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Coupeville High School junior Scout Smith joined senior Lindsey Roberts as the only Wolves to make All-Conference teams in three different sports during the 2018-2019 school year. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It was a decent haul.

While Coupeville High School has the smallest student body (by far) in the North Sound Conference, Wolf athletes more than held their own in year one of the new six-team league.

Counting the 14 athletic teams CHS sends into action, Cow Town produced one league MVP, two Coaches of the Year, and 32 athletes who received at least one All-Conference selection during the 2018-2019 school year.

Actually, our little exercise only covers 12 of the 14 teams, as the NSC gave no All-Conference honors for girls or boys tennis.

So, that leaves softball, baseball, volleyball, football, plus girls and boys teams in cross country, soccer, track and field, and basketball.

Before we run through the cold hard numbers, there are a couple of things to know.

Six Wolves earned All-Conference honors in two sports, with Emma Smith, Maya Toomey-Stout, Gavin Knoblich, Ryan Labrador, Dane Lucero, and Sean Toomey-Stout all proving themselves to be multi-talented.

Knoblich and the Toomey-Stout twins are juniors, so 50% of the Two-Timers Club can return next year.

Going one better, senior Lindsey Roberts (soccer, basketball, track) and junior Scout Smith (volleyball, basketball, softball) are the only CHS athletes to make an All-Conference team in each of the year’s three seasons.

Of other note, track and cross country listed no MVP’s or Coach of the Year winners, and those two sports chose their All-Conference teams based solely on how athletes placed at the league meet.

The other eight sports had coaches vote for postseason honors.

And lastly, not all sports referred to their top players as MVP’s, so those distinctions will be noted in the list.

How things broke down:


Top athletes:


Offensive Player of the Year – Cole Fazio (Cedar Park) and Tyler Durbin (King’s)
Pitcher of the Year – Ethan Petty (South Whidbey)


Boys Basketball:

MVP – Kody Newman (South Whidbey)


Boys Soccer:

Offensive Player of the Year – Michael Lux (South Whidbey)
Defensive Player of the Year – Christian Engmann (King’s)
Goalkeeper of the Year – Gunnar Morehead (King’s)



Offensive Player of the Year – Zach Wilkins (Cedar Park)
Defensive Player of the Year – Dawson Drews (Cedar Park)


Girls Basketball:

MVP – Irena Korolenko (Cedar Park) and Claire Gallagher (King’s)


Girls Soccer:

Offensive Player of the Year – Callie Wright (King’s)
Defensive Player of the Year – Emma Culberson (King’s)



Offensive Player of the Year – Samantha Vanderwel (Granite Falls)
Defensive Player of the Year – Sarah Wright (Coupeville)



MVP – Dominque Kirton (King’s)


Coaches of the Year:

Baseball – Tom Fallon (South Whidbey)
Boys Basketball – Adam Lynch (Cedar Park)
Boys Soccer – Emerson Robbins (South Whidbey)
Football – Mark Hodson (South Whidbey)
Girls Basketball – Todd Weideman (Sultan)
Girls Soccer – Nicole Gabelein (King’s)
Softball – Kevin McGranahan (Coupeville)
Volleyball – Cory Whitmore (Coupeville)


1st and 2nd Team All-Conference selections
(*track relay teams count as one pick):

King’s (75)
South Whidbey (64)
Coupeville (48)
Cedar Park Christian (46)
Granite Falls (32)
Sultan (19)


Coupeville’s All-Conference selections:

Danny Conlisk:

1st Team – Track (200)
1st Team – Track (400)
1st Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (100)


Veronica Crownover:

2nd Team – Softball (First Base)


Koa Davison:

1st Team – Track (High Jump)


Matt Hilborn:

2nd Team – Baseball (Shortstop)


Ja’Kenya Hoskins:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 200 Relay)


Ja’Tarya Hoskins:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 400 Relay)


Tiger Johnson:

1st Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)


Gavin Knoblich:

2nd Team – Football (Tight End)
2nd Team – Baseball (Catcher)


Mallory Kortuem:

2nd Team – Track (400)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 200 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (Pole Vault)


Mikaela Labrador:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 400 Relay)


Ryan Labrador:

2nd Team – Football (Offensive Line)
2nd Team – Track (Shot Put)


Aram Leyva:

1st Team – Soccer (Midfielder)


Derek Leyva:

2nd Team – Soccer (Forward)


Shane Losey:

2nd Team – Football (Linebacker)


Dane Lucero:

1st Team – Football (Defensive Line)
2nd Team – Baseball (First Base)


Jean Lund-Olsen:

1st Team – Track (100)
1st Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (200)


Emma Mathusek:

1st Team – Softball (Centerfielder)


Alana Mihill:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 400 Relay)


Jake Pease:

2nd Team – Baseball (Outfield)


Chelsea Prescott:

2nd Team – Softball (Shortstop)


Lindsey Roberts:

1st Team – Soccer (Midfielder)
1st Team – Basketball
2nd Team – Track (100 hurdles)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 200 Relay)


Lucy Sandahl:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 400 Relay)


Ema Smith:

2nd Team – Basketball


Emma Smith:

1st Team – Volleyball (Middle Blocker)
1st Team – Track (Shot Put)
2nd Team – Track (Discus)


Scout Smith:

1st Team – Softball (Second Base)
2nd Team – Volleyball (Setter)
2nd Team – Basketball


Matt Stevens:

2nd Team – Football (Defensive Line)


Maya Toomey-Stout:

1st Team – Volleyball (Outside Hitter)
1st Team – Track (Long Jump)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 200 Relay)


Sean Toomey-Stout:

1st Team – Football (Running Back)
1st Team – Football (Secondary)
1st Team – Football (Specialist)
1st Team – Track (Long Jump)
1st Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (Triple Jump)


Alex Turner:

1st Team – Football (Linebacker)


Izzy Wells:

2nd Team – Softball (Pitcher)


Tia Wurzrainer:

1st Team – Soccer (Defender)


Sam Wynn:

2nd Team – Soccer (Defender)

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Coupeville High School softball sluggers (l to r) Veronica Crownover, Chelsea Prescott, and Sarah Wright are off to districts Thursday. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Nine teams, three tickets to state, one royal rumble.

With the regular season done, everyone in the world of high school softball turns their eyes to the district tournament, where dreams are fulfilled … or dashed.

Before the first home run is bashed, the first strikeout registered or the first time an ump gives a coach angina, here’s what you need to know:



1A Northwest District 1 softball tournament, with nine teams from two leagues.

The North Sound Conference brings five teams, the Northwest Conference four, and, other than a play-in game, it’s a double-elimination tourney.



May 13, 16, 18



Multiple locations.

A loser-out, play-in game between Meridian and Sultan goes down Monday in Sultan.

After that, all games Thursday and Saturday will be played at Janicki Fields, located at 2044 Cook Rd. in Sedro-Woolley.


What’s at stake:

Three teams advance to state.


Admission per day for district playoff games:

Adults and students without ASB — $7.00
Students with ASB, children and seniors — $5.00
Preschool children (with paying adult) – Free


Team capsules:



Season record: 12-7

League finish: Tied for #1 in 1A North Sound Conference (#1 playoff seed)

Run differential: 201-156

Seniors: (3) – Veronica Crownover, Nicole Laxton, Sarah Wright

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 10-4 (3-0 vs. South Whidbey, Sultan; 2-1 vs. Cedar Park Christian; 1-0 vs. Meridian; 1-2 vs. Granite Falls; 0-1 vs. Lynden Christian)

Coach: Kevin McGranahan

Mascot: Wolves


Cedar Park Christian:

Season record: 14-4

League finish: Tied for #1 in 1A North Sound Conference (#2 playoff seed)

Run differential: 227-143

Seniors: (4) – Andi Dill, Sela Flynn, Grace Orr, Grace Stiger

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 10-4 (3-0 vs. Sultan, South Whidbey; 2-1 vs. Granite Falls; 1-1 vs. Lynden Christian; 1-2 vs. Coupeville)

Coach: Stephanie Fazio

Mascot: Eagles


Granite Falls:

Season record: 12-7

League finish: Tied for #1 in 1A North Sound Conference (#3 playoff seed)

Run differential: 310-207

Seniors: (4) – Madison Hubbard, Samantha Vanderwel, Jaiden Waud, Jillian Zachry

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 10-3 (3-0 vs. Sultan, South Whidbey; 1-0 vs. Lynden Christian; 2-1 vs. Coupeville; 1-2 vs. Cedar Park Christian)

Coach: Tom Bergran

Mascot: Tigers


Lynden Christian:

Season record: 9-11

League finish: #3 of 1A teams in 1A/2A/3A Northwest Conference

Run differential: 191-199

Seniors: (3) – Abby Jansma, Anny Jansma, Shanoah Whittern

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 4-3 (1-0 vs. Coupeville, Nooksack Valley, Meridian; 1-1 vs. Cedar Park Christian; 0-1 vs. Mount Baker, Granite Falls)

Coach: Brooke Heystek

Mascot: Lyncs



Season record: 7-12

League finish: #4 of 1A teams in 1A/2A/3A Northwest Conference

Run differential: 112-162

Seniors: (5) – Danielle Graybill, Sarah Lagerway, Audrey Mark, Makayla Wright, Ella Zander

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 0-4 (0-1 vs. Coupeville, Mount Baker, Lynden Christian, Nooksack Valley)

Coach: Megan Monaghan

Mascot: Trojans


Mount Baker:

Season record: 14-6

League finish: #1 of 1A teams in 1A/2A/3A Northwest Conference

Run differential: 136-93

Seniors: (3) – Grace Davis, Hannah Pelan, Anya Zander

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 6-0 (2-0 vs. Nooksack Valley; 1-0 vs. Sultan, South Whidbey, Lynden Christian, Meridian)

Coach: Ron Lepper

Mascot: Mountaineers


Nooksack Valley:

Season record: 12-8

League finish: #2 of 1A teams in 1A/2A/3A Northwest Conference

Run differential: 157-96

Seniors: (2) – Allie Bird, Kendall Newton

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 1-3 (1-0 vs. Meridian; 0-1 vs. Lynden Christian; 0-2 vs. Mount Baker)

Coach: Tom Harmon

Mascot: Pioneers


South Whidbey:

Season record: 5-13

League finish: #4 in 1A North Sound Conference

Run differential: 117-211

Seniors: (3) – Myah Majestic, Megan Nance, Natalie Wilmoth

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 2-11 (2-1 vs. Sultan, 0-1 vs. Mount Baker; 0-3 vs. Coupeville, Cedar Park Christian, Granite Falls)

Coach: Brad Jaegar

Mascot: Falcons



Season record: 1-14

League finish: #5 in 1A North Sound Conference

Run differential: 81-218

Seniors: (7) – Alexis Boglivi, Emily Cook, Ace Evans, Taylor Fadden, Bethany Fulcher, Kyrah Willson, Angie Young

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 1-12 (1-2 vs. South Whidbey; 0-1 vs. Mount Baker, 0-3 vs. Coupeville, Cedar Park Christian, Granite Falls)

Coach: Garth MacDicken

Mascot: Turks




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Gavin Knoblich, who played football, basketball, and baseball, helped guide Coupeville High School through its first year in the North Sound Conference. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Year one is in the books. Mostly.

The postseason still rages on in various locales this spring, but every North Sound Conference league contest, in every sport, has been played.

Looking back, from the early days of fall, to our current time, one thing remains clear.

King’s is still pretty good.

The private school athletic power, not surprisingly, dominated action in the first year of the new six-team league, winning 66 varsity contests across the 10 sports Coupeville plays.

OK, actually it’s 12 sports, but cross country and track don’t keep track of win/loss records, so, for the purpose of this story, they get ignored.

And sports like wrestling, swimming, or golf?

This blog is called Coupeville Sports, not Gushin’ ‘Bout Granite or Fly Falcons, Fly … so again, out of mind, out of sight.

Anyways. Back to King’s and its 66 varsity wins, which is even more remarkable since the Knights opt not to play boys tennis or softball.

Making up for that, King’s notched 10 league wins in four sports (volleyball, girls and boys basketball, baseball), while the rest of the league combined for just two total double-digit win teams across all 10 sports.

Both of those outliers came in baseball, where Cedar Park Christian won 13 games — most for any varsity team in any sport this school year — and South Whidbey claimed 12 wins.

Back to the team varsity league win totals, year one ended thusly:

King’s — 66
South Whidbey — 56
Cedar Park Christian — 51
Coupeville — 43
Granite Falls — 29
Sultan — 17

After four years of ruling the four-team Olympic League, CHS, the smallest school in its new conference, took a small step back, but held up pretty well, even with the addition of sports-orientated private schools to the mix.

All six schools are expected to return for year two of the league during the 2019-2020 school year.

After that, though, all bets are off, as new classification counts are likely to send Coupeville down from 1A to 2B in 2020-2021.

Until then, a sport-by-sport look back at how the 2018-2019 school athletic year played out:



School League
King’s 10-0
Coupeville 7-3
South Whidbey 6-4
CPC-Bothell 5-5
Granite Falls 1-9
Sultan 1-9



School League
CPC-Bothell 5-0
King’s 4-1
South Whidbey 3-2
Granite Falls 2-3
Sultan 1-4
Coupeville 0-5


Boys Tennis:

School League
Coupeville 7-6
South Whidbey 5-8


Girls Soccer:

School League
King’s 9-1
Granite Falls 7-3
South Whidbey 7-3
CPC-Bothell 4-6
Sultan 2-8
Coupeville 1-9


Girls Basketball:

School League
King’s 10-0
CPC-Bothell 8-2
Coupeville 6-4
Granite Falls 3-7
Sultan 3-7
South Whidbey 0-10


Boys Basketball:

School League
King’s 10-0
CPC-Bothell 7-3
South Whidbey 6-4
Sultan 5-5
Coupeville 1-9
Granite Falls 1-9



School League
Coupeville 9-3
CPC-Bothell 9-3
Granite Falls 9-3
South Whidbey 2-10
Sultan 1-11


Girls tennis:

School League
King’s 7-1
South Whidbey 7-1
Granite Falls 4-4
Coupeville 2-6
Friday Harbor 0-8



School League
CPC-Bothell 13-2
South Whidbey 12-3
King’s 10-5
Coupeville 7-8
Granite Falls 2-13
Sultan 1-14


Boys soccer:

School League
South Whidbey 8-0
King’s 6-2
Coupeville 3-5
Sultan 3-5
CPC-Bothell 0-8

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“Peace out, man.” (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s a wrap.

The postseason continues to play out, but the final North Sound Conference regular-season title was decided last week, as softball came to a hotly-contested end.

When the dust had settled, and the last home run had cleared the fence, Granite Falls managed to blow what seemed like a pretty solid lead, with back-to-back losses throwing things asunder.

The Tigers ended up in a three-way tie with Coupeville and Cedar Park Christian, and, thanks to the magic of the tiebreaker, it’s your Wolves who will carry a #1 seed into the district playoffs.

That royal rumble goes down in Sedro-Woolley May 16 and 18, while back on Whidbey, CHS track hosts bi-districts the same days.

The other Wolves still fighting are Tia Wurzainer and Avalon Renninger, who finished second at the league tourney, and open bi-districts Tuesday. Win there and the duo return to the courts May 17.

While Coupeville baseball and boys soccer reached the end of their roads this past week, being bounced from bi-district and district tournaments, respectively, there is some consolation.

Mainly that South Whidbey also went down in both sports, falling shy of a state berth.

That had to particularly sting for the Falcon booters, who at 13-1, were shocked in back-to-back one-goal games by King’s and The Bush School.

But we’re not here to gloat at our closest rival’s misfortune (well, maybe a little bit…), but instead to close our weekly Sunday recaps of the league standings.

If you deeply care about the continued adventures of Cedar Park Christian baseball and King’s soccer, there are other media outlets sure to track their progress as they play at state.

With the remaining active Coupeville athletes, only softball will see its win/loss record change after this, and you can catch those developments in the coming game stories.

So, until fall sports arrive, a final look at league standings:


North Sound Conference softball:

School League Overall
Coupeville 9-3 12-7
CPC-Bothell 9-3 14-4
Granite Falls 9-3 12-7
South Whidbey 2-10 5-13
Sultan 1-11 1-14


North Sound Conference baseball:

School League Overall
CPC-Bothell 13-2 20-3
South Whidbey 12-3 18-5
King’s 10-5 12-11
Coupeville 7-8 7-14
Granite Falls 2-13 4-16
Sultan 1-14 1-19


North Sound Conference girls tennis:

School League Overall
King’s 7-1 8-1
South Whidbey 7-1 7-4
Granite Falls 4-4 5-10
Coupeville 2-6 2-7
Friday Harbor 0-8 0-8


North Sound Conference boys soccer:

School League Overall
South Whidbey 8-0 13-3
King’s 6-2 10-4-1
Coupeville 3-5 6-10
Sultan 3-5 4-11
CPC-Bothell 0-8 0-11

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After intensive work with the best throwing coach in the biz (that would be the shortie wearing the ribbon), Coupeville senior Emma Smith smashed her PR in the discus Thursday at districts. (Konni Smith photo)

Two Coupeville High School track records fell Thursday, while another one came dangerously close to finally being cracked after 33 years.

Toss in three titles and nine PR’s, and day one of the district meet was a roaring success for the Wolves.

Competing under the scorching sun at Lynden Christian High School, CHS senior Danny Conlisk and junior Maya Toomey-Stout both shattered school records in the 100.

Toomey-Stout, living up to her nickname of “The Gazelle,” got historical, running a 12.84 in her race.

Coupeville’s previous best was 12.89, set by legendary Wolf track star Janiece Jenkins back in 2005.

Conlisk was also on fire under the burning sun, winning the 100 and 400, plus running a leg on a triumphant 4 x 100 relay squad.

That unit, which included Tiger Johnson, Sean Toomey-Stout, and Jean Lund-Olsen, overcame a bad hand-off to blitz the field in 44.16 seconds, missing a school mark set in 1986 by just 0.02.

While they couldn’t get that mark (yet), BOTH Conlisk and Lund-Olsen took down Jacob Smith’s year-old school record in the 100.

Before graduating last year, Smith ran 11.12 in the event, erasing a mark which had stood since ’87.

This time around, Conlisk, a senior, out-leaned Lund-Olsen, a junior, nipping his running mate by the narrowest of margins at 11.04 to 11.06.

Both Wolves are assured of advancing to next week’s bi-district meet, the last stop before state, as the top four at districts move forward.

Though any CHS athletes outside the top four don’t need to despair just yet.

District 2, which is just the Emerald City League, gets three automatic qualifiers, which when added to the four from District 1 (Coupeville’s North Sound Conference and the Northwest League), gets us up to seven.

Every event at bi-districts, held May 16 and 18 at Coupeville, will go 16 deep, however, so entries 9-16 will be pulled from the best remaining performances from the two district meets.

The Wolves return to Lynden Saturday to wrap up districts, first, though, with most of the throwing events, a ton of relays, and an assortment of running races still to be determined.

At the mid-point, the Meridian boys and King’s girls are atop the team standings.

Coupeville sits 3rd and 4th, respectively, in the 10-team royal rumble, with the boys just 17 points off Meridan and the girls 26.5 points back of King’s.


Complete Thursday results:



100 — Maya Toomey-Stout (3rd) 12.84 *PR* *SCHOOL RECORD*; Ja’Kenya Hoskins (6th) 13.73 *PR*

400 — Mallory Kortuem (3rd) 1:01.78

1600 — Lucy Sandahl (15th) 6:11.87

100 Hurdles — Lindsey Roberts (2nd) 15.50; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (6th) 17.93 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — M. Toomey-Stout, Ja’Tarya Hoskins, Kortuem, Roberts (2nd) 50.99

Discus — Emma Smith (5th) 93-01 *PR*

Pole Vault — Kortuem (4th) 8-06



100 — Danny Conlisk (1st) 11.04 *PR* *SCHOOL RECORD*; Jean Lund-Olsen (2nd) 11.06 *PR*; Sean Toomey-Stout (3rd) 11.48 *PR*

400 — Conlisk (1st) 51.18

110 Hurdles — Jakobi Baumann (8th) 18.14 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Conlisk, Tiger Johnson, S. Toomey-Stout, Lund-Olsen (1st) 44.16

Shot Put — Ryan Labrador (5th) 42-04.50; Keahi Sorrows (15th) 31-10

Javelin — Lucious Halstead (17th) 102-06

High Jump — Koa Davison (4th) 5-08

Long Jump — S. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 20-09.50 *PR*

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