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Andre Avila

   That moment when Andre Avila scored a goal and even the ref was impressed. (John Fisken photos)

Garrett Compton

  Can’t score without the ball, so it’s a good thing Garrett Compton is around to put it in play.

Ethan Spark

Wolf Ethan Spark (15) has a meeting of the minds.


   Abraham Leyva flips in a goal in the final seconds of the game, keeping his scoring streak alive at five games and counting.

William Nelson: "Hello, my old friend, we meet again!"

William Nelson: “Hello, my old friend, we meet again!”


   Cue the AC/DC. “There was no help, no help from you … You’ve been thunderstruck!!”

Celebrate good times, come on! Yes, we're referencing Kool and the Gang lyrics now...

   Spark gets a hug from Tanner Kircher (11) after banging home a goal on a shot that traveled almost half the field.

The thrill of the score, the click of the camera.

They go hand-in-hand, and travelin’ photo man John Fisken knows how the game works.

Capturing a mix of celebration and actions pics Wednesday, as the Coupeville High School boys’ soccer squads battled with Bellevue Christian, he provides us with the shiny pics found above.

To see more, and possibly purchase some, thereby helping fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes, pop over to:

Varsity — http://www.olympicleague.com/index.php?act=view_gallery&gallery=11065&league=21&page=1&page_name=photo_store&school=24&sport=0

JV — http://www.nisquallyathletics.com/index.php?act=view_gallery&gallery=11067&league=22&page=1&page_name=photo_store&school=94&sport=0

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