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(John Fisken photo)

   This pic, snapped at a CHS soccer game, is a family photo of sorts, since it features three sisters. (John Fisken photo)

Leave your camera at home and let a pro do all the work for you.

John Fisken, the fast-snappin’ force behind John’s Photos (and the guy who delivers most of the pics used here on Coupeville Sports) has been branching out recently.

Along with sports action photos, he has been focusing on providing a wide variety of non-athletic snapshots to the public.

As the holidays come roaring up on us, now is the perfect time to let Fisken and his camera work their magic for you.

He’s offering a special family photo sitting price of $100 from Nov. 1-15, with a guaranteed print delivery of Dec. 1, which will allow you plenty of time to fire off your Christmas cards.

Cards which will now sparkle with a hint or two of that Fisken photo magic.

To take advantage of the deal of the century (or at least of the month) contact him at johnfisken@comcast.net today.

And yes, this is a shameless plug, but rest assured, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think he was very, very good at what he does.

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Savanna Dohner, back in the days (like a couple of months ago...) when she anchored the CHS band. (John Fisken photo)

   Savanna Dohner, back in the days (like a couple of months ago…) when she and her bass anchored the Coupeville High School band. (John Fisken photo)

Now everyone is going to know about her.

Savanna Dohner, the sweet-playin’, always-rockin’ sensation known as the Bass Queen of Cow Town (by me, at least) is back from her summer tour, but the buzz is just beginning to really pick up.

After playing a string of dates with Seattle-based rock band Valadares, including a stop at the Vans Warped Tour, the 16-year-old prodigy hit the front page of Seattle Music Insider tonight.

To bask in the eternal glow that emits from the only rock superstar currently employed by Coupeville’s Kapaws Iskreme shop, pop over to:


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Savanna Dohner, American Bad-Ass. (John Fisken photo)

Savanna Dohner, American Bad-Ass. (John Fisken photo)

The Bass Queen of Cow Town is going big time.

Savanna Dohner, the most talented person we know (it’s not even close, so stop arguing) is taking her bass and hitting the road.

For reals.

The one-time wild child of the Coupeville High School band is joining Seattle-based rock band Valadares for their West Coast tour, which includes a slot in the Battle of the Bands when the Vans Warped Tour hits Auburn.

Other dates Dohner’s scheduled to slap the bass at include:

July 24 — Seattle/ El Corazon
July 27 — Portland/ Hawthorne Theatre
July 29 — Hollywood/ Whiskey A Go Go
Aug. 1 — Tucson/ The Rock
Aug. 7 — Boise/ The Crux

To find out more about the people Savanna will be hanging out with, check out these handy links.

The band’s web site:


The band’s Facebook page:


A link to one of their songs, “Manifesto,” on YouTube:


So, now you know.

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Savanna (John Fisken photos)

   Savanna Dohner, the Bass Queen of Cow Town. And yes, she’s moving to Oak Harbor, but she will always be a Wolf. (John Fisken photos)

Oliana Stange

Oliana Stange lays down some torrid tracks.


   Hair in a braid? A ferocious defensive terror on the basketball court. Hair down? Ready to bring in the funk ‘n the soul. Allison Wenzel, double threat.

John McClarin

  John McClarin (center) prepares to play the single greatest note ever let loose in flute history.

Mckenzie Meyer

Mckenzie Meyer can wail with the best of them.


   “Yeah, I heard your “magical note,” McClarin. Get ready to be blown out of your seat as I reclaim the title of World’s Greatest Flutist!!”

The band played on, even in tight quarters.

With Tuesday night’s CHS girls’ basketball games bounced across the hallway into the much-smaller middle school gym (technical problems), everyone ended up on top of each other.

That didn’t stop the Wolf house band from letting loose with some tunes, however.

And, it also gave bass player extraordinaire Savanna Dohner a chance to play for her classmates and fans one final time.

The prodigiously talented sophomore is transferring to Oak Harbor High School after a family move, but she will always be the Queen of Cow Town (cow bell and all).

Rock on, Savvy. You will always have two homes.

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Savanna Dohner, the Bass Queen of Cow Town. (John Fisken photos)


Claire Mietus hits that note like a boss.


Mckenzie Meyer lays down some tasty tunes.


The Three Musketeers of the flute section.


Grey Rische knows you just took his picture. He’s pretending he didn’t, but he did.


Jake Hoagland wails.


Prompting Christopher Rische to bring out his inner John Travolta…


Nick Streubel decides to sit this dance recital out.

"Thank you, I'll be here all season!

   “Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all season! No autographs, please … OK, maybe one or two!!”

Can I get a round of applause for the band?

Just like the athletes at CHS and CMS, those who choose to pick up an instrument have committed their time and energy and deserve to have a moment in the spotlight.

And, for that matter, so do those brave enough to dance in the stands while the band plays.

For all of you, today’s your day. Job well done.

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