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Mollie Bailey was born to entertain. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Cranking out the hits at Friday night’s game against Vashon.

It don’t mean a thing without that zing.

CHS music teacher Jamar Jenkins and the Wolf band bring an extra dimension to football games, making their section of the new grandstand rock from warm-ups to exit song.

There are 25 music lovers listed on the fall roster, though not all are actively playing during games, as a few band members double as football players or cheerleaders.

The folks responsible for laying down the sound track to Friday Night Lights:

Connie Armitage-Buckley
Mollie Bailey
Jakobi Baumann
Jaschon Baumann
William Davis
Noah Fisher
Kaley Grigsby
Trinity Hall
Evan Johnson
Sammy Lockwood
Nikolai Lyngra
Andrew Martin
Hannah Mayne
Heidi Meyers
Abby Mulholland
Daniel Olson
Gabe Shaw
Harris Sinclair
Mckenna Somes
Grant Steller
Morgan Stevens
Brenn Sugatan
Sean Toomey-Stout
Raven Vick
Izzy Wells

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   CHS band director Jamar Jenkins brings both the noise and the funk to Senior Night. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Wolf seniors (l to r) Mckenzie Meyer, Laurence Boado and Jake Hoagland are honored for their band careers. (Susan Hulst photo)

   A trio of talented middle school musicians joins in the performance. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Meyer, possibly up to shenanigans…

Jaschon Baumann senses the danger…

But Meyer is faster!

   Wolf senior Ben Olson (in cap) puts down the drum sticks and poses with his groupies … er, family. (Hulst photo)

If the gym’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.

Seriously, just walk in, cause no one will hear you banging on the outside doors.

When the Coupeville High School band (with a few middle school ringers tossed in for good measure) gets going, the gym is jumping, and Thursday night was prime time for the prairie musicians.

The pics above, which capture some Senior Night festivities and some musical action, come to us from photo bugs John Fisken and Susan Hulst.

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   Allison Wenzel, here playing with the CHS band at a football game, claimed two first-place finishes Sunday in a music competition. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Jakobi Baumann matched her finish, winning as both an individual and as part of a duo.

Both Wolves advance to the state competition in late April.

The music is in them.

Coupeville High School seniors Allison Wenzel and Jakobi Baumann combined for three wins Saturday at a San Juan Music Educators Association competition in Bellingham, punching their tickets for state.

Wenzel, who was playing the day before her birthday, captured first in French Horn while playing the first movement of “Horn Concerto No. 2 for Horn and Orchestra by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.”

Baumann matched her, winning a title in Trombone while laying down the sweet sounds of the first movement of “Concertino by Ferdinand David.

The duo also teamed up to triumph in Brass Ensemble, besting 18 other rivals.

Wenzel and Baumann tickled the ears of the judges with the first movement of “The First Sonata for Horn and Trombone by Jean Antoine Blanc.”

Both Wolves are standout students who also find time to compete in multiple sports.

Baumann is a top tennis player and distance runner for the CHS track team, while Wenzel is one season away from finishing off a perfect 12-for-12 run as a high school athlete.

She has competed in volleyball, basketball and track all four years.

The state music competition is Apr. 27-28 at Central Washington University.

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   Former CHS coach Craig Pedlar returned Friday for the 101st anniversary of Wolf boys basketball. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

   Sherry Roberts, a basketball star of the late ’80s, hangs out with the next big thing in Wolf Nation, son Landon.

It ain’t a thing without that swing.

   Speedy shutterbug Maya Toomey-Stout snaps away as the action unfolds a few inches away.

Jordan Ford 1, Sherry Roberts 0. Rest assured, payback will be swift and deadly.

   A superstar in every seat, as the living legends return to their alma mater to be honored.

   Wolf mom Kali Barrio and daughter Jennifer Bergeron cheer on their favorite hoops star, son/brother Ethan Spark.

   Young gun Daniel Olson takes the sticks, as drumming veterans Sean Toomey-Stout (left) and Ben Olson prepare to give him grief (or a Wet Willie).

You can go home again.

Coupeville High School celebrated the 101st anniversary of its boys basketball program Friday, and there was a legend in every seat.

The superstars of the ’70s crossed paths with guys who want to match their achievements in the coming years, and fans of every age showed up to watch it all go down.

Travelin’ photo man John Fisken was there as well, though he was working, snapping pics all night long.

The mix of glossy images above are courtesy him.

To view more photos of the former Wolf players and coaches in attendance, some of which have already run here on Coupeville Sports, and some of which you may not have seen, pop over to:


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   Home from college, Bree Daigneault (back) hangs out with/attacks lil’ sis Noelle. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Wolves (l to r) William Nelson (soccer), Nick Etzell (baseball) and Aram Leyva (soccer) rest up before the start of spring sports.

   Home for the holidays, former Wolf hoops stars Tiffany Briscoe (left) and Kailey Kellner spend some quality time together.

   In between performing with the band, Wolf softball slugger Mackenzie Davis catches up on her reading.

   Sean Toomey-Stout is a heat-seeking missile on the football field and a wizard on the skins.

International superstar McKayla Bailey pops by to check on the parental units.

The CHS/CMS band is keeping the season festive.

   CHS spikers (l to r) Hope Lodell, Lucy Sandahl and Emma Smith cheer on their classmates.

The best-dressed band in the biz.

Tis the time of the season for reunions.

With the holidays in full swing, a lot of former Wolf sports stars are back home from college, and many of them swung by the gym recently to catch up with family and former teammates.

Letting his camera wander the whole 360-degree field, photog John Fisken captured some of the reunions, plus a mix of band members at work and fans being fans.

The smorgasbord of holiday pics seen above are courtesy him.

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