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Lita Woolett flies into action. (Photos by JohnPhotos.net)

   The pro-Coupeville crowd gets rowdy as the 7th grade varsity stages a stunning comeback.

   Kaielle Bepler, here ready to work her magic at the net, was on fire at the service stripe all afternoon.

   Harlee Ausman (34) keeps her eye on the ball, as Jordyn Rogers (22) backs up the play.

   Daughter of a legendary CHS volleyball coach, Jaelyn Crebbin is a fast-rising star.

CMS hoops star Kiara Contreras (right) and friends keep themselves entertained.

8th grade coach Casie Greve ponders some in-match strategy.

Noelle Daigneault fires up a deadly serve.

While the high school teams are away, the young guns rule the gym.

Coupeville Middle School spikers made their home debut Thursday, sprawling out and taking over both gyms as they faced off against Stevens.

That kept photo bug John Fisken bouncing, as he worked both sides of the aisle to capture pics from four separate matches.

As usual, he was a success, even through grumblings about a serious lack of Diet Coke.

To see everything he shot, check out the links below.

And when you make a purchase, it’s a win-win, as a portion of the proceeds fund college scholarships for Wolf student/athletes.



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   Jaelyn Crebbin and her teammates are ready to bite into a new season of middle school volleyball. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A new generation of volleyball legends has arrived.

Some we’ve heard a bit about, while others are newcomers, but one thing is certain — Coupeville Middle School coaches will have full benches this season.

CMS 8th grade coach Casie Greve is back for a third season, while former Wolves Kimberly Bepler and Sarah Lyngra take over the 7th grade team.

The current roster:

8th grade:

Cecilia Camerena
Abby Clinkscales
Ella Colwell
Kiara Contreras
Jaelyn Crebbin
Noelle Daigneault
Angelina Gebhard
Chloe LaRue
Anya Leavell
Lily Leedy
Abby Mulholland
Audriana Shaw
Morgan Stevens

Samantha Streitler
Amanda Thomas
Kylie Vanvelkinburgh
Bella Velasco
Izzy Wells
Eryn Wood
Lita Woolett

7th grade:

Harlee Ausman
Kaielle Bepler
Alita Blouin
Karyme Castro
Vivian Farris
Hayley Fiedler
Gwen Gustafson
Taygin Jump
Ally Lucero
Maya Lucero
Trinity McGee
Sofia Peters
Abigail Place
Jill Prince
Jordyn Rogers
Brynn Schmid
Cypress Socha
Lucy Tenore


Graci Lemaster
Mckenna Somes

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   Day one winners at the CHS volleyball skills camp included (l to r) Abby Mulholland, Zoe Trujillo and Payton Aparicio. (Cory Whitmore photos)

   On day two (l to r), Mikayla Elfrank, Kylie Chernikoff and Lita Woollet captured the spotlight.

   Wednesday brought a new trio to the forefront. This time it was (l to r) Scout Smith, Emma Mathusek and Kiara Contreras.

The spikes are flying and the awards are being bestowed.

Coupeville High School volleyball coach Cory Whitmore is three days into a four-day skills camp, and so far he’s honored nine Wolves for their play.

Each day, three players have received awards for exemplifying one of the program’s core covenants.

Monday, it was “attitude,” while Tuesday was all about “competitiveness.” Wednesday brought “effort” to the forefront.

Whitmore, who guided CHS to its first league title in more than a decade during his rookie season last year, has the spiker program hoppin’.

More than 50 players in grades 7-12 have shown up for the skills camp, which wraps Thursday.

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Hardwood hot shot Kiara Contreras. (Photo courtesy Angella Contreras)

The future is bright for Kiara Contreras.

Not only is the Coupeville Middle School 7th grader a fast-rising star in multiple sports, but, soon, she’ll be able to see her favorite film.

For the first time.

Contreras is beyond thrilled that one of her favorite books, the teen lit tearjerker “Everything, Everything” has been turned into a film which is hitting theaters across America.

She hails the trailer (you can see it at the end of this story) as her favorite thing to watch, saying “the book was awesome!”

When she’s not mainlining her #1 coming attraction, Contreras loves listening to country and hip hop, swimming and working in her wood shop class.

As an athlete, she’s a woman for all seasons, playing volleyball and basketball and running track.

Contreras doubles up as a hoops player, taking the court as a SWISH player in addition to her court time at CMS.

She enjoys the different challenges all of the sports present (“I love them all”) and may branch out further once she hits high school.

“Maybe I’ll add another sport,” Contreras said. “Not sure which one yet!”

She continues to work hard, regardless of the season, and wants to build her strengths in each of her sports.

“In volleyball, my strength is no fear of diving for the ball,” Contreras said. “I need to work on my serving.

“In basketball, my strength is being a point guard and having the ability to get the ball to the other players,” she added. “I need to work on my baskets.”

Contreras is coming off of a debut track season in which she competed for the Wolves across a broad range of events.

“In track, my strength is being able to push myself to the limit,” she said. “I need to work on focusing forward instead of looking at the other racer.”

As she moves forward in her athletic career, Contreras has firm goals (“I want to get to state with my girls!!!”), while getting a great deal of enjoyment from her time as a competitor.

Her family, friends and coaches inspire her, and push the always-in-motion fireball to keep on working and improving with every practice, every game, every meet.

“My mom Angella, pushing me to try a new sport like track and me loving it,” Contreras said. “My cousins, Raven and Willow Vick, for giving me pointers and support with volleyball and track!

Ja’Kenya Hoskins and Zach Murtha for believing in me and supporting me. Plus pushing me to do better!,” she added. “Mrs. (Elizabeth) Bitting for making me work my hardest everyday!

“Even though we didn’t get McDonald’s…”

Contreras also got a strong emotional boost from a former CHS track star (and state meet veteran) who joined the CMS staff as an assistant coach this spring.

Larry (Hurlburt) for giving me the courage to do the 200 by your awesome high fives!”

The outgoing Contreras gets many benefits from playing sports, but one special strong point for her has been the chance to get to know others, and not just on her own team.

“It’s a great way to learn to work together with others,” she said. “Meeting new friends on the other teams, like Aspen, who plays sports for Forks.

“Through sports I made a great friend!”


The trailer for “Everything, Everything”:

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The Wolves continue to stride through a successful season. (John Fisken photo)

They’re peaking at the right time.

Competing in the final regular season meet of the season Tuesday, the Coupeville Middle School track squad set 22 PRs.

All together, 17 of the 21 Wolves who participated at Sequim broke records, led by Connor Barton.

The CMS 7th grader was fairly flawless, posting his best performances yet in the 1600, long jump and 200 hurdles.

Coupeville has one more meet left on its schedule, and it requires the longest bus ride of the season.

The Wolves head to the wilds of Forks May 24 for the league championships.

Mostly complete CMS results from Tuesday:


60 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins 8.78; Emily Fiedler 9.03 *PR*; Angelina Gebhard 9.10 *PR*

100 — Kylie Chernikoff 16.03

200 — Kiara Contreras 33.00 *PR*

800 — Adair De Jesus-Ramirez 3:02 *PR*; Alana Mihill 3:22

1600 — Catherine Lhamon 6:26 *PR*

75 Hurdles — Contreras 16.07; Fiedler 16.48

200 Hurdles — Bella Velasco 36.00 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — De Jesus-Ramirez, Gebhard, Noelle Daigneault, Velasco 1:04

4 x 200 Relay — Hoskins, Contreras, Gebhard, Velasco 2:10

4 x 400 Relay — Velasco, Mihill, Maddy Andrews, De Jesus-Ramirez 5:42 *PR*

Shot Put — Chernikoff 24-00 *PR*; Lhamon 19-03 *PR*

Discus — Chernikoff 64-00

Turbo Javelin — Fiedler 50-08; Mihill 38-02; Lhamon 34-04

Long Jump — Gebhard 14-02 *PR*; Hoskins 12-04; Contreras 10-07

High Jump — Fiedler 4-00


60 — Sam Wynn 8.09; Sage Downes 8.16

100 — Jake Mitten 12.93; Downes 13.40 *PR*; Ben Smith 13.71 *PR*; Gabe Shaw 15.34 *PR*; Alex Jimenez 16.91; Trystan Ford 17.04

200 — Mitten 26.16 *PR*

1600 — Connor Barton 5:46 *PR*; TJ Rickner 6:40 *PR*

75 Hurdles — James Mayne 16.43 *PR*

200 Hurdles — Smith 33.40; Barton 33.63 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Wynn, Zach Murtha, Downes, Mitten 53.84 *PR*; Smith, Mayne, Shaw, Barton (time not legible in book)

4 x 400 Relay — Smith, Logan Wertz, Rickner, Murtha 5:11 *PR*

Shot Put — Ford 23-05; Jimenez 23-03; Shaw 22-09

Discus — Wertz 56-06; Ford 56-04; Jimenez 50-01

Turbo Javelin — Ford 75-00; Jimenez 55-00

Long Jump — Barton 15-02 *PR*; Wynn 14-09.50 *PR*

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