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Emma Garcia and mom Aaron Wiley.


After a long day of clearing land at my sister’s farm, sitting back and watching the video below is a nice end to the day.

It captures Coupeville High School freshman and talented artist Emma Garcia creating a swirling explosion of color, as recorded by mom Aaron Wiley.

But, enough with my talking. Watch for yourself and be impressed.


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Brynn Parker and other Coupeville Middle School students were recently honored with academic awards. (Corinn Parker photo)

Online is where all the action is at.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic preventing people from hosting in-person events, Coupeville schools have taken their awards ceremonies to the internet this spring.

The latest showcase to arrive online is the Coupeville Middle School Virtual Awards Show, which you can see by popping over to this site:


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Risen Johnson, floatin' like a butterfly, stingin' like a bee. (John Fisken photo)

Risen Johnson, floatin’ like a butterfly, stingin’ like a bee. (John Fisken photo)

So, you find yourself here, on a Thursday afternoon, desperately looking for a way to make it through the day.

As long as your job doesn’t prevent you from accessing YouTube (mine doesn’t, but Coupeville Sports World Headquarters is my house…), I have a quick answer.

Go spend the next seven minutes and 18 seconds basking in some of the best plays thrown down last season by Risen Johnson.

The electrifying one, who graduated this spring from CHS, gave us two years of basketball good times, and enough spectacular moments to fuel a highlight reel.


One of the classiest guys I’ve covered, and one of the most entertaining to watch, Risen was a thriller and a killer.

He’ll be missed, but we’ll have the memories, and now, thanks to Trent Diamanti, a reel of Risen slicin’ ‘n dicin’ which will live on the internet for all eternity.

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