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Carolyn Lhamon slices to the hoop during a recent basketball practice. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf freshman Brionna Blouin works on her volleyball skills.

Mano a mano, hardwood-style.

Abby Mulholland hones her shooting touch.

Chelsea Prescott gets down to snag a sizzlin’ grounder.

Brian Casey gets stretched out.

Katie Marti slides in to make the play.

Quinten Simpson-Pilgrim flies up-court.

Kylie Van Velkinburgh snaps a throw across the infield.

No games, but plenty of action.

While the ongoing pandemic prevents Washington state schools from playing competitions, Coupeville High School athletes continue to take part in off-season workouts.

The pics above, shot at a number of practices, come to us courtesy local photo clicker John Fisken.

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Brian Casey, a warrior on the football field, and a quality guy off of it. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Don’t let the photo above fool you.

The first rule of football picture day is you can’t smile. Been that way since the days of wearing leather helmets.

But, every other time I’ve seen him, Brian Casey has been smiling.

And not just a little smile, but a big, world-encircling kind of one.

One example, Friday’s football game at Vashon Island.

Casey was on the sidelines, unable to play, as he battles through an injury, but the Wolf sophomore was an exuberant presence.

Running back and forth, never standing still, he was among the first to congratulate any of his teammates as they came off the field.

Screaming, thumping people on the back, high-fiving, grabbing running back Andrew Martin and bellowing, “My boy! My boy!!,” Casey showed, in a small moment, why he’s the kind of player every gridiron program wants to see.

On the field, he’s a coach’s son through and through, charging in to the scrum with a scream, ready to lay fools out.

But, it tells you a lot about what kind of person a player is by how he acts when he can’t play.

Some players sulk, or stand off to the side, zoned out from what’s going on.

Some don’t show up for the game at all.

Brian Casey is not those kind of players. He is there for his teammates every step of the way.

And it sucks he will lose his entire sophomore season, a time when he would have been a two-way starter for the Wolves.

Casey has a torn ACL and meniscus, an injury which he suffered during summer camp. Reality has intruded, and he will have to undergo surgery in early October.

It’s not fair, and you hate to see a quality kid have to go through this.

But go back to that word – quality.

Brian Casey, in everything I’ve seen and heard, is a quality player, a quality teammate, and a quality person.

He will be back, and hopefully get to rip up the joint as a junior and senior, playing with the toughness and love of the game handed down to him by dad Brett, a CHS assistant football coach, teacher, and owner of a truly legendary beard.

But before he pulls that uniform back on for his own playing days, Brian will be there for his teammates. Of that I have no doubt.

On the sideline. In the locker room. On the bus. In the weight room and at the practice field.

Words are one thing. Actions are something more.

The way Brian carries himself, the way he conducts his business, the way he chooses to lift up his teammates, instead of wallowing in self-pity, are all signs of a young man going places.

He has earned the respect of Wolf fans, and we wish him a speedy, painless recovery.

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