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With Washington state schools closed down due to the fight against COVID-19, we’re offering all Whidbey Island students a chance to be heard and stay connected.

Brookelynn Van Velkinburgh, who created the artwork seen in this story, is a 6th grader at Coupeville Middle School.

Her career goals are to be a police officer or detective when she grows up.

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(Artwork by Abby Parker)

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Using colored pencils and marker, Coupeville High School grad Abby Parker unleashes a new masterpiece and sends it our way.

We all may be locked down right now, but quarantine art continues to take the prairie by storm.

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Artwork by Izzy Wells (Photos courtesy Katy Wells)

With Washington state schools closed down for at least six weeks due to the spread of coronavirus, we’re offering all Coupeville students a chance to be heard and stay connected.

Izzy Wells, who created the artwork seen in this story, is a sophomore at CHS who plays soccer, basketball, and softball.

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Brynn Parker displays a painting she created. (Corinn Parker photos)

Skylar Parker contributes a beautifully-crafted drawing.

Avery Parker is working at the top of her artistic game, as always.

School’s out, but creativity blooms everywhere.

While the current shutdowns are keeping Coupeville students away from the classroom, that hasn’t stopped them from writing, drawing, painting, and finding multiple ways to express themselves.

The photos above capture the Parker sisters — Skylar, Brynn, and Avery — showcasing their artistic muses.

Want to join them?

High school, middle school, elementary school, parent, coach, grad, it’s open to all of you.

Send me your artwork, your writing, all of your creative achievements, and I’ll use Coupeville Sports to let the world see your work.

Find me on Facebook or email me at davidsvien@hotmail.com.

PS — A couple of people have raised the idea they might be willing to contribute if they can remain anonymous.

To that, I say, sure. As long as I know who you are, the rest of the world can guess.

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Coupeville junior Kylie Chernikoff is a volleyball star on the rise. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

With school closed, the Wolf spiker gets creative. (Joanne Chernikoff photos)

Spring arrives in all of its colors.

Get creative.

With schools shut down as the world battles the spread of the coronavirus, Coupeville students are finding different ways to show off their scholastic and artistic skills.

CHS volleyball star Kylie Chernikoff is a titanic terror on the floor, where she shreds opposing defenses with nasty spikes and booming serves.

Off the court, however, she is an outgoing, extremely positive young woman who seems to greet everyone with a huge smile and genuine kindness.

Chernikoff is also a blossoming artist, as shown in the pictures above, where she turned her bedroom into her home room art class using acrylic paints and markers.

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