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Dominic Coffman and the CHS boys hoops team are earning some respect. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s been a moment.

MaxPreps, the corporate overlords of high school sports, has finally started to send some respect Cow Town’s way.

Flying high at 5-0 on the still-young season, the Coupeville High School boys basketball team is currently ranked #7 among 2B schools.

Columbia (Burbank) sits at #1 in the MaxPreps rankings, followed by Ilwaco, Chief Leschi, Lake Roosevelt, Adna, Davenport, and the Wolves.

When all classifications are smushed together, covering 4A to 1B, Coupeville is #48 out of 296 schools.

Among Coupeville’s fellow Northwest 2B/1B League foes, La Conner is #32 in 2B, while Mount Vernon Christian (#5), Orcas Island (#20), and Concrete (#35) land among 1B schools.

Friday Harbor and Darrington are nowhere to be seen, as MaxPreps only includes schools which have posted the results to at least five games to the site.

Or so they say…

Darrington has five games played, just not five games listed on MaxPreps.

Then there’s Orcas Island, which has played four games, yet somehow is ranked, proving once again MaxPreps is a convoluted mess.

But a mess which, today at least, likes Coupeville.

So they got that going for them, which is nice.


PS — Why does this story not talk about girls basketball, as well?

Well, that would be because MaxPreps thinks the Wolf girls, who are 4-1, have played only one game.

Yep, still mostly a mess…

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   Happy birthday, Emma Smith. The CHS junior hits the big 1-7 Monday. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   And happy birthday to Mikayla Elfrank, who makes it a 2-for-1 special for Wolf spikers, turning 18 on the same day.

She’s back.

The iPad glitch which left sophomore Maya Toomey-Stout AWOL from the Coupeville High School volleyball stats has been fixed, and all is well in the universe.

As the Wolves, 3-1 on the season, prep for their first home match of the season, a titanic match-up with Klahowya Tuesday (4 PM tip), here’s an up-to-the-moment statistical overview.

Leading the way is Ashley Menges, the only Wolf to appear in the top 10 in two categories among all 1A players whose teams have reported stats to MaxPreps.

The junior setter is tied for #7 in service aces and sits #9 in assists.

Stats through 9/25 (four matches):

Sets Played:

Payton Aparicio 11
Kyla Briscoe 11
Hope Lodell 11
Katrina McGranahan 11
Ashley Menges 11
Emma Smith 11
Scout Smith 11
Mikayla Elfrank 10
Lauren Rose 8
Allison Wenzel 7
Maya Toomey-Stout 3


McGranahan 15
Elfrank 14
Briscoe 12
Aparicio 10
E. Smith 10
S. Smith 5
Rose 1

Kill Percentage:

Rose 50.0
McGranahan 45.5
Elfrank 41.2
E. Smith 34.5
Briscoe 30.8
Aparicio 30.3
S. Smith 23.8

Hitting Percentage:

Rose .500
McGranahan .303
Aparicio .182
E. Smith .172
Briscoe .154
Elfrank .088


Lodell 20
Aparicio 8
Briscoe 7
Rose 7
McGranahan 4
Elfrank 3
Toomey-Stout 3
Menges 2
E. Smith 1
Wenzel 1


Elfrank 8 (#10 in 1A)
McGranahan 5
E. Smith 2
Aparicio 1
S. Smith 1

Service Returns:

Aparicio 47
Lodell 43
Briscoe 28
Toomey-Stout 6
McGranahan 2
Rose 2
Menges 1
E. Smith 1
S. Smith 1
Wenzel 1


Menges 33 (#9 in 1A)
Rose 25
S. Smith 7
Elfrank 1

Serving Percentage:

McGranahan 97.4
Rose 97.1
Aparicio 91.4
Briscoe 88.9
Menges 78.6
S. Smith 77.8
Lodell 70.6
Toomey-Stout 66.7
Wenzel 66.7

Service Points:

Aparicio 37
Menges 25
McGranahan 21
Rose 15
Lodell 10
S. Smith 7
Toomey-Stout 6
Briscoe 5
Wenzel 4

Service Aces:

Aparicio 16 (#6 in 1A)
Menges 15 (#7 in 1A)
Lodell 8
McGranahan 6
Rose 6
Toomey-Stout 6
Briscoe 3
S. Smith 3
Wenzel 2

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   Cameron Toomey-Stout (11) and Co. will seek a second-straight win over South Whidbey when the season kicks off Sept. 1. (John Fisken photo)

Well, it’s a start.

Coming off a 3-7 season (in which it was two plays from being 5-5), the Coupeville High School football team is ranked ahead of 2,631 other teams nationally in a preseason poll.

Of course, before you get super excited, MaxPreps, which is behind these way-too-early-and-based-on-little-of-substance rankings, has 14,546 schools in its poll.

So, the Wolves are looking upwards at a few thousand teams.

Officially, CHS sits #38 in 1A, #234 in Washington state and #11,915 nationally in the rankings.

California juggernaut Mater Dei is #1 in the USA, while Atlanta’s Cross Keys sits dead last at #14,546.

As always, there’s more to the story than just the ranking.

According to an online story I briefly skimmed, Cross Keys is the most culturally diverse school in Georgia, with students from 65 countries who speak 75 different languages.

It’s a school of immigrants, many of whom are playing football (at least the American version) for the first time, which is why at one point the school had won just 16 games across 18 seasons.

But back to Coupeville.

Last season was the first year of a two-year test run on combining the Olympic and Nisqually Leagues for football, with the Wolves finishing 6th out of eight teams.

The MaxPreps “rankings” aren’t based on the views of coaches, writers and fans, but off of previous win-loss records, quality of wins and strength of schedule.

While the 2017 preseason standings are semi-close to being a mirror image of the 2016 results, they do project Charles Wright Academy hurdling Klahowya and Coupeville skipping past Bellevue Christian.

Take it with a grain of salt, but here’s how the Wolves stack up with the 10 schools they’re scheduled to play this season.

PS — Nooksack, La Conner and South Whidbey are non-conference foes, and La Conner is a 2B and not a 1A school. The Braves are ranked #8 in their classification.

School 1A State Nation
Cascade Christian #5 #67 #4,628
Nooksack Valley #12 #104 #6,338
La Conner #141 #8,137
Port Townsend #24 #190 #10,188
Charles Wright #31 #210 #10,890
Klahowya #36 #229 #11,676
COUPEVILLE #38 #234 #11,915
Bellevue Christian #45 #257 #12,729
Vashon Island #49 #286 #13,930
South Whidbey #50 #290 #14,086
Chimacum #51 #292 #14,105

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Coupeville High School goalie Lauren Grove stays busy in the net. (John Fisken photo)

   Coupeville High School goalie Lauren Grove stays busy in the net. (John Fisken photo)

MaxPreps likes Lauren Grove.

Like really likes.

The web site, which is devoted to being a national clearing house for prep stats and results (some weeks more competently than others…) has tabbed the CHS senior goalie as one of its state soccer players of the week for the second time this fall.

Grove was honored for her play during the week of Oct. 17-23, when the Wolf booters played three games, two against league-leading Klahowya and one against Port Townsend.

With the state-title-contending Eagles peppering her in particular, Grove made 45 saves over the course of the three games.

To see her name on the great, wide internet, and read more about the award, pop over to:


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Wolf goalie Lauren Grove has 57 saves this season. (John Fisken photo)

Wolf goalie Lauren Grove has 57 saves this season. (John Fisken photo)

Color me confused.

MaxPreps wants to be the go-to place for stats and scores for high school sports (they even made a deal with the WIAA to provide basketball rankings come playoff time) and yet they remain kind of shoddy at the whole thing.

Case in point: trying to go through their soccer stats and scores.

As it stands, MaxPreps currently lists Coupeville’s 4-1 win over North Mason twice, gives Wolf freshman Megan Thorn four goals (spoiler: she hasn’t scored yet) and can’t seem to match its goaltender stats.

CHS senior net-minder Lauren Grove is listed with 57 saves on Coupeville’s personal stat page, and yet appears nowhere on the state leader board, even though that number should put her 20 ahead of anyone else.

So, with all of that in mind, and the caveat that there are a bunch of schools who simply haven’t reported a single stat to the “official clearing house,” here’s how the Wolves (6-4-1) stack up with five regular-season games to play.


Mia Littlejohn 21 (#1 in state)
Kalia Littlejohn 7 (tied for #10 in 1A)
Lindsey Roberts 2
Tia Wurzrainer 2
Bree Daigneault 1
Avalon Renninger 1
May Rose 1


Sage Renninger 9 (tied for #1 in 1A, #8 in state)
M. Littlejohn 4 (tied for #18 in 1A)
Lauren Bayne 1
Daigneault 1
K. Littlejohn 1
Roberts 1
Wurzrainer 1


M. Littlejohn 46 (#2 in 1A, #3 in state)
K. Littlejohn 15 (tied for #15 in 1A)
S. Renninger 9
Roberts 5
Wurzrainer 5
Daigneault 3
A. Renninger 2
Rose 2
Bayne 1

Saves in goal:

Lauren Grove 57 (#1 in state?)


Grove 2

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