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Mollie Bailey was born to entertain. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Cranking out the hits at Friday night’s game against Vashon.

It don’t mean a thing without that zing.

CHS music teacher Jamar Jenkins and the Wolf band bring an extra dimension to football games, making their section of the new grandstand rock from warm-ups to exit song.

There are 25 music lovers listed on the fall roster, though not all are actively playing during games, as a few band members double as football players or cheerleaders.

The folks responsible for laying down the sound track to Friday Night Lights:

Connie Armitage-Buckley
Mollie Bailey
Jakobi Baumann
Jaschon Baumann
William Davis
Noah Fisher
Kaley Grigsby
Trinity Hall
Evan Johnson
Sammy Lockwood
Nikolai Lyngra
Andrew Martin
Hannah Mayne
Heidi Meyers
Abby Mulholland
Daniel Olson
Gabe Shaw
Harris Sinclair
Mckenna Somes
Grant Steller
Morgan Stevens
Brenn Sugatan
Sean Toomey-Stout
Raven Vick
Izzy Wells

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Mckenzie Meyer, ready to unleash sweet sounds. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Her future’s so bright, she has to wear shades.

The absolute master of the positive approach.

She was just born talented.

I have known Mckenzie Meyer since the day she popped in to the world, the first of two children born to Sarah and Frank Meyer.

That was back in the lazy, hazy glory days of being paid to watch movies (and do a little managerial work) at Videoville, a 12-year run in which I worked for Mckenzie’s grandmother, Miriam.

The newest Meyer made her video store debut at a very young age, and from the first moment she eyeballed all of us from her perch on the counter, she radiated intelligence.

And I don’t mean she just seemed smart.

I mean she seemed like she was going to cure a disease while solving world hunger while also teaching herself to read Mandarin in the two minutes of free time she had every day.

It’s a feeling which has increased every day since.

Mckenzie is too smart, and too talented, and too awe-inspiring, for one small town on a rock in the middle of the water in the Pacific Northwest to contain, but we here in Coupeville have benefited immensely from what time we have had her here.

Today, I’m inducting her into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame.

In the moment, that’s something (maybe not epic, but worthy of a nod at least), being enshrined inside these hallowed digital walls.

After this, you’ll find her up at the top of the blog, under the Legends tab.

And, about two seconds after she lands up there, she’ll probably win a much-bigger, much-better award or three.

I feel fully confident that in a few years or so, being in my little, sorta fake Hall o’ Fame should still be at least the 245th biggest thing she’s done. Maybe…

Mckenzie, as much as any high school athlete or student I have seen come through Cow Town, is fated to be big. Like world famous big.

She has a personality which is a mixture of joy and wonderment, and she charges full-tilt at any and every obstacle or opportunity with a grin which wraps up the whole world in a hug.

Give her a sport, any sport, and she did well.

In cheer, she was a volcano erupting, showering everyone with school spirit. A captain who was the loudest, the proudest, and the first to pick up her teammates, those she was cheering for, and the fans.

It could be an epic win or a crushing defeat, and Mckenzie tackled things with the same glee, the same desire to make every performance the best she ever delivered.

And if lil’ bro Caleb was playing? Miss Meyer could turn the sound system up to 120, thank you very much.

Her spirit and never-say-die attitude carried over to her time on the soccer pitch, the tennis court, and the world of track and field, where she competed in a gazillion events, including holding the school record in the pole vault.

Sports, though, are but a small sliver of what makes Mckenzie the whirlwind she is.

She was a veteran of the stage, bouncing from comedy to drama as an award-worthy thespian.

A woman born to wail when you put a sax in her hand and fired up the band.

Toss her into the cutthroat world of Science Olympiad? She made Einstein sit up in his grave, just so he could bow in appreciation of her skill.

Look, I’m not impartial here.

I think Mckenzie is one of the most talented, kind, brilliant people on the face of this planet.

Seeing her grow up, holding on to the fire that burns brightly inside, while always challenging herself and achieving remarkable things, has been great.

I think the world of this young woman. Did when she was a few days old, did when she first went to school, do today, and will many years down the road.

There’s a ton of reasons to induct Mckenzie into my Hall o’ Fame.

The biggest one? She classes up the joint.

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   CHS band director Jamar Jenkins brings both the noise and the funk to Senior Night. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Wolf seniors (l to r) Mckenzie Meyer, Laurence Boado and Jake Hoagland are honored for their band careers. (Susan Hulst photo)

   A trio of talented middle school musicians joins in the performance. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Meyer, possibly up to shenanigans…

Jaschon Baumann senses the danger…

But Meyer is faster!

   Wolf senior Ben Olson (in cap) puts down the drum sticks and poses with his groupies … er, family. (Hulst photo)

If the gym’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.

Seriously, just walk in, cause no one will hear you banging on the outside doors.

When the Coupeville High School band (with a few middle school ringers tossed in for good measure) gets going, the gym is jumping, and Thursday night was prime time for the prairie musicians.

The pics above, which capture some Senior Night festivities and some musical action, come to us from photo bugs John Fisken and Susan Hulst.

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   Allison Wenzel, here playing with the CHS band at a football game, claimed two first-place finishes Sunday in a music competition. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Jakobi Baumann matched her finish, winning as both an individual and as part of a duo.

Both Wolves advance to the state competition in late April.

The music is in them.

Coupeville High School seniors Allison Wenzel and Jakobi Baumann combined for three wins Saturday at a San Juan Music Educators Association competition in Bellingham, punching their tickets for state.

Wenzel, who was playing the day before her birthday, captured first in French Horn while playing the first movement of “Horn Concerto No. 2 for Horn and Orchestra by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.”

Baumann matched her, winning a title in Trombone while laying down the sweet sounds of the first movement of “Concertino by Ferdinand David.

The duo also teamed up to triumph in Brass Ensemble, besting 18 other rivals.

Wenzel and Baumann tickled the ears of the judges with the first movement of “The First Sonata for Horn and Trombone by Jean Antoine Blanc.”

Both Wolves are standout students who also find time to compete in multiple sports.

Baumann is a top tennis player and distance runner for the CHS track team, while Wenzel is one season away from finishing off a perfect 12-for-12 run as a high school athlete.

She has competed in volleyball, basketball and track all four years.

The state music competition is Apr. 27-28 at Central Washington University.

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   Charlotte Nölle (back) delivers a hug to her favorite CHS band member, Mollie Bailey. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Left alone to operate the scoreboard, CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith inadvertently launches a nuclear missile.

   SWISH basketball coach Lark Gustafson and future Wolf hoops stars watch the current high school players do what they do.

Heidi Meyers lays down the beat.

Sherry Roberts, AKA “The Velvet Voice,” takes over announcing duties.

   CJ Smith and Sylvia Hurlburt find a semi-comfortable perch on the always-hard bleachers.

   Lucy Sandahl gives volleyball mate Lauren Rose a new ‘do, while Emma Smith keeps an eye on things.

Meyers and Raven Vick get a helping hand from Port Townsend’s Sierra Ruegg.

Pics to the left, pics to the right, pics as far as the eye can see.

Wanderin’ photo bug John Fisken slid by Coupeville’s gym Friday night to catch some Wolf girls basketball action, and put his camera to good use.

Along with in-game snaps, he also landed some glossy photos of fans going about their business, which can be seen above.

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