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Hannah Davidson (11) and Maya Toomey-Stout are part of a dynamic group of seniors who will lead CHS volleyball this season. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Emma Mathusek is another key returning player for a strong Wolf squad.

Let’s keep the good times rolling.

That’s the goal for the high-powered Coupeville High School volleyball squad as it heads into year four under the guidance of coach Cory Whitmore.

The Wolf spikers are on a streak of three-straight seasons of 11 wins or more, with a trip to state in the middle of that run.

Since Whitmore entered the gym to take the reigns, Coupeville has amassed a 35-16 mark, with back-to-back titles in the Olympic League followed by a second-place showing last season in the new North Sound Conference.

Now, as the Wolves get ready to make another run at King’s, South Whidbey and Co., they will have to do so without two key players.

Emma Smith, a First-Team All-Conference pick last season, and steady team leader Ashley Menges are no more, having swapped out spikes and sets for the lives of college freshmen.

“As a team, we have talked openly about what it’s going to take in order to make up for the loss of Ashley and Emma, and they’re excited for the challenge,” Whitmore said.

Ashley and Emma leave such an impact on the program that we’ll need a collection of players – returning and new to varsity playing time – to step up in a variety of ways.”

While the loss of the duo stings, the Wolf bench is crammed with talented, battle-hardened players.

“We are very excited to return a large core number of our players from last year’s strong season,” Whitmore said.

Leading the way are Maya Toomey-Stout (First Team) and Scout Smith (Second Team), who both earned All-Conference honors as juniors.

“They have continued to improve their game this off-season,” Whitmore said. “They will attract attention as primary setter (Scout) and as an effective outside hitter (Maya).

Hannah Davidson (middle blocker), Emma Mathusek (libero), and Chelsea Prescott (outside hitter) all contributed considerable playing time during the past season and continue to grow in their strength and confidence.”

Prescott, a junior who has played at the varsity level for most of her prep career, is the lone non-senior in that core group.

While the first five are pretty much set, the battle to fill out the roster will be an intense one.

“We’re really excited about the players that will fight to fill the vacant roles on the varsity squad,” Whitmore said. “Many players — upper and underclassmen alike — had a great off-season.

“They worked really hard to not only set themselves up for a great chance to fill empty positions and roles, but also to keep and raise the standard and lofty goals we have for the season.”

While this year’s squad should be a largely senior-dominated one, Whitmore and assistant coach Chris Smith won’t be left with a completely bare cupboard. The future is here, and it’s already ready to contribute.

“As a coaching staff, we have been very impressed with this incoming freshman class,” Whitmore said. “Not just here as practices have started, but early on in the summer.

“It has been our highest-attending group of freshman to summer functions (practices, camps, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, etc.) and this dedication and hard work early on will pay off.”

As always, the Wolves are aiming high, with plans to fight for the league title and earn a return to the state tourney.

Defending league champ King’s, which claimed 3rd place at state last year, is the mountain in their way, but the North Sound Conference offers no easy matches.

“The both exciting and frustrating thing about this particular league is we will have to bring our best effort night-in and night-out,” Whitmore said. “We will have to respect every team in order to finish in the top tier, and, having had some success last season, teams will be wary of what we can do as well.”

Breaking down the opponents, he notes King’s is “always strong and will return key players from their very successful team” while Cedar Park Christian “returns many of their players that we battled with in numerous five-set matches last year.”

“South Whidbey always reloads and is well-prepared,” Whitmore added. “Sultan and Granite Falls put together scrappy teams that don’t seem to go away.

“We can’t look past anyone, but we also talk about how we will focus primarily on our side of the net, and that right there is a strong foundation to build upon toward our goals.”

One of those primary targets is to play progressively stronger as a team as the season unfolds.

“It is always our goal to be playing our best, most cohesive volleyball, peaking at the end of the season and this goal is very much on our mind, even as we’ve just started practices,” Whitmore said.

Another area Coupeville will stress is attacking efficiency, controlling how points are scored and pushing the action hard at any opponent, regardless of record.

“We will need to focus on our ability to put the ball away,” Whitmore said. “While every opponent will have to earn their points against our aggressive defense, we will have to generate our own high-powered offense to respond.

“Again, we openly discuss our lack of height and just see this as another challenge that will take hard work and creativity to overcome,” he added.

“We will need to be efficient passing the ball in order to allow Scout to set a consistent attack coming from various places along the net. We talk about how this is built up over time and will take patience and a group effort in order to achieve.”

While the Wolves don’t have a ton of tree toppers patrolling the net, they have smart, tough, springy players who have been playing with each other over the course of multiple seasons in multiple sports.

“One of our strengths that we will rely upon this season will be our ability to rely on productive communication,” Whitmore said. “This group has a strong rapport with each other through years of familiarity, as well as experience playing with each other on various competitive sports teams.

“This experience and ability to communicate will be essential as we push toward our goals and need to make in-match adjustments against tough opponents,” he added.

Of Coupeville’s core five players, four have been to state in more than one sport, with Smith, Prescott, and Mathusek playing key roles for a Wolf softball squad which had a strong run in Richland last spring.

In addition to pegging spikes at the big dance during her sophomore volleyball campaign, Toomey-Stout has competed at the state track and field meet three years running.

That kind of experience should hopefully pay off big time when the Wolves find themselves in tense, back-and-forth brawls on the court this season.

“We will also fall back on a strong level of experience,” Whitmore said. “This group has had to compete with each other in trying situations and, like with communication, the experience will allow us to settle in during high-pressure moments.

“These competitive characteristics, matched with a strong serve, tenacious defense and a high volleyball-IQ, should allow us to be competitive no matter the team across the net.”

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Sparked by players like Matt Hilborn, CHS baseball has 76 varsity wins across the last seven seasons. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf girls basketball and coach David King are the current champs of the Coupeville Sports era, however, with 79 wins between 2012-2019.

If you’re going to Vegas, bet on Coupeville High School sports teams combining to win 69 varsity games during the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

Why 69?

Because, when you look back at the seven years Coupeville Sports has existed, the 10 Wolf varsity teams to keep win/loss records (so no track or cross country) have combined to claim 483 wins.

Which translates to exactly 69 a year.

Now, some years have been better than others, but, over time, everything evens out.

Those 483 wins — captured in basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, baseball, football and softball — have been spread out against 44 opponents.

It comes as little surprise that the biggest win totals are against Chimacum, Port Townsend, and Klahowya, the three schools with which Coupeville shared the Olympic League.

That run, from 2014-2018, accounts for four of the seven school years I’ve been writing the blog, with the first two years in the Cascade Conference and year #7 in the North Sound Conference.

Breaking it down a bit more, 433 wins came against 29 public schools, and 50 wins against 15 private schools.

That latter number includes four wins over big baddie Archbishop Thomas Murphy, but none against King’s, which has been Coupeville’s bogeyman of late.

But a new school year dawns, and the Wolves get another crack at the Knights in the second, and probably final, year of the North Sound Conference in its current incarnation.

Over the course of the last seven years, the CHS girls basketball team has the most wins, edging out softball and baseball.

The most one-sided match-up that fell in Coupeville’s favor?

It’s come on the baseball diamond, where the Wolves have beaten Port Townsend 13 times across the past seven seasons.

How it’s all broken down during the run of my blog, which stretches from Aug. 15, 2012 to today.


CHS varsity team wins:

Rival: Wins:
Chimacum 80
Port Townsend 62
Klahowya 52
South Whidbey 38
Sultan 29
Granite Falls 27
Friday Harbor 25
Concrete 15
Lakewood 14
La Conner 12
Mount Vernon Christian 12
Orcas Island 12
Meridian 11
North Mason 9
Vashon Island 9
Cedar Park Christian 7
Sequim 7
Bellevue Christian 6
Blaine 6
Archbishop Murphy 4
Cedarcrest 4
Forks 4
Nooksack Valley 4
Port Angeles 4
Lynden Christian 3
Seattle Christian 3
Bear Creek 2
Cascade Christian 2
Charles Wright 2
Darrington 2
Eastside Prep 2
Overlake 2
Anacortes 1
Bremerton 1
Bush 1
Deer Park 1
Eatonville 1
Flinders Christian 1
Kingston 1
Oak Harbor 1
Olympic 1
Seattle Academy 1
Stevenson 1
University Prep 1


By individual sport:

Girls Basketball (79 wins):

Rival: Wins:
Klahowya 12
Chimacum 11
Port Townsend 10
South Whidbey 8
Granite Falls 6
Orcas Island 5
Concrete 3
Friday Harbor 3
Meridian 3
Sultan 3
La Conner 2
Lakewood 2
Mount Vernon Christian 2
Sequim 2
Vashon Island 2
Darrington 1
Flinders Christian 1
Overlake 1
Seattle Academy 1
Seattle Christian 1


Softball (77 wins):

Rival: Wins:
South Whidbey 11
Port Townsend 10
Klahowya 7
Meridian 7
Blaine 5
Friday Harbor 4
Sultan 4
Concrete 3
La Conner 3
Vashon Island 3
Cedar Park Christian 2
Granite Falls 2
Lakewood 2
Lynden Christian 2
North Mason 2
Sequim 2
Archbishop Murphy 1
Bellevue Christian 1
Chimacum 1
Deer Park 1
Eatonville 1
Nooksack Valley 1
Oak Harbor 1
Seattle Christian 1


Baseball (76 wins):

Rival: Wins:
Port Townsend 13
Sultan 10
Chimacum 9
South Whidbey 7
Granite Falls 5
Klahowya 5
La Conner 5
Cedarcrest 4
Concrete 4
Lakewood 3
Charles Wright 2
Blaine 1
Bremerton 1
Friday Harbor 1
Lynden Christian 1
Meridian 1
Nooksack Valley 1
North Mason 1
Overlake 1
Vashon Island 1


Girls Tennis (51 wins):

Rival: Wins:
Friday Harbor 11
Klahowya 11
Chimacum 10
Granite Falls 6
Lakewood 6
Archbishop Murphy 3
Port Angeles 2
Sequim 1
South Whidbey 1


Volleyball (49 wins):

Rival: Wins:
Port Townsend 12
Chimacum 8
Klahowya 5
Sultan 5
Granite Falls 4
Cedar Park Christian 2
Mount Vernon Christian 2
North Mason 2
Port Angeles 2
South Whidbey 2
Anacortes 1
Cascade Christian 1
Friday Harbor 1
Orcas Island 1
Seattle Christian 1


Boys Soccer (33 wins):

Rival: Wins:
Chimacum 11
Sultan 4
Cedar Park Christian 3
Forks 3
Friday Harbor 2
Granite Falls 2
Port Townsend 2
Bellevue Christian 1
Cascade Christian 1
Nooksack Valley 1
North Mason 1
Olympic 1
South Whidbey 1


Girls Soccer (33 wins):

Rival: Wins:
Chimacum 10
Port Townsend 10
Mount Vernon Christian 3
Sultan 3
Orcas Island 2
Bellevue Christian 1
Concrete 1
Forks 1
North Mason 1
South Whidbey 1


Boys Basketball (32 wins):

Rival: Wins:
Chimacum 6
Klahowya 6
Mount Vernon Christian 5
Concrete 4
Orcas Island 3
Port Townsend 3
Bellevue Christian 1
Darrington 1
Granite Falls 1
Lakewood 1
Stevenson 1


Boys Tennis (32 wins):

Rival: Wins:
Chimacum 9
Klahowya 6
Friday Harbor 3
South Whidbey 3
Bear Creek 2
Eastside Prep 2
North Mason 2
Sequim 2
Bush 1
Kingston 1
University Prep 1


Football (21 wins):

Rival: Wins:
Chimacum 5
South Whidbey 4
Vashon Island 3
Bellevue Christian 2
La Conner 2
Port Townsend 2
Granite Falls 1
Nooksack Valley 1
Orcas Island 1

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Coupeville High School/Middle School Athletic Director Willie Smith strides into a new school year. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A new school year approaches in Coupeville, and the word of the day is optimism.

Back in his office after tearing up the golf course over the summer break, Wolf Athletic Director Willie Smith likes what he sees.

A few thoughts from the head man himself as we roll into the future:

I’m pretty excited!

We begin our second year in the North Sound Conference, and, after last year, I just feel like we are on the cusp of making some significant strides throughout our entire athletic program.

We went into last year with some trepidation, not really knowing how we’d fare against a group of schools that, traditionally, were stronger across the board from our prior league, the Olympic League.

We had a new football coach, a rekindled cross country program, a new superintendent, and quite honestly, a lot of questions within our programs and athletes.

Could we compete, at a high level, each week?

How do we deal with the adversity that a stronger league presents?

Can our struggling programs grow or will the competition be too great and we regress?

I can honestly answer that we not only rose to the challenge of our new league, but in many instances, we shone.

We won a league championship in softball (and went to state), had two coaches of the year, 20+ first or second team All-League players, a multiple state champion in track, and qualified for district tournament play in all but two team sports.

Every varsity/JV sport but one earned a 3.0 or higher team GPA, and our athletes put on a sports clinic for the elementary school that was attended by grades 3-5, and they did the coaching, planning and implementation!

So did we make a mark last year? Yes we did.

As we begin fall practice this week with high school football kicking off Wednesday and the remaining high school sports starting Monday, August 26, I’ve been asked by quite a few members of our community, what can we expect this year?

Our football team is playing an independent schedule, we have new head coaches in cross country (Luke Samford) and girls basketball (Scott Fox), we’ve lost our middle school football program, but have gained a middle school boys soccer program.

So, where are we at?

First off, we had an amazing summer turnout with our athletes and coaches.

We had programs that went to camps and tournaments (boys and girls basketball, volleyball, football, and cheer), youth clinics hosted by our coaches and athletes, team weight room sessions that were well attended, and our football program volunteered to paint the Boys and Girls Club thanks to the efforts of coach Bobby Carr.

Our football program that is struggling?

It had 11-12 freshmen turn out this summer, and 20-25 kids attending camps and weight room sessions.

Head Coach Marcus Carr did a national podcast extolling the work ethic, pride, and sense of community that is Coupeville.

Where are we? Well I don’t know where you’re at, but I’m pretty dang excited!

I really feel like we have made some pretty incredible strides over the last two years.

Our coaching staff is great; they are committed, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very high character men and women.

Our athletes have shown a renewed commitment and I couldn’t be more proud of our leaders who paved the way for our teams this summer, both by example and in dedication.

Without a doubt, there are challenges, always are, but I really feel like our athletic program, from top to bottom, is in a place that we haven’t been in for a long time.

It is about character, competing, respect, responsibility and commitment, and regardless of the outcome, our kids will come out way ahead of others because they are embracing all of those.

So yes, I’m excited about that!

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Coupeville High School junior Scout Smith joined senior Lindsey Roberts as the only Wolves to make All-Conference teams in three different sports during the 2018-2019 school year. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It was a decent haul.

While Coupeville High School has the smallest student body (by far) in the North Sound Conference, Wolf athletes more than held their own in year one of the new six-team league.

Counting the 14 athletic teams CHS sends into action, Cow Town produced one league MVP, two Coaches of the Year, and 32 athletes who received at least one All-Conference selection during the 2018-2019 school year.

Actually, our little exercise only covers 12 of the 14 teams, as the NSC gave no All-Conference honors for girls or boys tennis.

So, that leaves softball, baseball, volleyball, football, plus girls and boys teams in cross country, soccer, track and field, and basketball.

Before we run through the cold hard numbers, there are a couple of things to know.

Six Wolves earned All-Conference honors in two sports, with Emma Smith, Maya Toomey-Stout, Gavin Knoblich, Ryan Labrador, Dane Lucero, and Sean Toomey-Stout all proving themselves to be multi-talented.

Knoblich and the Toomey-Stout twins are juniors, so 50% of the Two-Timers Club can return next year.

Going one better, senior Lindsey Roberts (soccer, basketball, track) and junior Scout Smith (volleyball, basketball, softball) are the only CHS athletes to make an All-Conference team in each of the year’s three seasons.

Of other note, track and cross country listed no MVP’s or Coach of the Year winners, and those two sports chose their All-Conference teams based solely on how athletes placed at the league meet.

The other eight sports had coaches vote for postseason honors.

And lastly, not all sports referred to their top players as MVP’s, so those distinctions will be noted in the list.

How things broke down:


Top athletes:


Offensive Player of the Year – Cole Fazio (Cedar Park) and Tyler Durbin (King’s)
Pitcher of the Year – Ethan Petty (South Whidbey)


Boys Basketball:

MVP – Kody Newman (South Whidbey)


Boys Soccer:

Offensive Player of the Year – Michael Lux (South Whidbey)
Defensive Player of the Year – Christian Engmann (King’s)
Goalkeeper of the Year – Gunnar Morehead (King’s)



Offensive Player of the Year – Zach Wilkins (Cedar Park)
Defensive Player of the Year – Dawson Drews (Cedar Park)


Girls Basketball:

MVP – Irena Korolenko (Cedar Park) and Claire Gallagher (King’s)


Girls Soccer:

Offensive Player of the Year – Callie Wright (King’s)
Defensive Player of the Year – Emma Culberson (King’s)



Offensive Player of the Year – Samantha Vanderwel (Granite Falls)
Defensive Player of the Year – Sarah Wright (Coupeville)



MVP – Dominque Kirton (King’s)


Coaches of the Year:

Baseball – Tom Fallon (South Whidbey)
Boys Basketball – Adam Lynch (Cedar Park)
Boys Soccer – Emerson Robbins (South Whidbey)
Football – Mark Hodson (South Whidbey)
Girls Basketball – Todd Weideman (Sultan)
Girls Soccer – Nicole Gabelein (King’s)
Softball – Kevin McGranahan (Coupeville)
Volleyball – Cory Whitmore (Coupeville)


1st and 2nd Team All-Conference selections
(*track relay teams count as one pick):

King’s (75)
South Whidbey (64)
Coupeville (48)
Cedar Park Christian (46)
Granite Falls (32)
Sultan (19)


Coupeville’s All-Conference selections:

Danny Conlisk:

1st Team – Track (200)
1st Team – Track (400)
1st Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (100)


Veronica Crownover:

2nd Team – Softball (First Base)


Koa Davison:

1st Team – Track (High Jump)


Matt Hilborn:

2nd Team – Baseball (Shortstop)


Ja’Kenya Hoskins:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 200 Relay)


Ja’Tarya Hoskins:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 400 Relay)


Tiger Johnson:

1st Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)


Gavin Knoblich:

2nd Team – Football (Tight End)
2nd Team – Baseball (Catcher)


Mallory Kortuem:

2nd Team – Track (400)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 200 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (Pole Vault)


Mikaela Labrador:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 400 Relay)


Ryan Labrador:

2nd Team – Football (Offensive Line)
2nd Team – Track (Shot Put)


Aram Leyva:

1st Team – Soccer (Midfielder)


Derek Leyva:

2nd Team – Soccer (Forward)


Shane Losey:

2nd Team – Football (Linebacker)


Dane Lucero:

1st Team – Football (Defensive Line)
2nd Team – Baseball (First Base)


Jean Lund-Olsen:

1st Team – Track (100)
1st Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (200)


Emma Mathusek:

1st Team – Softball (Centerfielder)


Alana Mihill:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 400 Relay)


Jake Pease:

2nd Team – Baseball (Outfield)


Chelsea Prescott:

2nd Team – Softball (Shortstop)


Lindsey Roberts:

1st Team – Soccer (Midfielder)
1st Team – Basketball
2nd Team – Track (100 hurdles)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 200 Relay)


Lucy Sandahl:

2nd Team – Track (4 x 400 Relay)


Ema Smith:

2nd Team – Basketball


Emma Smith:

1st Team – Volleyball (Middle Blocker)
1st Team – Track (Shot Put)
2nd Team – Track (Discus)


Scout Smith:

1st Team – Softball (Second Base)
2nd Team – Volleyball (Setter)
2nd Team – Basketball


Matt Stevens:

2nd Team – Football (Defensive Line)


Maya Toomey-Stout:

1st Team – Volleyball (Outside Hitter)
1st Team – Track (Long Jump)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (4 x 200 Relay)


Sean Toomey-Stout:

1st Team – Football (Running Back)
1st Team – Football (Secondary)
1st Team – Football (Specialist)
1st Team – Track (Long Jump)
1st Team – Track (4 x 100 Relay)
2nd Team – Track (Triple Jump)


Alex Turner:

1st Team – Football (Linebacker)


Izzy Wells:

2nd Team – Softball (Pitcher)


Tia Wurzrainer:

1st Team – Soccer (Defender)


Sam Wynn:

2nd Team – Soccer (Defender)

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Coupeville High School softball sluggers (l to r) Veronica Crownover, Chelsea Prescott, and Sarah Wright are off to districts Thursday. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Nine teams, three tickets to state, one royal rumble.

With the regular season done, everyone in the world of high school softball turns their eyes to the district tournament, where dreams are fulfilled … or dashed.

Before the first home run is bashed, the first strikeout registered or the first time an ump gives a coach angina, here’s what you need to know:



1A Northwest District 1 softball tournament, with nine teams from two leagues.

The North Sound Conference brings five teams, the Northwest Conference four, and, other than a play-in game, it’s a double-elimination tourney.



May 13, 16, 18



Multiple locations.

A loser-out, play-in game between Meridian and Sultan goes down Monday in Sultan.

After that, all games Thursday and Saturday will be played at Janicki Fields, located at 2044 Cook Rd. in Sedro-Woolley.


What’s at stake:

Three teams advance to state.


Admission per day for district playoff games:

Adults and students without ASB — $7.00
Students with ASB, children and seniors — $5.00
Preschool children (with paying adult) – Free


Team capsules:



Season record: 12-7

League finish: Tied for #1 in 1A North Sound Conference (#1 playoff seed)

Run differential: 201-156

Seniors: (3) – Veronica Crownover, Nicole Laxton, Sarah Wright

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 10-4 (3-0 vs. South Whidbey, Sultan; 2-1 vs. Cedar Park Christian; 1-0 vs. Meridian; 1-2 vs. Granite Falls; 0-1 vs. Lynden Christian)

Coach: Kevin McGranahan

Mascot: Wolves


Cedar Park Christian:

Season record: 14-4

League finish: Tied for #1 in 1A North Sound Conference (#2 playoff seed)

Run differential: 227-143

Seniors: (4) – Andi Dill, Sela Flynn, Grace Orr, Grace Stiger

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 10-4 (3-0 vs. Sultan, South Whidbey; 2-1 vs. Granite Falls; 1-1 vs. Lynden Christian; 1-2 vs. Coupeville)

Coach: Stephanie Fazio

Mascot: Eagles


Granite Falls:

Season record: 12-7

League finish: Tied for #1 in 1A North Sound Conference (#3 playoff seed)

Run differential: 310-207

Seniors: (4) – Madison Hubbard, Samantha Vanderwel, Jaiden Waud, Jillian Zachry

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 10-3 (3-0 vs. Sultan, South Whidbey; 1-0 vs. Lynden Christian; 2-1 vs. Coupeville; 1-2 vs. Cedar Park Christian)

Coach: Tom Bergran

Mascot: Tigers


Lynden Christian:

Season record: 9-11

League finish: #3 of 1A teams in 1A/2A/3A Northwest Conference

Run differential: 191-199

Seniors: (3) – Abby Jansma, Anny Jansma, Shanoah Whittern

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 4-3 (1-0 vs. Coupeville, Nooksack Valley, Meridian; 1-1 vs. Cedar Park Christian; 0-1 vs. Mount Baker, Granite Falls)

Coach: Brooke Heystek

Mascot: Lyncs



Season record: 7-12

League finish: #4 of 1A teams in 1A/2A/3A Northwest Conference

Run differential: 112-162

Seniors: (5) – Danielle Graybill, Sarah Lagerway, Audrey Mark, Makayla Wright, Ella Zander

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 0-4 (0-1 vs. Coupeville, Mount Baker, Lynden Christian, Nooksack Valley)

Coach: Megan Monaghan

Mascot: Trojans


Mount Baker:

Season record: 14-6

League finish: #1 of 1A teams in 1A/2A/3A Northwest Conference

Run differential: 136-93

Seniors: (3) – Grace Davis, Hannah Pelan, Anya Zander

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 6-0 (2-0 vs. Nooksack Valley; 1-0 vs. Sultan, South Whidbey, Lynden Christian, Meridian)

Coach: Ron Lepper

Mascot: Mountaineers


Nooksack Valley:

Season record: 12-8

League finish: #2 of 1A teams in 1A/2A/3A Northwest Conference

Run differential: 157-96

Seniors: (2) – Allie Bird, Kendall Newton

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 1-3 (1-0 vs. Meridian; 0-1 vs. Lynden Christian; 0-2 vs. Mount Baker)

Coach: Tom Harmon

Mascot: Pioneers


South Whidbey:

Season record: 5-13

League finish: #4 in 1A North Sound Conference

Run differential: 117-211

Seniors: (3) – Myah Majestic, Megan Nance, Natalie Wilmoth

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 2-11 (2-1 vs. Sultan, 0-1 vs. Mount Baker; 0-3 vs. Coupeville, Cedar Park Christian, Granite Falls)

Coach: Brad Jaegar

Mascot: Falcons



Season record: 1-14

League finish: #5 in 1A North Sound Conference

Run differential: 81-218

Seniors: (7) – Alexis Boglivi, Emily Cook, Ace Evans, Taylor Fadden, Bethany Fulcher, Kyrah Willson, Angie Young

Record vs. district tourney qualifiers: 1-12 (1-2 vs. South Whidbey; 0-1 vs. Mount Baker, 0-3 vs. Coupeville, Cedar Park Christian, Granite Falls)

Coach: Garth MacDicken

Mascot: Turks




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