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Nick Guay is set to make the leap from middle school sports to high school stardom. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Guay leads the charge on the soccer pitch.

Nick Guay is in it for the long haul.

As he prepares for his freshman year at Coupeville High School, the multi-sport athlete is committed to putting in the time and effort needed to continue his growth as an athlete and student.

“There is nothing you can’t stop working on,” Guay said. “(I want) to continue to be the best player I can be.”

During his middle school days, he suited up for Wolf football, soccer, and basketball teams, and he plans to keep playing the latter two sports during his time at CHS.

Guay tabs basketball as his favorite sport, is fond of the movie Harry and the Hendersons, and shows impeccable musical taste for someone of his age, opting for classic rock from AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.

When he’s not practicing or playing in a game, he excels in his favorite classes — math and PE — and tries to spend as much time outside as possible.

“I love the outdoors and building things,” Guay said.

As he’s come up through the ranks, he’s made a name for himself as a hard worker and a hustler, an athlete willing to do whatever his team needs.

Guay hails his various coaches, and parents Dylan and Dina, for their guidance, and he enters high school with strong, team-orientated goals.

“(I want to) build a strong and positive team,” he said. “(I want to have) hard work, a positive attitude, and chemistry with other players.”

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Trystan Ford cuts an imposing figure while playing football for CMS last year. (Photos courtesy Lisa Ford)

Ford and teacher/mentor Terry Welch.

Hello, and goodbye.

Just as he’s about to make the jump to playing high school football, Trystan Ford is hitting the road.

He and his family are moving from Coupeville to Wisconsin, and the former CMS gridiron star, who rings in at 5-foot-9 and 190 pounds as an incoming freshman, will suit up for the Southern Door Eagles this fall.

During his time at CMS, Ford played football and was a thrower for the Wolf track team, while his parents, Bryan (football) and Lisa (cheer), coached.

He plans to stay with both sports in Wisconsin, and may add golf to his repertoire.

Gridiron life, though, is the life for him.

“I like the leadership I have learned, the grit, grind, when I think I have no more I dig deeper and find it,” Ford said. “Nobody and I mean nobody touches my quarterback!”

He enjoys “the commitment, the bonds, the learning, the teaching, the push to do better and of course the payout,” and is more likely to inspire by his play than by screaming at people.

“I’m a quiet leader I have been told,” Ford said. “I take my assignments seriously and I’m a team player, a friend and a student.”

As he moves forward into high school life, he wants to continue to get bigger for football, while also striking a nice balance in life.

“I could work on my strength,” Ford said. “Maybe be less shy, and learn to be serious when needed and a goof when needed.”

A big fan of bands like Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Queen, he enjoys the Transformers and Marvel super hero movies and turns to Battlestar Galactica on TV.

In class, he “loves science, computers and math!” and hails CMS teacher Terry Welch for being an inspiration in his life.

“Ms. Welch is my favorite teacher. She truly cares about what happens in my life,” Ford said. “She mentored me through middle school, and even though I won’t be at CHS, Ms. Welch will always mentor me no matter where I am.

“I want to create a fusion reactor and make it more affordable so everyone can afford to run cars on clean energy,” he added. “When I accept the big science prize I want her to be there, as she is who mentored me as my best teacher!”

While he’ll be in a different part of the country from his favorite teacher, Ford has a strong support crew in his family, one he appreciates on a daily basis.

“My mom, she’s always there for me, she knows when I’m slacking and pulls me aside for a “get it together, settle down and play buddy”,” Ford said. “My dad, he teaches me so much.

“Strength, leadership, integrity; if I’m doing it right he’s my number one fan; if I’m doing it wrong, he’s my number one coach, if I’m not giving my full potential, he’s my number one butt kicker.

“I love my mom and dad, they guide me in all I do.”

That carries through to when they practice tough love, as well.

At one point Ford had a C in science and got a warning from the school.

His mom gave him three days to bring it up, and when he didn’t, she let him dress for his next game, then informed the lineman he’d be sitting for the first quarter.

“I learned to never let my team down, my coaches down, my mom and dad down and most of all it killed me not getting in there,” Ford said. “In the second quarter through the end, I was on fire!

“I learned our family motto that day,” he added. “God first, family second, school, then sports. If I stick to that order I can do anything.”

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Julian Welling (John Fisken photos)

   Julian Welling is one of several key returning players for first-year CHS football coach Jon Atkins. (John Fisken photo)

It’s the start of a new era.

Jon Atkins is diving in feet-first as the new head football coach at Coupeville High School, with two days of practice now under his belt.

As he and the Wolves get to know each other and prepare for their opener (Sept. 3 at home against South Whidbey), Atkins will be providing us with some of his thoughts on how things are unfolding.

He’ll be delivering a weekly address this season, which will hit the blogosphere Thursday (or early Friday in this case, since I went to bed early and ignored my emails…).

Anyway, without further ado, let’s head over to the Coaches Corner and see what Atkins has to say.

Hopefully David will let me hijack his blog for one post a week.

I don’t know if I have the knack for writing or the whimsical tone that he does, but I will try my best to keep Wolf Nation informed about our football boys throughout the season in this Coach’s Corner.

This is our first Thursday.

We have only had two days of practice and no game planning for an opponent this week; the coaching staff and the players have been working hard teaching, learning and memorizing a new playbook both offensively and defensively.

Each day the players are conditioning and getting their bodies ready for our first game on Saturday 3rd. (More on that in two weeks).

We are creating a new look for the 2016 season.

In the first few days of our fall camp in addition to installing our new defense and offense we have been installing our Core Covenants that will be the pillars in our program that the coaches believe in and will install in our players.

It is my hope that the community will see these behaviors  from our players in the community. 

The first two days we have focused on Competition and Leadership.

The players know that it is the coaching staff expectation that they compete in the classroom, on the field, or even in our Day 1 thumb war tournament competition, which ended with Co-Champions Woody Liquidano and Teo Keilwitz.

The second covenant is Leadership; all of our players are expected to be Leaders, and demonstrate Leadership in their position groups, in their PE classes and in the community.

We will install the last three covenants: Family, Commitment and Toughness.

We are thrilled to have the players out; we are still missing some faces from last year and would love to have them back out this year as well.

I believe that our program is going in a great direction and would love to have them hop on this train and enjoy the ride.

One of the differences you will see, well, you will hear if you come to practice, is a bit of practice music.

If you drive by practice you might hear some different sounds as our practice playlist changes up each day. 

We expect some AC/DC, Disturbed, Drake and Jake Owens to make an appearance on tomorrow’s practice playlist.

The coaching staff likes to make sure practice stay light and fun while getting our work done.

Next Coach’s Corner I will look to take on Burlington and La Conner in the La Conner Jamboree in our first test for Wolf Nation in 2016.

I am excited to meet all the football parents at our meeting Saturday, Aug. 20 at 4:00 PM.

PS — Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter — @WolfPrideFB.

Coach Atkins

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Kaela Hollrigel (and cheer buddy Mckenzie Meyer). (John Fisken photos)

Kaela Hollrigel, the serene star of the cheer world. (John Fisken photos)

She’s a bright, shining star on a rocket ride to Amazing Land.

Kaela Hollrigel, who has lived on Whidbey Island for a little less than two years, has used her time here wisely.

The Coupeville High School senior, who celebrates a birthday today, jumped right in and made an impact on multiple fronts.

She came out swinging for the fences as a first-time Wolf cheerleader last year, taking home the Wolf Award for football season and Most Spirited while rooting for Coupeville’s hoop squads.

Now Hollrigel is set to be a team leader in her final go-around in the red and black, just as little sis Natalie joins the squad as a freshman.

While Kaela fits perfectly as a cheerleader — she was just born super-cheerful, I bet — her time spent working the sidelines is just a small part of her busy life.

Go down her list of accomplishments and it’s one high point after another.

An ASB leader.

Proud member of the National Honor Society.

A key contributor to Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

The brains behind a super-successful community blood drive.

Hollrigel is one of our best and brightest, a kind, genuinely sweet and friendly young woman who mixes academics and sports and emerges as a strong, committed leader with boundless upside.

She is going places, and while it’s her remarkable brain which is driving the car, it’s her serene, welcoming nature which makes others cheer for her along the way.

You can’t help but like Kaela, whether you’re part of her inner circle or just a fan in the stands.

Happy birthday, Miss Hollrigel.

May your senior year, and all the years to come, be as awesome as you are.

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Andre Avila

   That moment when Andre Avila scored a goal and even the ref was impressed. (John Fisken photos)

Garrett Compton

  Can’t score without the ball, so it’s a good thing Garrett Compton is around to put it in play.

Ethan Spark

Wolf Ethan Spark (15) has a meeting of the minds.


   Abraham Leyva flips in a goal in the final seconds of the game, keeping his scoring streak alive at five games and counting.

William Nelson: "Hello, my old friend, we meet again!"

William Nelson: “Hello, my old friend, we meet again!”


   Cue the AC/DC. “There was no help, no help from you … You’ve been thunderstruck!!”

Celebrate good times, come on! Yes, we're referencing Kool and the Gang lyrics now...

   Spark gets a hug from Tanner Kircher (11) after banging home a goal on a shot that traveled almost half the field.

The thrill of the score, the click of the camera.

They go hand-in-hand, and travelin’ photo man John Fisken knows how the game works.

Capturing a mix of celebration and actions pics Wednesday, as the Coupeville High School boys’ soccer squads battled with Bellevue Christian, he provides us with the shiny pics found above.

To see more, and possibly purchase some, thereby helping fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes, pop over to:

Varsity — http://www.olympicleague.com/index.php?act=view_gallery&gallery=11065&league=21&page=1&page_name=photo_store&school=24&sport=0

JV — http://www.nisquallyathletics.com/index.php?act=view_gallery&gallery=11067&league=22&page=1&page_name=photo_store&school=94&sport=0

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