounce in her step, and pledge to approach their career the same way.

You’ll never get these days back, so why waste even one?

Maddie embraces life, and athletics, in a bear hug and squeezes every bit of joy she can.

She is wild jubilation mixed with breath-taking danger out there. She is something to behold.

So glad to see her back where she should always be — having the time of her life.

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Volleyball/basketball/fishing star Miranda Engle.

Volleyball/basketball/fishing star Miranda Engle.

An ankle injury will knock out one of Coupeville’s more promising young players for the entire season.

Wolf sophomore post Miranda Engle, who hasn’t been able to play this year as she battles injury and illness, had just gotten her 10 practices in and was eligible to suit up.

Then, she tore a ligament in her ankle during a practice and doctors have told her to sit.

A strong player for the JV squad as a freshman, Engle will continue to contribute behind the scenes, said Coupeville JV coach Amy King.

“She came to practices and worked hard to be ready for when she did get in,” King said. “She will continue on with the team in a supportive role, which we all really appreciate!

“Hopefully she will heal in full and be back in full force next season.”

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