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Ja’Kenya Hoskins waits for the beat to drop. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The Wolf booters stretch their legs during pre-game warmups.

Audrianna Shaw uses her deadly elbows to clear some space.

Avalon Renninger celebrates her first goal of the season.

The support crew goes wild.

Mallory Kortuem fights for control of the ball.

Mollie Bailey unleashes the full fury of her ferocious foot.

It was the calm before the storm.

While the sun had departed Saturday afternoon, the lightning and thunder were still hours away when the Coupeville High School girls soccer squad took the pitch to face off with Meridian.

Enjoying the lack of moisture in the air at that moment, wandering’ paparazzi John Fisken worked the sidelines, clicking away, and the photos above are courtesy him.

To see everything he shot during the home opener, pop over to:


Any purchases help out Coupeville athletes, as a percentage of all sales go back to fund college scholarships given out at the end of the school year.

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Battling the wind, James Wood cranks a corner kick. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Staring down the brisk breeze, a collection of Wolf stars jam the stands.

The Leyva lads lead the charge, with Aram (front) and Derek slicin’ and dicin’ the defense.

Cruddy weather, sunny attitudes.

Derek Leyva fires the ball into play.

Ever-efficient Wolf manager Natalie Hollrigel rules the roost up in the warm, dry, non-breezy press box.

CHS goalie Dewitt Cole sprawls out to stop a shot, while Wolf defender Teo Keilwitz comes charging in to help.

“Spring? I’m going to go have words with Mother Nature…”

The weather was wild ‘n windy, but at least I didn’t have to stand out in it.

While I was smartly sequestered in the press box Monday during Coupeville’s boys soccer clash with Mount Baker, grizzled paparazzi John Fisken braved the gusts to snap the pics seen above.

To peruse everything he shot, pop over to:


And, when you wander over there, remember, a percentage of any purchases goes to help fund scholarships for CHS senior student/athletes.

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Kiara Contreras flies into action. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Snack Shack employees calmly await the halftime rush.

Natalie Hollrigel showcases her dribbling skills.

Coupeville legend Ethan Spark (left) and current stars Sage Downes (center) and Alex Jimenez are riveted by the on-field action.

Volleyball aces Maya Toomey-Stout (left) and Emma Mathusek invade the paparazzi game.

Wolf spikers show support for their pitch sisters.

Genna Wright is a goal-scoring machine.

And, she has her own fan club.

The goals came in bursts, and so did the pics.

The Coupeville High School girls soccer squad romped to a 6-0 win over league rival Sultan Thursday, and photo bug John Fisken was on hand to capture both the frantic on-field action and the more laid-back off-field shenanigans.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:


When you land there, remember, any purchases help fund scholarships for CHS student/athletes. So, circle of life kind of stuff.

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   With no practice Friday, Wolf track star Emma Smith brought a friend to the baseball game. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Drake Borden and dad Mark spend some quality time together.

Track speed queen Natalie Hollrigel slows down for her close-up.

   Cory Prescott (right) is available as a professional chaperone. Decent rates, call today.

Avalon Renninger contemplates the mysteries of the universe between innings. “Is it legal to be as awesome as I am? Yes … I’m gonna have to say yes.”

   The top row gets rowdy, as (l to r) Cheryl Engle, McKenzie Bailey and Genna Wright contemplate gettin’ up to shenanigans.

Ema Smith is no prairie newb. She comes ready for any and all weather.

One win away and Wolf baseball fans can already taste another league title.

   After opening her 8th grade track season with a bang this week, fast-rising supernova Ja’Kenya Hoskins swings by to check out her future classmates.

The weather was just so-so Friday, but that didn’t keep the bleachers from getting jammed.

Wolf fans ignored the cool, cloudy conditions and came out in force to watch the red-hot Coupeville softball and baseball teams anyway.

And they were rewarded, as both squads stormed to victories, raising their records to 10-4 (softball) and 12-4 (baseball).

As the games played out and the stands rocked, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken clicked away, and the pics above are courtesy him.

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Natalie Hollrigel

   Natalie Hollrigel somersaulted away with the Coaches Award when CHS cheer honors were announced. (John Fisken photos)

Natasha Estes (left) and Claire Mietus have a deep discussion about the program.

   Natasha Estes (left) and Claire Mietus have a deep discussion about the program.



The loudest team gets honored first.

Capping a successful winter cheer campaign, Coupeville High School is handing out awards and letters to a larger-than-average squad.

After topping out at five to six for basketball season in recent years, the Wolves had an enthusiastic roster which went 15 athletes deep this time around.

Six of those girls are taking home awards, led by captains Kaela Hollrigel and Claire Mietus.

Joining them are Natasha Estes (Wolf Award), Natalie Hollrigel (Coaches Award), Nanci Melendrez-Partida (Most Improved) and Mckenzie Meyer (Most Spirited).

Letter winners:

Julie Bucio
Maggie Crimmins
Natasha Estes
Sophie Fürtjes
Kaley Grigsby
Gaby Halpin
Kaela Hollrigel
Natalie Hollrigel
Ja’Tarya Hoskins
Nanci Melendrez-Partida
Mckenzie Meyer
Claire Mietus
Mira Mostafavinassab
Heather Nastali
Mica Shipley

Also honored:

Abby Hamilton (Manager)
Cassidy Moody (Mascot)

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