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Sophomore Julie Bucio is one of 18 girls on the CHS winter cheer squad. (John Fisken photo)

   Sophomore Julie Bucio is one of 18 girls on the CHS winter cheer squad. (John Fisken photos)

Senior Natalie Hollrigel was a captain during the fall cheer season.

  Senior Kaela Hollrigel has been a captain for both fall and winter cheer this year.

A large crew is moving inside.

Coupeville High School currently has 18 girls on its winter cheer squad, about twice as many as last year.

The Wolves, who are under the direction of acting coach Melissa Rohr, kick off the season Tuesday when the CHS boys’ basketball teams host Blaine (5:15 JV/7:00 varsity) in non-conference games.

The cheer roster:

Ashleigh Battaglia
Julie Bucio
Maggie Crimmins
Natasha Estes
Sophie Furtjes
Kaley Grigsby
Gaby Halpin
Abby Hamilton
Kaela Hollrigel (captain)
Natalie Hollrigel
Ja’Tarya Hoskins
Nancy Melendrez-Partida
McKenzie Meyer
Clarie Mietus (captain)
Cassidy Moody
Mira Mostafavinassab
Heather Nastali
Mica Shipley

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Wolf cheerleader Amber Benway. (John Fisken photo)

   Wolf cheerleader Amber Benway is enjoying her first year in the program. (John Fisken photo)

Amber Benway loves being a cheerleader.

The Coupeville High School junior jumped at the opportunity and hasn’t looked back, embracing everything about her new sport.

“I started doing cheer because I love cheer and I loved what they were doing and I wanted to get involved with that,” Benway said.

Summer cheer camp, where she got a chance to hang out and work with her new teammates, sealed the deal for her.

“We went to camp and it was just a lot of fun,” Benway said “Cheer is so fun, because you’re with a group of ladies that you know know what they’re doing and you’re learning new things and you’re doing new stunts.”

Helping her along the way have been a variety of veteran teammates and coaches, all of whom she holds near and dear.

“The person that helped me through cheer was Kaela (Hollrigel), my captain,” Benway said. “She is the most bright and beautiful person I know.

“And my second captain, Kiara (Burdge), she has been there for me too.”

Along with her team leaders, Benway draws a great deal of support and encouragement from her coach, as well.

“My coach, Cheridan (Eck), she started me in cheer and she is just the most wonderful person I know!”

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Kaela Hollrigel (and cheer buddy Mckenzie Meyer). (John Fisken photos)

Kaela Hollrigel, the serene star of the cheer world. (John Fisken photos)

She’s a bright, shining star on a rocket ride to Amazing Land.

Kaela Hollrigel, who has lived on Whidbey Island for a little less than two years, has used her time here wisely.

The Coupeville High School senior, who celebrates a birthday today, jumped right in and made an impact on multiple fronts.

She came out swinging for the fences as a first-time Wolf cheerleader last year, taking home the Wolf Award for football season and Most Spirited while rooting for Coupeville’s hoop squads.

Now Hollrigel is set to be a team leader in her final go-around in the red and black, just as little sis Natalie joins the squad as a freshman.

While Kaela fits perfectly as a cheerleader — she was just born super-cheerful, I bet — her time spent working the sidelines is just a small part of her busy life.

Go down her list of accomplishments and it’s one high point after another.

An ASB leader.

Proud member of the National Honor Society.

A key contributor to Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

The brains behind a super-successful community blood drive.

Hollrigel is one of our best and brightest, a kind, genuinely sweet and friendly young woman who mixes academics and sports and emerges as a strong, committed leader with boundless upside.

She is going places, and while it’s her remarkable brain which is driving the car, it’s her serene, welcoming nature which makes others cheer for her along the way.

You can’t help but like Kaela, whether you’re part of her inner circle or just a fan in the stands.

Happy birthday, Miss Hollrigel.

May your senior year, and all the years to come, be as awesome as you are.

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Kaela Hollrigel and Co. are washing cars for a good cause Saturday. (John Fisken photo)

Kaela Hollrigel and Co. are washing cars for a good cause Saturday. (John Fisken photo)

Save your car before it looks like mine.

Avoid the ravages of prairie dust and Penn Cove moisture and preserve that show room gloss, all while helping out Coupeville’s loudest and proudest.

Coupeville High School cheerleaders will be camped out at Windermere Realty Saturday (right across from the Elementary school on S. Main) from 12:00-2:00 holding a fundraiser car wash.

Swing by and let them take hose and scrub brush to your ride, and you’ll be helping the team’s veterans raise funds for their graduation night festivities.

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Natalie Hollrigel (Submitted photo)

Natalie Hollrigel (Submitted photo)

Get the first one, you often get the second one.

It’s been a good rule of thumb for the Coupeville High School cheer squad over the years, as younger sisters frequently follow their older siblings into the sport.

Having seen her big sis Kaela enjoy herself immensely as a Wolf cheerleader, Natalie Hollrigel is the latest to keep the tradition alive.

“This is my first year cheering and I started cheering because of my sister,” she said. “And all of the many amazing girls who showed me how fun it was to be a part of such a tight-knit group of girls.”

Hollrigel, who will be a freshman at CHS in the fall, is diving in feet-first.

“My favorite part of cheer is learning a new cheer and being able to practice that cheer until I get it down,” she said.

A two-sport star during her middle school days, when she competed in volleyball and track, Hollrigel firmly falls into the camp of those who appreciate the time, effort and hard work which goes into cheer.

“In my opinion cheerleading is a sport,” she said. “The definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion” and, at every practice, everyone tries their hardest to stay in shape and to be able to lift those girls into a stunt without them falling.

“Also, during cheers most people think that you just have to follow the motions, but for the cheer to look good you have to sharpen your movements which means to tighten your muscles,” Hollrigel added.

“At every practice our muscles become sore, whether it is the running we do at every practice or the stunting we do.”

When she’s not at practice, Hollrigel enjoys hanging out with friends and going to the beach. At school she looks forward to her science and gym classes.

Along with various group leaders and coaches who have impacted her, she gets encouragement and advice from Kaela and mom Diana Bedford.

The duo are strong role models in Hollrigel’s life.

“They have taught me to be strong, confident, and have a good time during all the activities I do.”

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