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When he wasn’t walking the line, Wolf dad Brian Vick documented the CHS volleyball season with pics and video. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Wolf varsity, together as a team one last time at Tuesday’s season-ending awards banquet. (Jennifer Menges photo)

With all due respect to soccer, tennis, cheer, cross country and football, the fall belonged to volleyball.

The Coupeville High School spikers had the best record of any Wolf squad, went the furthest in the postseason, and, seem to be the only team with their own hype man.

Brian Vick, dad of high-flyin’ twins Willow and Raven, shot a ton of footage as the season unfolded.

Tuesday night he unveiled his magnum opus, a seven-minute tribute to the Wolf sisterhood of the traveling volleyball, at the team’s season-ending banquet.

Now, thanks to papa Vick dropping his work on YouTube, everyone in Wolf Nation can see what he put together.

And, as they watch, everyone should take it as a challenge.

We want hype videos for every CHS team going forward. Every single one, I said!


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Sarah Wright was named as Coupeville High School’s Homecoming Queen Friday night. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Coupeville High School went old-school.

Having opted out of holding a class float parade on its still relatively new track oval, school officials didn’t announce all of the Homecoming royalty at an afternoon assembly.

Instead, CHS, while revealing 10 senior court nominees, kept the identity of the 2018 King and Queen confidential until halftime of Friday’s game against Sultan.

It was only then that Sarah Wright and Matt Hilborn were revealed as the successors to last year’s top two, Payton Aparicio and Hunter Smith.

Counting the underclassmen and teachers, whose courts were announced earlier, 18 Wolves were honored.


2018 CHS Homecoming royalty:



Sarah Wright


Matt Hilborn

Senior Prince and Princesses:

Maddy Hilkey
Lindsey Roberts
Ema Smith
Emma Smith
Jakobi Baumann
Jaschon Baumann
Teo Keilwitz
Shane Losey

Junior Court:

Tia Wurzrainer
Ethan Clavette

Sophomore Court:

Anya Burns
Drake Borden

Freshman Court:

Noelle Daigneault
Miles Davidson

Duke and Duchess:

Stefanie Ask
Kyle Nelson

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Noelle Daigneault spends time with her beloved pet duck, Chandler. (Photo courtesy Irene Echenique)

Put Noelle Daigneault on the volleyball court and she never stops smiling.

The busy, talented Coupeville High School freshman is also devoted to heaving the shot put, surfing, listening to the sweet sounds of ABBA, painting, and playing her ukulele, but there’s something special about her time as a spiker.

“Volleyball is my favorite sport; I have played club volleyball these past two years and still can’t get enough volleyball!,” Daigneault said. “I love the sport because it is very exhilarating!

“And the feeling of smacking the ball as hard and quick as you can and getting a point for your team is a feeling of such joy I can’t describe.”

On the court, she’s the player always firing on all cylinders, chasing down every last ball with an expression of pure happiness gracing her face on every play.

“One of my bigger strengths in volleyball is, I always want the ball,” Daigneault said. “I will try my hardest to not let the ball drop.

“An area I need to work on is technique,” she admitted with a laugh. “Sometimes I’ll make up my own form, and it more often than not does not help me…”

Daigneault, who follows on the heels of older sister Bree, a standout soccer and tennis player during her time at CHS, attacks each new day with vigor.

“I enjoy being an athlete because I don’t like not doing anything,” Noelle said. “And when you’re on the court there is always something we need to be doing and you’re never standing still.

“One of my goals for my high school career is to always do more, meaning SST, or open gym,” she added. “Sometimes spending an extra half-hour on the court or track, practicing, can make all the difference.”

Daigneault can’t go wrong emulating her older sibling, as Bree was a fireball on the field, while also being one of the most genuinely kind athletes to ever rep CHS.

“My sister has had a very big impact on who I am as a person and a player,” Noelle said.

But there’s also another athlete, a fellow freshman-to-be, who plays a big role in Daigneault’s life, on and off the court.

“My best friend, Jaelyn Crebbin, has always inspired me as a volleyball and track player,” Daigneault said. “I always thought, if she could do it, I could too!

“Considering she has one arm, that does not stop her, and that’s always inspired me to do my best on the court.”

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