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Bella Velasco gets the crowd fired up. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

They were loud, and they were proud.

The joint was packed Wednesday, as Coupeville High School’s basketball teams celebrated opening night with a pair of varsity wins.

The Wolf girls toppled Granite Falls, while the CHS boys whacked Oak Harbor, sending Coupeville fans home happy.

The pics above and below, which come to us courtesy John Fisken, capture Wolf fans, and cheerleaders, hard at work bringing the noise, and the funk.

Wolf athletes (left to right) Sophie Martin, Audrianna Shaw, and Kylie Van Velkinburgh show up to support their classmates.

Samantha Streitler debates whether to let the pro-Coupeville crowd get REALLY loud. Spoiler: she chose yes.

The paparazzi has arrived.

Cheer Corner, an exclusive piece of gym property.

Pre-game prep in the hallway.

Hayley Fiedler ponders the mysteries of the universe during a break in the action.

Hadley Eager is ready to throw hands, if necessary.

The Wolf student section out-shouts Oak Harbor.

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Robin Cedillo spreads sunshine to the world. (John Fisken photos)

Robin Cedillo spreads sunshine to the world. (John Fisken photos)

Kaela Hollrigel

   Kaela Hollrigel is a busy young woman, but she always has a moment for her fans.

Former Wolf cheerleader Ciera St Onge returns to the field she once ruled.

   Former Wolf cheerleader and international superstar Ciera St Onge returns to grace the field she once ruled.

Julia Borges

   Brazilian import Julia Borges is getting used to American cheerleading, and pesky paparazzi.

Maddy Neitzel

Maddy Neitzel, deep in thought and makin’ plans to take over the world.


   All the previous photos? Given the seal of approval by CHS cheer co-captain Sylvia Hurlburt.

Give ’em some overtime.

With two football games in five days, the Coupeville High School cheerleaders were busy, and yet, as always, their spirits never flagged.

The photos above, capturing the Wolves at work during Tuesday’s home JV gridiron battle, are courtesy travelin’ photo man John Fisken.

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One of the Sea Gals gets the home crowd cheering. (John Fisken photos)

One of the Sea Gals gets the home crowd cheering. (John Fisken photos)

guns it up field.

   Hard-running rookie Thomas Rawls guns it up field. He carried 11 times for a team-high 87 yards and a touchdown in the win.

Hawk punter Jon Ryan

Hawk punter Jon Ryan lets rip with one of his four punts.


   Bobby Wagner (59), Richard Sherman (dreadlocks) and Mohammed Seisay (39) are among those celebrating a play on the sidelines.

Well, it’s not the Steelers, but it’s a start.

Rovin’ photo man John Fisken was originally going to shoot the girls’ high school soccer jamboree in Oak Harbor Thursday.

Then he went and got all professional on us, nabbing a press pass to shoot the final Seattle Seahawks preseason game against the Raiders.

So, while the Hawks were dismantling their much-hated rivals 31-21, our guy was in there shooting the NFL like an insider.

And then he was nice enough to let me run a couple of his photos, so we’ll back off giving him any grief over skipping out on soccer.

Of course, if he wants to shoot a true championship team, he’ll need to head to Pittsburgh one of these days.

You know, where they actually have more than one Lombardi trophy in the case.

I kid. I kid… Go Steelers!!

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