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Brian Casey and the Golden Locks of Destruction. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Let’s talk about Brian Casey for a moment.

When we do, it’s not all about the gridiron stats — though those were pretty good.

Now certainly, some of our conversation will be about the hair.

Wolf Nation has rarely seen TV commercial-ready flowing golden locks like those which adorn Brian’s head.

Pouring from beneath his football helmet, they were a force of nature onto themselves, capable of making middle-aged men cry tears for the long-lost hair of their own youth.

Doff the helmet, let the man mane tumble loose, and audible gasps echoed throughout the stadium.

So maybe we just induct Brian’s hair into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame and leave it at that…

But no, because then we would be leaving his heart behind, and we can’t have that.

Because that’s what makes him truly special, makes him a player Wolf football fans will remember long after memories of the games he played in fade.

Keeping an eye on the action. (Deb Smith photo)

Those who saw Brian work, saw him fight to overcome injuries, saw him offer up every last little bit of effort, sweat, toil, and love for the game, will nod in agreement.

On the field, he was invariably to be found in the middle of the pile, straining always to move his guys forward.

Part of that was due to Brian living large as a lineman.

But a bigger part of that was his burning desire to always be in the thick of the action, to stand tall in the fiery crucible.

He seemed to treasure every moment he had on the field, likely realizing how the violent nature of football often keeps players from getting as much time as they deserve.

But when his body did betray him, Brian didn’t sulk, didn’t choose to sit far away from his teammates, didn’t act too cool for school.

Instead, he was a whirling dervish on the sideline, pounding on his friend’s shoulder pads, bear hugging them as they came off the field, his words of encouragement — raw and full of emotion — spurring them on regardless of the score.

The son of a coach, a member of a family steeped in football lore, Brian earned his shot at gridiron glory, then marinated in the moment.

Through big wins and heartbreaking losses, he always had the look of a young man who was having the time of his life, a battle-hardened gladiator who NEVER asked to come off the field.

Brian could deliver crushing hits, bodies flying in his wake, but he didn’t prance around after a tackle with his team trailing by 20, didn’t do sack dances, didn’t showboat.

Instead, he pulled his helmet back into place, dropped back into position, and hit the line one more time, relentless and committed.

A coach’s son honoring the example set by his dad Brett — one of quiet intensity and ultimate class.

Celebrating Senior Night with the parental units. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Late in his career, in what would turn out to be the next-to-last game of his senior season, Brian led the charge in a muck-encrusted three-overtime loss to Friday Harbor.

The defeat — coming on its home field in miserable weather conditions in which rain poured down like Noah was one of the refs — ended Coupeville’s playoff hopes.

Not that you would have known it from the way Wolf fans kept hollering from the opening kickoff to the moment when a final-gasp fourth-down-and-everything pass fell short.

At the center of things, Brian stood resolute, mud and grass caked from his shoes to his helmet.

By the end, he and fellow linemen like Isaiah Bittner and William Davidson were limping, ragged breath staining the night.

Yet they kept dropping into position, kept churning, kept surging forward, each small battle won another notch in the gun belt.

Brian always played for the name on the front of his uniform, for his teammates, coaches, family, and friends, and never disappointed.

Welcome to graduation city. (Photo courtesy Brett Casey)

While football was his ultimate calling card, it wasn’t his only outlet, with a season of high school track to his name, where he threw the shot put, discus, and javelin.

He was also a man of the stage, appearing in performances with the school’s drama club.

In simple, Brian was (is) a well-rounded dude, and one with a bright future ahead of him as he heads off to pursue post-high school opportunities.

Before he goes, we want to welcome him, as we hinted above, into our little digital shrine for the best and brightest to come through Cow Town.

Today, for his skill, but even more for his heart, we welcome Brian Casey to the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame.

After this, you’ll find him hanging out with his contemporaries at the top of the blog, under the Legends tab.

He’ll be easy to spot — just look for the guy with the best hair in town.

A man of many talents. (Photo courtesy Stefanie Ask)

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Brian Casey celebrates graduation with the family. (Photo courtesy Brett Casey)

Welcome to day one of the second half of 2022.

With six months in the books, it’s a perfect time to look back at the many, many photos which ran on Coupeville Sports between Jan. 1 and June 30.

After much arguing with myself, here — in no particular order — are 20 of the best of those pics.

Jumping from sports to graduation to fires, they cover a wide range of subject matter and spring from the cameras of multiple snap-happy folk.

Dominic Coffman makes a one-handed snag during a spring scrimmage. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Katie Marti beats the throw to the plate. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Nick Guay swoops to the hoop. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Samantha Streitler is an official CHS grad. (Morgan White photo)

Former Wolf ace Makana Stone slices ‘n dices as a pro hoops player. (Photo property Leicester Riders)

Abby Mulholland (left) and Gwen Gustafson enjoy the moment. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s a training exercise, so burn, baby, burn. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

All is quiet on graduation eve. (Morgan White photo)

Cousins, and future Wolf hoops stars claim the hardwood. (Stevie Glover photo)

“You left your seeing eye dog where???” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Adeline Maynes snaps off some high, hard cheese. (Allison Scarpo photo)

On to the state basketball tourney! (Mandi Black photo)

“We’re scoring so fast the scoreboard can’t keep up!” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Grady Rickner gets bendy. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

“I feel the need. The need for speed!” (Jerry Helm photo)

Caleb Meyer and associates are on top of the world. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Cody Roberts gets a graduation smooch. (Photo courtesy Heidi Roberts)

Lyla Stuurmans shines on. (Photo courtesy Sarah Stuurmans)

Two magnificent beasts, united. (Jodi Crimmins photo)

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Coupeville High School senior Brian Casey joins the cast in the school’s first stage production in three years. (Photos courtesy Stefanie Ask)

They’re back.

The Coupeville High School Theater Troupe is performing for the first time in three years and will present the mystery play Trap May 5-7.

Written by Stephen Gregg, the production centers around an event where the audience at a high school play falls unconscious, with one exception.

Mixing “interviews with witnesses, loved ones, first responders, and the investigators pursuing the case” the story follows “an increasingly dangerous web as it becomes clear that this phenomenon might not be entirely in the past.”

The stage is set … for mystery.

Performances of the spring theater production go down in the high school’s Performing Arts Center, with each of the three nights kicking off at 7:30 PM.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for students, and $5 for students with an ASB.


Production Crew:

Stefanie Ask – Director
Milo Socha – Assistant Director
Gabriella Becktell – Lighting Tech
MacKenzie Phillips – Tech Booth Support
Kira Jorgenson – Soundboard Tech
Brooke Crosby – Costumer



Cecilia Acevedo
Adrian Burrows
Katie Buskala
Brian Casey
Brooke Crosby
Lucy Crouch
Noelle Daigneault
Riverwind DeArmond
Hayley Fiedler
Elizabeth Lo
Katelin McCormick
Pamela Morrell
Abby Mulholland
M. Safford
Brenna Silveira
Birdie Sinclair
Milo Socha
Amanda Thomas


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Dominic Coffman was one of 22 Wolf football players to letter this season. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Now, it’s official.

The Coupeville High School football team put a cap on its season Tuesday with an awards banquet, handing out letters to 22 gridiron warriors.

The Wolves also gave four-year awards to Brian Casey and Isaiah Bittner, and acknowledged their All-Conference performers.



Cameron Breaux:

Honorable Mention – WR


Brian Casey:

1st Team – OL


Dominic Coffman:

1st Team – RB
1st Team – LB


William Davidson:

1st Team – DL


Logan Downes:

Honorable Mention – QB


Scott Hilborn:

NWL Defensive MVP
1st Team – RB


Daylon Houston:

1st Team – WR
1st Team – DB


Kevin Partida:

Honorable Mention – LB


Tim Ursu:

1st Team – DB


Jonathan Valenzuela:

Honorable Mention – WR


Kai Wong:

1st Team – OL
Honorable Mention – DL


Varsity letter winners:

Isaiah Bittner
Cameron Breaux
Hunter Bronec
Hurlee Bronec
Brian Casey
Dominic Coffman
William Davidson
Logan Downes
Jage Drake
Scott Hilborn
Daylon Houston
Cole Hutchinson
Coen Killian
Zane Oldenstadt
Kevin Partida
Jack Porter
Johnny Porter
Mikey Robinett
Zac Tackett
Tim Ursu
Jonathan Valenzuela
Kai Wong


Certificate of Participation:

Chase Anderson
Ian Reid


Brian Casey (left) and Isaiah Bittner played four years of football for CHS.

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Wolf cheerleaders Samantha Streitler (left) and Bella Velasco pose with coach Jennifer Morrell. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Two and two.

Coupeville High School athletics sent four more seniors out the door Thursday, with football and cheer each honoring a pair of veterans.

Bella Velasco, Samantha Streitler, Isaiah Bittner, and Brian Casey were acknowledged (more than once) on Senior Night, before the Wolves engaged in a three-overtime thriller with Friday Harbor.

Isaiah Bittner hangs with former Wolf player Alex Turner and lil’ sis Edie Bittner.

Streitler and mom Stephanie.

Brian Casey and the parental units.

Velasco and the folks.

The heart of the Wolf line.

CHS Principal Geoff Kappes gets a photo op with the seniors.

One last look, before the rain really started coming down.

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