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Jake Hoagland makes the notes sing. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolf cheerleaders bring the noise and the funk.

   Fast-rising CMS hoops stars Ja’Kenya Hoskins (left) and Izzy Wells visit the gym they will one day rule.

CHS band instructor Jamar Jenkins makes sure they spelled his name correctly.

Wolf legend CJ Smith spends some quality time with mom Charlotte.

   One row, four Wolf superstars. L to r, it’s Payton Aparicio, Sage Renninger, Natalie Hollrigel and Mallory Kortuem.

   Sherry Roberts (left) and Sylvia Arnold share a chuckle … while discussing their plot to take over the world.

“Put me in, coach!”

   An injury has kept Heidi Meyers off the basketball court, but nothing can slow her roll when she’s got a tune to share with the world.

   “The Gazelle” at rest. Fleet-footed Maya Toomey-Stout slows down long enough to turn her camera on her fellow athletes.

Glossy pics as far as the eye can see.

Whenever John Fisken swings by Coupeville to shoot sporting events, he always tries to capture the full circus.

So, along with action shots of whatever game is playing out, he also is quick to nab band members, cheerleaders, fans and the like as they go about their business.

Thanks to his lightning-quick camera(s), we have a new batch of behind-the-scenes photos, which appear above courtesy him.

If you like what you see, pop over to Fisken’s site and take a gander at the other three billion photos he has stashed there.

And remember, purchases help fund college scholarships for CHS senior student/athletes.

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   Lauren Bayne is barely intrigued. “Seriously, you’re that bored, you put together an entire photo essay around the letter B?!” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“Well, I’m a bouncin’ baby boy, so I’ll play along!”

Nikolai Lyngra keeps the beat going, boppin’ with the CHS band.

   He’s no beatnik, baby, but Ben Olson can lay down a boomin’ beat with every bash of the drums.

   This is bull, thinks burly footballer Chris Battaglia as he realizes he barely studied for tomorrow’s test. Perhaps in biology?

Wolf baby approves of your shenanigans. Begrudgingly…

Jaschon Baumann is just here for the sweet, sweet tunes … and free popcorn.

   And then the ultimate Killer B, Miss Mollie Bailey, baller supreme, arrives to win the whole bloomin’ internet.

It’s a school day, so let’s get educational.

Sort of.

Today’s photos have a common theme, as they’re brought to you by the letter B.

They feature Wolves with last names like Bayne, Bailey, Battaglia and Baumann, first names like Ben, band members and a couple of babies, for good measure.

What do you mean, it must be a slow news day?? You’re a slow news day!!

Anyways, on with the B’s, courtesy some A+ photos from John Fisken.

Or, as he’s known in these parts … Johnny B. Goode.

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   Wolf cheerleader Mica Shipley touches the heavens. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   “Who knew they could play the sweet, sweet sounds of Chicago this FREAKIN’ LOUD???”

Mckenzie Meyer, Renaissance Woman.

Amanda Neitzel and Kory Score enjoy an evening on the town.

   Skyy Lippo, soon to be seen dancing the lead role in the ballet she’s reppin’ on her sweatshirt.

   Ja’Kenya Hoskins just wants to eat her popcorn and check her updates, but the paparazzi is always gettin’ up in her face.

   CHS volleyball stars (l to r) Emma Smith, Lucy Sandahl and Ashley Menges swing by to see if the gym still looks the same.

Melia Welling gives Ashleigh Battaglia a leg (or two) up.

In his later years, Harris Sinclair got really, really into his music.

Softball sensation Tamika Nastali lays down some sweet air guitar riffs.

There’s the game, and then there’s the universe around the game.

On the court, basketball plays out. Meanwhile, around the sides, cheerleaders fly high, band members wail, and fans look for a chance to get their photos snapped.

Wanderin’ camera clicker John Fisken is always a busy bee at games, and he doesn’t disappoint, delivering a mix of off-court pics for your light Saturday reading enjoyment.

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   Coupeville cheerleader/band member Mckenzie Meyer slows down just long enough to get a hug from mom Sarah. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Wolf spikers Ashley Menges (left) and Scout Smith swing by to support their classmates.

Security has been alerted that these three scamps are in the stadium.

Daniel Olson disappears into the Drum Zone.

Steve and Wendi Hilborn enjoy a night on the prairie.

   The snack shack hums along with (l to r) Kyla Briscoe, Connie Lippo and Katrina McGranahan running things.

The CHS Musician of the Year, Allison Wenzel, lays down a funky beat.

Yes, Ben Olson is taking requests. Thanks for asking.

   Kathy Bayne (right) magically appears, bearing beverages for all, to the delight of Tami (left) and Payton Aparicio.

Sometimes there’s more action off the field.

Whenever he hits a game, like he did Friday night when he prowled the sidelines as Coupeville football played, John Fisken likes to swing his camera around to the audience as well.

The pics above, a mix of fans, snack shop operators and CHS band members, remind you why life under the Friday Night Lights is a prep sports experience like none other.

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Ben Olson lays down a sweet beat on his drum set. (David Stern photos)

“Screw this! I’m playing “Crazy Train” the whole night!!!”

Friday Night Lights are about more than just football.

While the primary action is down on the gridiron, the support crew is a large and diverse one.

From ticket sellers to hot dog hawkers in the snack shack, home games at Mickey Clark Field use the talents of a ton of folks.

Today, we’re turning the spotlight to the CHS band, which bounces from the national anthem to “On Wisconsin” to jazzy covers of Chicago songs under the direction of Jamar Jenkins.

His ace crew (some of whom do double duty as football players or cheerleaders):

Connie Armitage-Buckley
Mollie Bailey
Jakobi Baumann
Jaschon Baumann
Laurence Boado
Heidi Clinkscales
Mackenzie Davis
Kaley Grigsby
Jesse Hester
Jake Hoagland
Samuel Lockwood
Nikolai Lyngra
Andrew Martin
Mckenzie Meyer
Claire Mietus
Cassidy Moody
Ben Olson
Daniel Olson
Jacobi Pacquette-Pilgrim
Koby Schreiber
Harris Sinclair
Sean Toomey-Stout
Raven Vick
Allison Wenzel

And, a 10-hour loop of the opening guitar riff from “Crazy Train,” cause, why not?

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