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William Davidson was one of eight Wolves to play Saturday in summer basketball scrimmages. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Left to right: Logan Martin, Hawthorne Wolfe, Nick Guay, Davidson, Xavier Murdy, Cole White, Alex Murdy, Logan Downes. (Brad Sherman photo)

Summer Saturdays are made for hoops.

The South Whidbey High School boys basketball program hosted a series of hardwood scrimmages Saturday, with Coupeville winning two of three games.

The Wolves, who brought an eight-man contingent to Langley, rep the smallest school, but played big on the day.

Coupeville, a 2B program, topped 1A schools Sultan and South Whidbey, while falling to 3A hoops legend Mercer Island.

Each game was a 40-minute affair, with two 20-minute halves.

While the wins were nice, the primary reason for all the teams to be in action was the opportunity for continued improvement, as individual players and teams.

“Great Saturday of hoops,” said Coupeville coach Brad Sherman. “Just a great chance to go compete for the day and play hoops, get better.”

Playing for the Wolves were William Davidson, Nick Guay, Alex Murdy, Hawthorne Wolfe, Xavier Murdy, Logan Martin, Cole White, and Logan Downes.

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Topknot firmly in place, Wolf QB Hunter Downes comes out firing. (John Fisken photos)

  Topknot firmly in place, Wolf QB Hunter Downes comes out firing. (John Fisken photos)

Teo Keilwitz

Teo Keilwitz gets ready to explode.

Jacob Martin

Jacob Martin daydreams of blowing up South Whidbey.

Mitchell Carroll

Mitchell Carroll hauls in a pass under pressure.

Freshman Dawson Houston

Freshman Dawson Houston makes his debut with the big boys.

Ryan King

   CHS assistant coach Ryan King (in hat) discusses the finer points of the offense with his players.

Jacob Zettle

Jacob Zettle, ready to terminate.

Julian Welling

Downes makes a connection with center Julian Welling.

It’s still very much mid-summer, even if the Whidbey weather doesn’t always seem like it.

But, even with that said, it’s only six weeks until the Coupeville High School football squad kicks off the 2016-2017 prep sports season with a Sept. 2 home showdown versus South Whidbey.

Putting in work to get ready, the Wolves faced off with Lakeside in a 7 on 7 scrimmage at Camp Casey Friday night, and wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken was nice enough to swing by and snap these pics for us.

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Kalia Littlejohn (John Fisken photos)

   Kalia Littlejohn, who set a CHS girls single-season record with 10 goals last year, works on her already formidable foot skills. (John Fisken photos)

Cernick vs. Kortuem

   Freshmen-to-be Chris Cernick (green shirt) and Mallory Kortuem battle for possession of the ball.

Mathew Shreffner

Mathew Shreffner has been putting in work during leg day.

Katherine Morales

Katherine Morales shoots up-field.

Jaschon Baumann

Jaschon Baumann ambles along, conserving his energy in the June heat.

CHS boys soccer coach Kyle Nelson

   Using the power of his mind, Wolf soccer guru Kyle Nelson gets the ball to fly straight up from the ground to his hand. No bounce, all Jedi.

Lauren Grove

Wolf goalie Lauren Grove (right) slices ‘n dices.

Soccer never rests.

The calendar says summer, but Coupeville High School players were out on the practice field Monday, putting in off-season work.

With a mix of returning players and young booters who will be freshmen in the fall, the action featured both girls and boys.

Looking for something to do, wanderin’ photo man John Fisken strolled across the prairie to catch the action for us.

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Tyler Cermak

Tyler Cermak

Doctors believe Tyler Cermak’s brain tumor is benign and surgery will not be required.

The Coupeville High School sophomore, who has suffered seizures in the past, was discovered to have the tumor when he went in for a checkup after suffering a possible concussion during the spring football scrimmage with Lakeside.

Cermak and his parents met with doctors Wednesday, and he discussed the results on Facebook:

So, got some good news today.

My tumor is most likely benign and is really small compared to others.

The docs don’t think it’ll grow any bigger. I will be having MRI’s over the next few months just to keep eyes on it.

I will be taking medication to control the seizures.

If that medication doesn’t work I’ll take another. If the second doesn’t work than I will have to have surgery.

Unless it grows, It’s not likely I will have surgery.

Cermak plans to remain with the Wolf football team as a manager.

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