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Arisbeth (John Fisken photos)

   Arisbeth Montiel: “So … we meet again, my eternal nemesis.” (John Fisken photos)

May Rose

   Bright shoes flashing in the late October sun, May Rose is off to score more goals.


Jovanah Foote (left) and Ema Smith, at home in front of the camera.


   Wearing warrior markings on her face for her final home game, Kirsten Pelroy is planning to kick some booty. As usual.

Jae LeVine

   If there’s a game, super fan Jae LeVine will be there, sign in hand. It’s how she rolls.


   Senior defender Jenn Spark, doing what she does best, making sure no one (I said no one!) gets close enough to her goal to cause any damage.


Hugs ‘r us.


Wolf goalie Lauren Grove, ready for her very own Wheaties box.

Shoot and score.

It worked both ways at Tuesday’s Coupeville High School girls’ soccer game.

The Wolves celebrated Senior Night by capping regular season play with a 2-0 win over Port Townsend, their team record-tying sixth win of the year.

And, while they were busy at work on the pitch, travelin’ photo man John Fisken was busy on the sidelines, snapping pics of all the action, on and off the field.

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Arisbeth Montiel notched her third goal of the season Tuesday night. (John Fisken photos)

  Arisbeth Montiel notched her third goal of the season Tuesday night. (John Fisken photos)

Fear Jenn Spark's Million Dollar Leg!

Fear Jenn Spark’s Million Dollar Leg!

They tempted fate, then made their own.

After staking host Port Townsend to a two-goal lead in the first half Tuesday, the Coupeville High School girls’ soccer squad roared back to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Forcing overtime after tying things up 2-2, the Wolves held strong through extra time, then claimed the conference win with a 3-1 edge in a penalty kick shootout.

The victory was huge, as it propelled Coupeville into sole possession of second place in the 1A Olympic League.

The Wolves (2-1 in league play, 4-5-3 overall) sit a game back of defending 1A state champ Klahowya (3-0, 9-3-1) with three to play.

Chimacum (1-2, 3-10), who Coupeville hosts Thursday (4 PM) and Port Townsend (0-3, 0-9-2) round out the standings.

Being in second is important, as the current setup for districts shows only the top two teams from the Olympic League being guaranteed a postseason berth.

Saving their best for late, the Wolves rallied with a strong second-half performance Tuesday.

Arisbeth Montiel notched her third goal of the season, off of an assist from Mia Littlejohn (her seventh) to close the gap to 2-1, then CHS captain Jenn Spark got explosive.

The senior with the million dollar leg uncorked a direct kick from the left sideline, curling it up and over the RedHawk goalie in a fashion that would have made David Beckham scream with delight.

As the ball caught the perfect bend and smacked into the back of the net — it was still picking up speed as it slammed home — Spark and her Wolf teammates went bonkers for a bit.

They quickly calmed down and clamped down on defense, holding Port Townsend scoreless through the second half and overtime play.

With one team needing to emerge — ties are no longer an option at this point of the season — the two squads faced off in a shootout, and one team was clearly better.

Spark, Littlejohn and Lauren Bayne all netted successful shots, while Wolf goalie Lauren Grove shut the door on any potential upset with great authority.

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Montiel (John Fisken photos)

Marlen Montiel wants all the goals. All of them! (John Fisken photos)

And then a ballet broke out at mid-field.

And then a ballet broke out at mid-field.

"AAAAAAAAA!!!! I may have just pulled a muscle ... or 20 of them."

“AAAAAAAAA!!!! I may have just pulled a muscle … or 20 of them.”

"Boys..." Wynter Arndt

“Boys…” Wynter Arndt is not impressed.


Montiel, on the move and slicin’ ‘n dicin’ the defense.


“Hey, that’s my ball. I’ll just take it back now. Yoink!”


Arndt, serene off the pitch, but ruthless when battling for the ball.

"Outta my way! I got goals to score, fool!!"

“Outta my way! I got goals to score, fool!!”

Arisbeth Montiel’s little sister is a goal-scoring superstar.

That much is very evident when you look at pictures of Marlen Montiel in action from Saturday youth soccer.

Following in the footsteps of her older sister, who has scored twice for the CHS girls’ soccer squad this year (sister Citlalli is also on the Wolf roster), the little Montiel is already claiming the spotlight.

With travelin’ photo man John Fisken out and about, snapping pics wherever a soccer ball might be bouncing, Montiel and other future Wolf booters are getting their moment tonight.

Bask in the awesomeness.

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The Three Amigo celebrate.

  The Three Amigo celebrate. May Rose (14) and Bree Daigneault both scored Saturday, while Wolf volleyball star Ally Roberts was there to root her buddies on. (Mimi Rose photo)

Taichen Rose teams with older sister May to form the Rose & Rose Wrecking Crew. (John Fisken photo)

   Taichen Rose teams with older sister May to form the Rose & Rose Wrecking Crew. (John Fisken photo)

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Facing off Saturday with two-time defending 1B/2B state soccer champs Crosspoint Academy, the public school kids more than held their own.

Riding goals from May Rose, Bree Daigneault and Jenn Spark, the Coupeville High School girls’ soccer squad came within a whisker of an upset, before being nipped 4-3.

“The match was epic and the girls are learning to ratchet up their level of intensity to match and surpass their opponent,” said CHS coach Troy Cowan. “Each match we get faster, stronger and better prepared for our impending conference matches.”

The non-conference loss dropped the Wolves to 2-3-3 on the season, while Crosspoint won its fourth straight.

Coupeville will now have 10 days to tweak all the small things, as it’s off until a non-conference game at La Conner Oct. 13.

Two days after that, the Wolves kick off the first of six straight 1A Olympic League matches, which will decide the squad’s postseason fate.

Saturday, facing a school it lost to 7-1 last year, Coupeville clamped down on both sides of the ball.

Crosspoint had outscored its last three opponents 27-1, with nine goals in each of those games, but the Wolf defense held them to less than half of that per-game average.

While Spark is the rock for the Wolf defense, her fellow defenders all stepped up big.

One young gun drew big-time praise from her coach, for her play on the afternoon and all season.

“How impressed I have been with one of my players of late. She is the hardest-working player on the pitch, never complains, gives me and her teammates 100% every second on the pitch and does it with a smile on her face,” Cowan said. “She has grown leaps and bounds from her freshman year to yesterday. She is gritty, tough-minded and passionate!

Taichen Rose has left an indelible mark on me and demonstrated the true spirit of sportsmanship and the results of possessing a positive perspective.”

And, when the Wolves had their chances on offense, they took full advantage, and not always from the expected gunners.

Kalia Littlejohn, who entered with seven goals in seven games, was held scoreless, but set up Daigneault for her second goal of the season.

Spark crushed home her third score of the season, with a little help from an opposing player.

The senior with the golden leg let loose with a corner kick that curled at the last second, then exploded off of a Crosspoint defender’s noggin and into the corner of the net.

Wrapping up Coupeville’s scoring burst was May Rose, as the junior hit pay-dirt after being set up by Mia Littlejohn.

One of the most unsung Wolves, the always-hard working older sister in the Rose & Rose Wrecking Crew was sky-high afterwards.

Especially with one of her best friends, Daigneault, also scoring, while the third of the Three Amigos, CHS spiker Ally Roberts, screamed her approval from the sidelines.

“I know what it feels like to cry when you’re over emotionally happy now,” Rose posted on Twitter in the afterglow of her big moment.

To her, and all of her Wolf teammates, who never broke, and barely yielded, in the face of a true powerhouse, job well done, ladies.

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One birthday, three transcendent stars. CHS supernovas (clockwise, from left) Mattea Miller, Arisbeth Montiel, Julia Borges. (John Fisken photos)

   One birthday, three transcendent stars. CHS supernovas (clockwise, from left) Mattea Miller, Arisbeth Montiel and Julia Borges. (John Fisken photos)

We are in a golden age of female athletics in Coupeville.

Now sure, there are a lot of very talented male athletes as well. But, as a group, the women are kicking butt and taking names.

From last year’s league title winning girls’ basketball and tennis squads on down, the young women who wear the red and black at CHS are a talented, confident bunch.

And today is a magical day in which three bright shining stars all share a birthday, united by currently calling Cow Town home and by their general awesomeness.

Julia Borges is the newest addition, having arrived from Brazil to spend a year on The Rock as a foreign exchange student.

Already she is front and center with the Wolf cheer squad, her radiant smile beaming out as she joins in with her teammates during football games.

There is little rhyme or reason to where foreign exchange students are sent to, but, once again, we hit the jackpot by getting one of the best available.

Julia has been an outstanding addition to Wolf Nation, one who will always be a part of our little world, even after she heads home to the big city.

Joining her in celebrating her day of cake is Arisbeth Montiel, a two-way terror who joins Borges on the Wolf cheer squad while also being one of the leading goal scorers for the Coupeville girls’ soccer squad.

Whether she’s banging home scores on the soccer pitch, where she teams up with Kalia and Mia Littlejohn to form a potent trio putting the fear of God into opposing goalies, or working the pom poms, Arisbeth is another stellar addition to a group of Wolf female athletes taking the world by storm.

And capping our birthday trio is the legend herself, Mattea Miller, the Alaskan Assassin, who has sparkled in so many sports it’s hard to keep count.

Soccer, basketball, track. She can do it all and more, and remains, like best friend Valen Trujillo, the gold standard for student/athletes at CHS.

Mattea has never been one to shout and scream and thump herself on the chest. Instead, she is the athlete who quietly does whatever is necessary, the dirty work or the star work, and sparkles at it all.

If they come to us and say, go pick someone who your town can hold up proudly, as an athlete, but even more so, as a person, a young woman of class and determination, who always shows love for her family and friends, someone who is worthy of being hailed for her character and her sweet nature, someone who will fight on the field but embrace others afterwards, Miller accomplishes all of that.

She is one of the special ones.

As all three of these young women — top scholars, feisty athletes, special people — celebrate their cake day, we want to wish them the best.

Arisbeth, Julia, Mattea, you make this town better for your presence. May your day sparkle as much as you all do.

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