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Green states are playing fall high school football in some form. Red states plan to play next spring. (Map created by The Columbian)

As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no consensus in America on how to handle prep sports.

One big example is high school football, where the ticket revenue which pays for most athletic budgets is generated.

Tuesday, The Columbian in Eastern Washington published the map seen above, which shows where every state sat on the issue of gridiron games through Monday, October 12.

Hours after this map hit, however, Alaska cancelled all fall sports, including football, while postponing the start of winter sports.

Like Ferris Bueller once said, “Life comes at you fast.”

So, likely before you finish reading this story, rest assured things may have changed as well…

That said, at the moment there are 32 states playing some version of fall football, while two states have plans to launch seasons soon.

But even in those states currently playing, there are variations, with shortened seasons, postponements, or some states operating on a week-to-week status.

Then there are 15 states, plus the District of Columbia, which intend to play football next spring. That includes Washington state.

There are also quirks, such as Vermont replacing tackle football with 7-on-7 touch, while Rhode Island has simply erased football in any form from the 2020-2021 school year.

Where each state stands, according to Tuesday’s report in The Columbian:


Season has started:

New Hampshire
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota


Season started late or ending early:

New Jersey


Plan to play in spring 2021:

District of Columbia
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina



Arizona — Season started Oct. 1, but Phoenix area schools don’t start play until Oct. 23.

Colorado — 79% of schools opened shortened season Oct. 9. Remainder plan to play in the spring. Some games have been cancelled after positive COVID-19 tests.

Maryland — Reversed decision to move football to 2021, allowing districts to make own choice. Some opted to play in the fall, others are undecided, and some remain committed to spring.

Minnesota — Season started Oct. 9, but multiple games have been canceled because of COVID-19.

Missouri — Part of state playing, but areas including St. Louis, are not.

Pennsylvania — Some districts started play Sept. 11. Others Oct. 2. Approximately 15 percent of state schools opting to delay play until spring.

Rhode Island — No football in 2020-2021.

Vermont — Replaced tackle football with 7-on-7 touch. Teams playing twice a week between Sept. 25-Oct. 24.

West Virginia: Season started Sept. 4, but COVID restrictions have forced frequent cancellations.

Wisconsin — Two-third of state schools started play Sept. 25. Other third waiting for spring.

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One birthday, three transcendent stars. CHS supernovas (clockwise, from left) Mattea Miller, Arisbeth Montiel, Julia Borges. (John Fisken photos)

   One birthday, three transcendent stars. CHS supernovas (clockwise, from left) Mattea Miller, Arisbeth Montiel and Julia Borges. (John Fisken photos)

We are in a golden age of female athletics in Coupeville.

Now sure, there are a lot of very talented male athletes as well. But, as a group, the women are kicking butt and taking names.

From last year’s league title winning girls’ basketball and tennis squads on down, the young women who wear the red and black at CHS are a talented, confident bunch.

And today is a magical day in which three bright shining stars all share a birthday, united by currently calling Cow Town home and by their general awesomeness.

Julia Borges is the newest addition, having arrived from Brazil to spend a year on The Rock as a foreign exchange student.

Already she is front and center with the Wolf cheer squad, her radiant smile beaming out as she joins in with her teammates during football games.

There is little rhyme or reason to where foreign exchange students are sent to, but, once again, we hit the jackpot by getting one of the best available.

Julia has been an outstanding addition to Wolf Nation, one who will always be a part of our little world, even after she heads home to the big city.

Joining her in celebrating her day of cake is Arisbeth Montiel, a two-way terror who joins Borges on the Wolf cheer squad while also being one of the leading goal scorers for the Coupeville girls’ soccer squad.

Whether she’s banging home scores on the soccer pitch, where she teams up with Kalia and Mia Littlejohn to form a potent trio putting the fear of God into opposing goalies, or working the pom poms, Arisbeth is another stellar addition to a group of Wolf female athletes taking the world by storm.

And capping our birthday trio is the legend herself, Mattea Miller, the Alaskan Assassin, who has sparkled in so many sports it’s hard to keep count.

Soccer, basketball, track. She can do it all and more, and remains, like best friend Valen Trujillo, the gold standard for student/athletes at CHS.

Mattea has never been one to shout and scream and thump herself on the chest. Instead, she is the athlete who quietly does whatever is necessary, the dirty work or the star work, and sparkles at it all.

If they come to us and say, go pick someone who your town can hold up proudly, as an athlete, but even more so, as a person, a young woman of class and determination, who always shows love for her family and friends, someone who is worthy of being hailed for her character and her sweet nature, someone who will fight on the field but embrace others afterwards, Miller accomplishes all of that.

She is one of the special ones.

As all three of these young women — top scholars, feisty athletes, special people — celebrate their cake day, we want to wish them the best.

Arisbeth, Julia, Mattea, you make this town better for your presence. May your day sparkle as much as you all do.

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Myiah Meade

Myiah Meade

Can we start calling her the “Alaskan Assassin?”

OK, so we might need to wait a bit and see how strong Myiah Meade’s game on the volleyball court is, but you heard it here first.

If she’s a spike-happy killer, I’ve already copyrighted the nickname.

Either way, the recent import to Wolf Nation — she moved here from Fairbanks, Alaska, where she attended North Pole High School — gives Breanne Smedley another potential weapon as she heads into her second season as Coupeville High School’s volleyball coach.

Meade, who will be a junior in the fall, has been working with her new teammates during spring practice and already has her eye on where she’d like to get stronger with her spiker skills.

“My goals for the upcoming season are to become a better player, physically and mentally, ” Meade said. “My strengths are hitting and passing. Some things I would like to work on are diving and digging up the ball.”

She plans to play basketball for the Wolves, as well, and enjoys the chance to mesh with her teammates.

“Volleyball is a very intense sport, with a lot of team work,” Meade said. “And I enjoy the team atmosphere.”

Meade first picked up the sport in sixth grade and hasn’t let go yet, racking up five consecutive seasons before the move to Whidbey.

“I started playing because one of my friends in a higher grade told me about open gyms,” Meade said. “I immediately took to the sport.”

Away from the volleyball court, she enjoys painting and culinary arts, with an emphasis on barbecue competitions.

No matter what she’s doing, she always has the support of family.

One person, in particular, is always there to offer her advice, and Meade is happy to draw upon her experience.

“My mom has encouraged me a lot to push myself and get better.”

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Claire Ure: Senorita Sunshine

Yes, yes, JP, you're a little ray of sunshine too...

Yes, yes, JP, you’re a little ray of sunshine too…

Now, you might think this is going to be a happy birthday thing for former CHS soccer stud JP Ward, but you’d be wrong.

Sure, JP hits the big 2-1 today and he is a pitch legend and he is a lil’ ray of sunshine and all, so it would fit.

But nope.

JP gets to slide to the side so we can honor his girlfriend instead, the sunniest ray of sunshine in all the land, one Miss Claire Ure.

A former Coupeville star now wrapping up her high school days in Oak Harbor, Claire has also followed in the footsteps of big sis Jenna (pretty dang sunny herself) by working at Christopher’s on Whidbey.

Through easy shifts and slammed-to-the-wall nights, Claire is always like a breath of fresh air.

As genuinely sweet a person as you are likely to meet, she treats everyone the same — welcoming them with soft words, a calmness of spirit and a smile that would warm even the hardest of hearts.

To know Claire is to like her and anyone who would say a single ill word about her is likely to end up in a ditch someplace outside city limits, deposited there by her epically-sized fan club.

She is smart, she is kind, she is wonderful (she maybe needs to drive a little slower…), she is living, breathing proof that Jewel is not the only mega star to emerge from the wastelands of Alaska.

Wherever she goes, whatever she does after graduation, she will be amazing.

I hope, as she celebrates her birthday, Claire realizes how much everyone around her — from her family to her friends to her co-workers — thinks she is the bee’s knees.

The world adores you, Miss Ure, and you deserve every accolade.

Oh, and JP, you’re not too bad, either.

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Ashlyn Miller

Ashlyn Miller (John Fisken photos)

Miller unleashes the javelin during her junior track season.

Miller unleashes the javelin during her junior track season.

Hanging out with lil' sis Mattea.

Hanging out with lil’ sis Mattea.

All cheerleaders smile.

Few radiate the warmth that Coupeville High School senior Ashlyn Miller does, however.

Through rain, wind or fog on the football sideline, her spirit never flagged.

Her voice never wavered, her spirit never broke, and, most of all, she sent a genuine sense of happiness out to everyone who surrounded her.

That’s a personality trait that carries over in her non-cheer life, as well.

As part of a dynamic duo with younger sister Mattea, Ashlyn is one of the best and brightest the Wolves have to offer the world.

Alaska’s loss is Coupeville’s gain.

As she celebrates her 18th birthday today, a week away from what I anticipate will be the start of her final high school track season (she was a sprinter/thrower/relay whiz as a junior), here’s best wishes to a truly talented, radiant young woman.

Happy birthday, Miss Miller! Never stop being awesome.

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