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When she’s not spiking volleyballs, Wolf sophomore Maddie Vondrak is a photographer with a keen eye for capturing award-worthy images. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Garrett and Sylvia Arnold brighten up the CHS gym.

Nikolai Lyngra, guitar god and mustache wax aficionado.

Interrupted while working, Emma Smith plots her revenge.

The whole crew is ready to jam.

Sarah and Joshua Leavell endure the hardest bleachers in all of the universe because they love their basketball-playing daughters.

Wander into the wrong part of the gym and you may disappear into a group hug, never to be seen again.

Ciara Smith celebrates lil’ sis Ema on Senior Night.

All the faces are in place.

In between snapping pics of on-court action Tuesday, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken also captured a series of portraits featuring various Coupeville residents.

From band members to other photographers to proud parents, they form a mosaic of Wolf Nation.

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Ivy Leedy and the Wolf JV volleyball team capped a successful season with a rout of Sultan. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

They closed with a scream.

A scream of triumph and joy, yes, but also a warning to other teams – the next generation of Coupeville High School volleyball stars is here, and they’re ready to kick your fanny.

Back-to-back sizzlin’ aces off of the fingertips of freshman Izzy Wells capped the Wolf JV’s three-set sweep of visiting Sultan Wednesday, and it gave Chris Smith’s players the perfect punctuation to their season.

Riding a 25-15, 25-15, 26-24 win over the Turks, Coupeville’s next gen team finished the season 4-6 in North Sound Conference play, 6-7 overall.

The young Wolves, a work in progress, were a play or two from winning as many as nine matches this season, with a few rumbles slipping away in the final points.

That wasn’t the case on the last night of the regular season though, as CHS, with predominantly freshman on the floor in the final set, drove a stake through the heart of the Turks.

The two teams waged a tense back-and-forth affair in the final frame, with Anya Leavell rising up and giving a star performance.

She lashed a kill to stake the Wolves to an early 10-4 lead, and strong runs at the service stripe from Noelle Daigneault and Abby Mulholland sent the third set in the direction of a runaway, much like the first two frames.

Sultan fought back, however, trying to scratch out some redemption, and eventually held a set point at 24-23.

With the home crowd vocal in its support, the Wolf JV forced a side out to even things, then tossed the ball to Wells, who has been aces with her serve game all season.

One swing of the arm, two swings of the arm, and the celebration was on, as Sultan couldn’t get a finger on either of her offerings, as both serves skipped merrily by.

The late comeback capped a match that Coupeville otherwise dominated.

The opening set was all about power, with Maddie Vondrak mashing the ball, scattering Turks before her with every titanic blow.

When she wasn’t launching rockets, the Wolf sophomore showcased a complete game, flying high to stuff a would-be Sultan kill, before twirling in mid-air on another play, flicking a winner between two Turks.

Vondrak had plenty of help, as Zoe Trujillo lashed lasers from the sides, while Leavell smashed a kill from mid-court which ripped off some paint on the back line as it landed.

Coupeville was on point with its service game, as well, getting strings of points from Jaimee Masters, Lucy Sandahl and Ivy Leedy.

The second set was a virtual repeat of the first, started off with a run of aces by Sandahl, then punctuated by a stuff at the net from Kylie Van Velkinburgh and a low, screaming winner which sprang off of the palm of Masters and scorched the net as it went over.

Willow Vick pounded away at the service line to finish the middle set, and her run of four straight points ended on a perfect note.

Twirling the ball, she glanced at twin sister Raven, then fired a scorcher which slammed into the court, then exploded upward into a Sultan players face, completely knocking the hapless Turk off her feet.

Across the net, Willow Vick stamped her feet and pumped her fists while her teammates jumped in joy, providing a clear portrait of what’s likely to come in the future.

A whole lot of Wolf celebrations and a whole lot of time spent picking themselves off the floor for their rivals.

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Sophomore Maddie Vondrak was a big-hitting, point-winning terror Tuesday against Anacortes. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Tuesday’s JV volleyball match between Coupeville and visiting Anacortes was a knock-down brawl, full of big hits and wild mood swings.

And while the Wolf spikers eventually fell 25-18, 26-24, 25-19, evening their record at 1-1, the night belonged to Maddie Vondrak.

Many of her teammates had strong performances against the Seahawks, especially Zoe Trujillo and Raven Vick, but it was the Wolf sophomore who captured, and held on to the spotlight the longest.

The smooth-hitting swing player was a veritable tower of power, ripping off frozen ropes from the front court and back court.

Not content to just deliver a tasty assortment of kills via the power game, Vondrak also proved extremely nimble around the net, elevating and stuffing Anacortes shots, one after another.

It was a star-making performance, and, coming against a larger 2A school, further proof Vondrak is more than ready for a prime time role.

While Coupeville trailed the entire first set, the Wolves rallied several times, cutting an early Anacortes lead down from seven points to three.

Vondrak delivered winners on three straight points during that run, while Trujillo cranked an especially nasty slider for another big put-away.

CHS led for a big stretch of the second set, even having set point at 24-23 after a Lucy Sandahl serve set up a rally which culminated in Vick deflating the ball with a spike which tore off a hunk of the floor.

It wasn’t to be, though, as Anacortes rallied to take the middle set before closing out the sweep with an efficient performance in set three.

Wolf freshmen Eryn Wood and Anya Leavell teamed up on a nice block at the net in the final set, while Sandahl unleashed an ace which blew past the would-be hitter like the Road Runner leaving Wile E. Coyote in the dust.

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   Sarah Wright (left) and Ema Smith clamp down on defense, much to the horror of their rival. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Bob Barker (left), longtime coach and teacher, and Jeff Stone, who still holds the school’s scoring records 48 years later, returned for the 101st anniversary of Wolf basketball.

Caleb Meyer powers through the tall trees.

Tucker Hall gets caught hanging around. (Maddie Vondrak photo)

Time to put your money where your mouth is.

If everyone who said they loved the photos John Fisken shot put a few bucks out to support his camera-clicking, we’d be 983% more likely to frequently snatch him away from Oak Harbor.

With high school hoops all but done (All-League picks and team awards are still ahead), now is a perfect time to go back through everything the shutter bug shot, and maybe pluck some pics out for your mantelpiece.

To see everything Fisken shot in Cow Town this winter (high school girls and boys hoops plus middle school boys hardwood action) pop over to:


PS — Along with all the normal hoops activity, that landing site also includes photos from the 101st anniversary of CHS boys basketball and pics shot by multi-talented frosh phenom Maddie Vondrak.

PPS — Buy pics Maddie Marvelous shot, and the money bypasses Fisken and goes directly into the pocket of one of Coupeville’s brightest young shooting stars.

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   Hunter Smith flies in for the bucket which carried him over the 600-point barrier. He’s only the 38th Wolf to ever reach that mark. (Maddie Vondrak photos)

   Hard court assassins (l to r) Sarah Wright, Lindsey Roberts and Ema Smith are ready to strike fear into the hearts of rivals everywhere.

Wolf moms, working hard so their kids can take it easy on the Senior Trip.

Tucker Hall is just hanging around.

Ulrik Wells shows off textbook form.

   Former Wolf hoops stars Kailey Kellner (back) and Kalia Littlejohn mingle with their fans.

Hunter Downes is ready to rumble.

   Dear Nissin, makers of Cup Noodles. This is Sarah Wright. She’d like to be your paid spokeswoman. Text her.

The multi-talented Maddie Vondrak strikes again!

The Coupeville High School freshman is a standout volleyball player and basketball team manager, plus a talented writer and photographer.

During the fall, Vondrak was out with an injury for several games.

Instead of just riding the bench, she stayed busy writing game recaps on JV volleyball matches, complete with in-depth analysis on all of her teammates.

Wednesday night she took a brief respite from some of her managerial duties to borrow a camera from pro photographer John Fisken and started snapping away.

The results were some of the glossiest of the season, and you can get a feel for Vondrak’s work by gazing upon the pics above.

To see everything she shot, pop over to the link below.

Plus, in a change of pace, any money raised by photo purchases will go right back to Vondrak.

So do the right thing. Support Maddie!


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