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Coupeville High School senior cheerleaders Bella Velasco (left) and Samantha Streitler pose with their coaches. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

We’re almost done with 2021. On to 2022.

As one year fades out and another approaches — hopefully carrying less angst than the one leaving — we cap the year with a pic of Coupeville’s senior cheerleaders.

Hopefully they, and all their fans, will have much to cheer in the new year.

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Hayley Fiedler stands tall. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They’ve gone inside, but are still using their outdoor voices.

Coupeville High School cheerleaders have remained vocally strong as basketball season begins, providing more than their share of spirit and support.

One team, one dream of being the loudest ‘n proudest in all the land.

Coupeville High School cheerleaders take a momentary pause from their spirit duties.

Pamela Morrell climbs high in the sky.

Wolf seniors Bella Velasco (left) and Samantha Streitler lead the way.

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Bella Velasco gets the crowd fired up. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They were loud, and they were proud.

The joint was packed Wednesday, as Coupeville High School’s basketball teams celebrated opening night with a pair of varsity wins.

The Wolf girls toppled Granite Falls, while the CHS boys whacked Oak Harbor, sending Coupeville fans home happy.

The pics above and below, which come to us courtesy John Fisken, capture Wolf fans, and cheerleaders, hard at work bringing the noise, and the funk.

Wolf athletes (left to right) Sophie Martin, Audrianna Shaw, and Kylie Van Velkinburgh show up to support their classmates.

Samantha Streitler debates whether to let the pro-Coupeville crowd get REALLY loud. Spoiler: she chose yes.

The paparazzi has arrived.

Cheer Corner, an exclusive piece of gym property.

Pre-game prep in the hallway.

Hayley Fiedler ponders the mysteries of the universe during a break in the action.

Hadley Eager is ready to throw hands, if necessary.

The Wolf student section out-shouts Oak Harbor.

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Katie Buskala was one of 12 Coupeville High School cheerleaders to letter Tuesday. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Everyone was celebrated.

The Coupeville High School fall cheer squad capped its season Tuesday with a banquet, handing a letter and an award to everyone involved.

First-year Wolf coach Jennifer Morrell had 12 athletes on her roster.



Katie Buskala — Perseverance Award
Lucy Crouch
— Captain; Loud and Proud Award
Hayley Fiedler
— Wolf Award
Brielle Haury
— Bravery Award
Camille Massiet Du Biest
— Prix d’apprentissage Rapide Award
Pamela Morrell
— Bring It On Award
Isabella Schooley
— Most Improved Award
Jacob Schooley
— Howl Award
Samantha Streitler
— Spirit Sister Award
Hayley Thomas
— Coaches Award
Bella Velasco
— Captain; Leaps and Bounds Award
Avery Williams-Buchanan
— Bust-A-Move Award

Seniors Samantha Streitler (left) and Bella Velasco get a send off with coach Jennifer Morrell.

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Wolf cheerleaders Samantha Streitler (left) and Bella Velasco pose with coach Jennifer Morrell. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Two and two.

Coupeville High School athletics sent four more seniors out the door Thursday, with football and cheer each honoring a pair of veterans.

Bella Velasco, Samantha Streitler, Isaiah Bittner, and Brian Casey were acknowledged (more than once) on Senior Night, before the Wolves engaged in a three-overtime thriller with Friday Harbor.

Isaiah Bittner hangs with former Wolf player Alex Turner and lil’ sis Edie Bittner.

Streitler and mom Stephanie.

Brian Casey and the parental units.

Velasco and the folks.

The heart of the Wolf line.

CHS Principal Geoff Kappes gets a photo op with the seniors.

One last look, before the rain really started coming down.

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