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   Future Wolf stars (l to r) Steve Konek, Todd Pedlar, Scott Losey, Mitch Aparicio, Bill Carstensen, Brandy Ambrose and Rusty Bailey. (Photo courtesy Aparicio)

Future gridiron stars, basketball hot shots and track record holders — all wearing prime early ’80s short shorts.

The pic above, which comes to us courtesy Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Famer Mitch Aparicio, captures the junior high version of the Wolves, circa the 1981-1982 season.

As we count down towards Jan. 19, when CHS will celebrate the 101st anniversary of the first hoops game in school history, we’re collecting and posting as many basketball pics as possible.

Have one? Have 100? Send them my way, to davidsvien@hotmail.com.

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   Ebey Academy, including owner Konni Smith (left), had a big presence at the Bennett Boyles Memorial Golf Tournament. (Photos courtesy Mitch Aparicio)

CK Electric is ready to turn on the power.

Casey Audette shows off some raffle bounty.

Mitch Aparicio (right) and Penn Cove Brewing Co. staged the event.

   He’s paying his way to college by collecting and reselling golf balls. At least that’s the rumor.

The Roberts boys, up to possible shenanigans.

Jack Nicklaus reborn.

CHS baseball star Joey Lippo (far right), learning the game from the old pros.

Every swing was a winner.

Whether they were setting up for an eagle or spending time chasing their ball through the brush, local golfers came together this past weekend to raise $2,800 for the WhidbeyHealth Foundation.

The Bennett Boyles Memorial Golf Tournament, put on by Mitch and Marc Aparicio, owners of the Penn Cove Brewing Company, honors the memory of a late Coupeville Middle School athlete who fought courageously against brain tumors.

The tourney drew 12 four-player teams and numerous local sponsors, and the Aparicios plan to continue expanding the event each year.

They’d like to emulate a similar golf fundraiser on the South end of Whidbey Island, which went from $4,000 raised in 2013 to $33,000 raised in its most recent incarnation.

Audette Construction nipped defending champs Papa Bear & the Kids to win the team scoring title. Both teams finished at nine under par, but Audette prevailed on a tiebreaker.

The field from this year’s tourney:

Papa Bear & the Kids:

Chris Marti
AJ Davis
Christian Lyness
Curtis Ashbey

Penn Cove Brewing Company:

Mitch Aparicio
Cecil Stuurmans
George Wolfe
Mike Cann

Mulligan Flats and Joey:

Doug Coutts
Steve Dehaven
Rick Cannon
Joey Lippo

The Bogey Men:

John Fish
Angelo McCoy
Sean Anter
Scott Smith

Cascade Custom Homes:

Jay Roberts
Jon Roberts
Dom Kiblinger
Kevin Kiblinger

Island Eye Care/The Crow’s Roost/Coupeville Water Festival:

Scott Mathews
Rob Matern
Jon Vermillon
Ricardo Reyes

CK Electric:

Patrick Andrews
Dylan Lee
Kyle Andrews
Zac Forland

Audette Construction:

Casey Audette
Matt Sherman
Todd Melnick
Eric Gentry

Ebey Academy:

Konni Smith
Sandra Hall
Maria Reyes
Heather Zustiak

Walton Beverage:

Scott Swanson
Matt Stridby
Blane Hazzel
Brad Mueller

BnC Electric:

Michael Gillespie
Jerry Cooper
Mark Saia
Jerry Saia

The Larry Birdies:

Brad Sherman
Jason Fisher
Chris Smith
Willie Smith

The tourney had 10 sponsors, while also picking up contributions to a raffle from numerous businesses.


Audette Construction
Cascade Custom Homes and Design
CK Electric
The Crow’s Roost
Island Eye Care
Marti’s Construction
Moch Construction and Excavating
Windermere Real Estate

Raffle donations:

Anacortes Brewery
Branch Business Services
Christopher’s On Whidbey
CK Electric
The Cove Cafe
The Crow’s Roost
Farmstrong Brewery
Frontier Building Supply
Front Street Grill
Harbor Gift N’ Kayak Rental
Island Eye Care
Island Life Photography
Kapaw’s Iskreme
Mussel Flats
Niksai Brewing
The Oystercatcher
Penn Cove Brewing Co.
The Penn Cove Tap Room
Penn Cove Water Festival
Walton Beverage
Whidbey Art Party

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Pertinent details.

   Throw a golf event and you’re likely to get all sorts of Coupeville legends showing up. (Shelli Trumbull photo)

Start getting limbered up.

Penn Cove Brewing Company’s second annual golf tournament is right around the corner, and discounted registration is available for the next nine days.

The tourney, which is raising money for the WhidbeyHealth Foundation and its work with cancer patients, is set to tee off Sunday, Aug. 13, at the Whidbey Golf Club in Oak Harbor.

Through July 28 the cost is $100. That covers green fees, lunch, cart rental, prizes and use of the practice facilities.

Wait until the day of the event and you’ll be paying $125.

For more info, take a gander at the handy photo above.

To get a registration form, swing by the Penn Cove Tap Room or hop over to:


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Marc Aparicio (Photos courtesy Penn Cove Tap Room)

   Marc Aparicio pours in the bittering hops as he and brother Mitch work on creating their first IPA. (Photos courtesy Penn Cove Brewing Company)

Mitch Aparicio

Mitch Aparicio stirs things up.


   The Aparicio boys, hanging out with the pros at the Bastion Brewing Company in Anacortes.

The boys have been busy, brewing up a surprise or two for everyone.

Marc and Mitch Aparicio, Coupeville athletic legends turned high-flying business owners, are about to hit their one-year anniversary with The Penn Cove Brewing Company.

The brothers timed the opening of the business’s physical location, The Penn Cove Taproom (103 S. Main) to last year’s Penn Cove Mussel Fest and will be going big for this year’s event.

They’ll have different bands performing Mar. 3-5 (during the kick-off Friday and the two days of the weekend-long fest itself), while offering their patented mix of tasty brews and snacks.

The outside seating will be open (as locals bargain with the weather Gods for a snow-less fest) and the place will be hoppin’.

But that hoppin’ actually gets going a couple of days earlier, when the Aparicios debut their first original craft beer Mar. 1 at 6 PM.

Brewed in conjunction with Bastion Brewing Company in Anacortes, “Madrona Way IPA” is rumored to be the taste sensation that’s gonna be sweepin’ the nation.

Desribed by Marc Aparicio as “a nice, full-bodied IPA, just a little bitter but delicious, a true Northwest taste,” the new brew is the first in what the brothers hope will be a long line of locally-created product.

The Aparicios would like to be able to brew in Coupeville sooner rather than later, but, for their first venture, hooked up with Bastion, a newer company which is already earning a solid rep in the business.

Marc and Mitch worked hands-on in the process, learning the art of brewing first-hand from Bastion’s pros.

The finished product, which combines Columbus, Citra and Simcoe hops, comes in at 6.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) and 75 IBU (International Bitterness Units).

Rumors that a line has begun to form outside The Taproom to be first to try the “Madrona Way IPA” could be true. You’ll have to go see for yourself.

Might want to go get in the car now, just to be safe.


For more info on the Bastion Brewing Company:


For more info on the Penn Cove Brewing Company:



**Full disclosure: While The Penn Cove Brewing Company has advertised with me in the past, I received no money or beer for writing this article.**

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Today and yesterday, the football players of 1986. Mitch Aparicio (1) is joined by clockwise from top right, David Ford, his brother Marc, Rusty Bailey, Jay Roberts and Brad Trumbull.

   Today and yesterday, the football players of ’86. Mitch Aparicio (1) is joined by clockwise from top right, David Ford, Marc Aparicio, Rusty Bailey, Jay Roberts and Brad Trumbull.

What was your dad doing 30 years ago this fall?

Probably being a bad-ass, that’s what.

Going through piles of paperwork found at the bottom of a filing cabinet deep in the darkest heart of the CHS gym complex, I stumbled across a stat sheet for the 1986 Wolf football team.

Many of the names are fixtures in the local community, fair-haired lads who grew up to sire Cow Town athletic stars of the present day.

What better time to put their youthful exploits out on the internet, where they can be received with much hootin’ and hollerin’ by their progeny?

The ’86 squad, which celebrates a 30-year anniversary this fall (if the players care) is one of four Wolf gridiron squads to make it to the state playoffs in the modern era.

While they didn’t win a league title like the ’74 or ’90 teams, the ’86ers do have the distinction of coming the closest to a state win of any of the four CHS football teams.

They fell 21-15 to Naselle Nov. 15, 1986, losing by less than a touchdown.

By contrast, ’74 lost 12-0 to Willapa Valley, ’87 was rolled 34-7 by Mossyrock and ’90 was thumped 34-14 by Rainier in their state playoff battles.

Not having come to Whidbey Island until ’89, I never saw the ’86 squad play in person, though I frequently bump into many of the team’s players in modern times.

Looking just at the stark black and white of the stat sheet, it was an impressive team, one which outscored foes 201-95 on the season.

You might hang around for a quarter (the Wolves held a slim 45-40 edge in first quarter play), but then Coupeville would put you down with a vengeance.

The second quarter was where the massacre generally went down, with the Wolves drilling opponents 61-13.

There was little hope of a comeback after halftime, as the third (41-23) and especially the fourth (54-19) were almost as brutal on teams not wearing red and black.

Or was it still red and white back then?

The ’86 squad was fairly well balanced, gaining 1,106 yards on the ground and 1,386 through the air.

They were also, apparently, a fairly rough crew. Or just not great at avoiding the watchful eye of the ref.

One of the few places where they lose the statistical battle is on penalties, where they racked up 80 miscues, giving back 728 yards, almost 250 more than their foes (63-489) did.

Call them the Raiders-lite.

The stats from 30 falls ago:



Brad Brown 91 completions in 197 attempts
Tom Conard 3-7


Steve Konek 26 receptions for 516 yards
Chad Gale 24-346
David Ford 11-132
Mitch Aparicio 11-107
Dan Nieder 8-105
Rick Alexander 8-79
Jay Roberts 1-37
Rusty Bailey 1-27
Marc Aparicio 3-25
Brown 1-7
Jeff Sobieski 1-2
Tony Ford 1-0


Mi. Aparicio 94 carries for 522 yards
Alexander 74-413
Brown 52-220
Alan Weddel 18-65
Gale 2-27
Aaron Hall 6-11
Bailey 3-6
Conard 3-0
David Cox 2-(-2)
Rick McCormick 1-(-5)



Konek 38
Alexander 34
Mi. Aparicio 31
Nieder 27
John Beasley 26
Weddel 25
Morgan Roehl 24
D. Ford 23
Cox 17
Roberts 16
Chip Perkins 12
Ma. Aparicio 11
Bailey 10
T. Ford 9
Scott Losey 8
GT Wolfe 6
Brown 5
Jason Jones 5
Kevin King 5
Conard 4
Eric Gunter 3
Andrew Bird 2
Gale 2
Hall 2
Sobieski 2
Nick Zustiak 2
Don Gullick
Steve Lewis
Brad Trumbull


Beasley 38
Mi. Aparicio 30
Alexander 27
Konek 25
Weddel 23
Roberts 20
Perkins 18
Nieder 17
Cox 16
Losey 14
Ma. Aparicio 14
D. Ford 13
Bailey 10
Roehl 7
Wolfe 5
T. Ford 3
Gunter 3
McCormick 3
Sobieski 3
Gale 2
Gullick 2
Jones 2
King 2
Bird 1
Brown 1
Theron Wofford


Konek 7 (tied for CHS single-season record)
Nieder 7 (tied for CHS single-season record)
Alexander 2
Mi. Aparicio 2
Ma. Aparicio 1
Bailey 1

Special Teams:

Kickoff returns:

Weddel 8 for 140 yards
Mi. Aparicio 4-67
T. Ford 3-29
Brown 1-12
Gale 1-11
Alexander 2-10
Hall 1-8
Sobieski 1-7

Punt returns:

Brown 4-53
Mi. Aparicio 2-42
Trumbull 1-7

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