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(Artwork by Abby Parker)

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Using colored pencils and marker, Coupeville High School grad Abby Parker unleashes a new masterpiece and sends it our way.

We all may be locked down right now, but quarantine art continues to take the prairie by storm.

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Coupeville running legend Abby Parker (left) imparts wisdom to her young prodigy. (Kathy O'Brien photo)

   Coupeville running Jedi Abby Parker (left) teaches her moves to her young padawan. (Kathy O’Brien photo)


   Parker, who runs faster when her shoelaces are untied, works on hand-offs with CHS relay mate Mckenzie Meyer. (John Fisken photos)


Imparting joy to the universe (and volleyball teammate Kayla Rose).

Joy, above all.

Abby Parker is the real deal — a smart, strong young woman already super successful at 17, and headed to unimaginable achievements.

But the first thing you notice about the Coupeville High School junior, before you see her determination, her commitment, her grit, her spine of steel, is how she interacts with others.

With her teammates, her friends, her family or with random people she passes while she’s busy doing the million-and-a-half things she seems to accomplish every day.

And what you see, every time, is the joy she brings to this world, and others in it.

It’s not just mere happiness, though she pretty much always seems happy, but something far deeper.

Abby seems to approach every challenge, every obstacle, with a can-do attitude, and the joy she exhibits is truly infectious.

Running, which seems to have become her sport of choice (she’s also skilled in volleyball, basketball and probably any activity you might pick), is not for the faint of heart.

It can rip your body up, tear away at your legs, your muscles, your psyche.

It can deliver huge highs and huge lows, and it takes a special kind of person to embrace it the way Parker does.

Look at the photos of her in action during track season or at one of the many real-world running events she haunts on a regular basis, and you’ll see both sides.

I’ve seen photos of Abby leaving her soul on the oval, trying to trim one more second, lean just a bit harder, reach for a PR at any cost.

In those photos, her face shows the strain, but also (and this is bigger) her willpower. She does not back down, ever.

In other photos, you see the joy she gets from competing, whether she’s flying down a track or splashing through bubbles or clouds of paint.

And we’re right back to joy, which is never far away when Parker is nearby.

As she celebrates her birthday today and prepares to head into another school year, let’s wish her all the best.

Because that’s what she is — one of the best.

Abby, you are a sparkling ray of sunshine, and Coupeville would not be the same without you.

Happy birthday, Miss Parker, and may you always get back just as much joy as you give to the world.

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Junior thrower Alexxis Otto was one of 28 Wolf track stars to letter this season. (John Fisken photos)

   Junior thrower Alexxis Otto was one of 28 Wolf track stars to letter this season. (John Fisken photo)

4 x 400 (Dawnell Conlisk photo)

   State meet veterans (l to r) Jacob Smith, Danny Conlisk, Jared Helmstadter and Henry Wynn. (Dawnell Conlisk photo)

Senior Sylvia Hurlbuet won four state meet medals in four seasons. (Fisken photo)

Sylvia Hurlburt won four state meet medals in four seasons. (Fisken photos)

Mckenzie Meyer's super-powered socks.

Mckenzie Meyer’s super-powered socks.

The most successful Coupeville High School track season in a decade came to a close Tuesday night.

Still basking in the glow of the nine medals they won at the 1A state meet, the Wolves capped things with an awards banquet in which 28 athletes were honored.

CHS coach Randy King acknowledged five Wolves for staying with him for the complete run of their high school days.

He handed out four-year certificates to seniors Jared Helmstadter, Lathom Kelley, Mitchell Losey, Sylvia Hurlburt and Makana Stone.

Varsity letter winners:

Chris Battaglia
Jakobi Baumann
Lauren Bayne
Ariah Bepler
Mitchell Carroll
Danny Conlisk
Gabe Eck
Jordan Ford
Lauren Grove
Naika Hallam
Jared Helmstadter
Sylvia Hurlburt
Lathom Kelley
Skyler Lawrence
Mitchell Losey
Dalton Martin
Jacob Martin
Mckenzie Meyer
Alexxis Otto
Abby Parker
Grey Rische
Lindsey Roberts
Ashlie Shank
Jacob Smith
Makana Stone
Connor Thompson
Allison Wenzel
Henry Wynn

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Abby Parker (John Fisken photos)

   Abby Parker (front) and Mckenzie Meyer work on perfecting their relay hand-offs, as team leader Makana Stone keeps a watchful eye on the young duo. (John Fisken photos)

Lathom Kelley

  Feeling perky in the sunshine, Lathom Kelley agrees to bring the gun show to town.

Lauren Grove

Lauren Grove perfects her ability to hover in mid-air.

Lauren Bayne

   Lauren Bayne: “Now, if I lean back and arc my javelin nice and high, I might … might … not hit Ariah Bepler in the head. But no promises…”

Hunter Downes

   Not everyone can pull off that fashion ensemble, but Hunter Downes comes pretty dang close.


Parker and Naika Hallam make a bid to replace the school’s groundskeepers.

Lindsey Roberts

Lindsey Roberts attacks a hurdle Bruce Lee-style.


Their track game is strong. Their photo game, stronger.

You have to put the work in if you want to shine on the big stage.

Thursday the Coupeville High School track and field team will head down to Langley for a four-team meet (4 PM) that will represent the last time they compete on Whidbey this season.

A day before their meeting with former Cascade Conference rivals South Whidbey, Sultan and Granite Falls, the Wolves were hard at work fine-tuning stuff.

Relay hand-offs, getting a good release on the javelin, posing for team photos … all in a day’s work.

The pics above are courtesy travelin’ photo man John Fisken.

The action is courtesy of an exciting, record-bustin’ pack of Wolves.

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Kayla Rose (John Fisken photos)

Kayla Rose (left) and Abby Parker bond. (John Fisken photos)

Kyla Briscoe

Parker moves on to get Kyla Briscoe’s braids ready in time for her match.

John Fisken

   Travelin’ photo man John Fisken goes in front of the camera, as Wolf spikers dye his hair pink to honor his sister, who has fought cancer three times.


The horror of knowing your sassy silver locks have been messed with.


   They’ve got this down to a science. Opening introductions? Sure. But photos first. Always!!


The CHS student section prepares to get rowdy.

"Are Rose and Parker still hugging?!?!?"

“Are Rose and Parker still hugging?!?!?”

"Yes, ma'am!!!!"

“Yes, ma’am!!!!”

Abby Parker and Kayla Rose like hugging.

That, and other important tidbits of info can be discovered in the photos above, which capture the stuff going on around the edges of Thursday night’s CHS volleyball matches.

The games themselves? Kind of important.

The time spent in front of the camera? Super, duper important.

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