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Coupeville grad Makana Stone is off to Brazil as part of an all-star basketball team. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Basketball has carried Makana Stone from Cow Town to Brazil.

The Coupeville High School grad, who has spent the past two seasons ripping up the floor at Whitman College, has been tabbed to join the USA D-III Women’s Basketball Team.

As a member of the 10-player squad, Stone is jetting off to Brazil and will be overseas July 16-25, playing four games while there.

The trip, set up by USA Sports Tours and Events, has American women and men’s teams playing games against Jundiai, Santa Andre, Queimados and Fluminese.

The Santa Andre women’s squad is a pro team.

When they’re not playing and practicing, the USA hoops teams will have a chance to experience everything Brazil has to offer.

The players will visit schools and sports clubs, and will have a chance to see the Christ the Redeemer Statue and Sugar Loaf Mountain, two of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.

Stone, who is entering her junior year at Whitman, is the lone player on the tour to hail from Washington state.

The women’s team includes athletes from nine states and a variety of colleges, and will be led by coaches from Luther College in Iowa.

Stone is coming off a sophomore season in which she torched the nets for 12.3 points a game, snatched 7.2 boards a night and was named a First-Team All-Conference pick by the Northwest Conference.

Whitman has advanced to the NCAA tourney in both of her seasons, piling up a 48-10 record in her time in Walla Walla.

While growing up in Coupeville, playing soccer and basketball and running track, Stone put together one of the best individual prep sports careers the town has seen.

A two-time CHS Female Athlete of the Year (who should have been at least a three-timer and I will never stop arguing she was robbed as a freshman), she finished as the #3 scorer in Wolf girls basketball history.

Stone also has the most state meet medals of any Wolf female track competitor, and kicked off her high school career by winning her first 28 races – the best streak in the history of CHS.

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One birthday, three transcendent stars. CHS supernovas (clockwise, from left) Mattea Miller, Arisbeth Montiel, Julia Borges. (John Fisken photos)

   One birthday, three transcendent stars. CHS supernovas (clockwise, from left) Mattea Miller, Arisbeth Montiel and Julia Borges. (John Fisken photos)

We are in a golden age of female athletics in Coupeville.

Now sure, there are a lot of very talented male athletes as well. But, as a group, the women are kicking butt and taking names.

From last year’s league title winning girls’ basketball and tennis squads on down, the young women who wear the red and black at CHS are a talented, confident bunch.

And today is a magical day in which three bright shining stars all share a birthday, united by currently calling Cow Town home and by their general awesomeness.

Julia Borges is the newest addition, having arrived from Brazil to spend a year on The Rock as a foreign exchange student.

Already she is front and center with the Wolf cheer squad, her radiant smile beaming out as she joins in with her teammates during football games.

There is little rhyme or reason to where foreign exchange students are sent to, but, once again, we hit the jackpot by getting one of the best available.

Julia has been an outstanding addition to Wolf Nation, one who will always be a part of our little world, even after she heads home to the big city.

Joining her in celebrating her day of cake is Arisbeth Montiel, a two-way terror who joins Borges on the Wolf cheer squad while also being one of the leading goal scorers for the Coupeville girls’ soccer squad.

Whether she’s banging home scores on the soccer pitch, where she teams up with Kalia and Mia Littlejohn to form a potent trio putting the fear of God into opposing goalies, or working the pom poms, Arisbeth is another stellar addition to a group of Wolf female athletes taking the world by storm.

And capping our birthday trio is the legend herself, Mattea Miller, the Alaskan Assassin, who has sparkled in so many sports it’s hard to keep count.

Soccer, basketball, track. She can do it all and more, and remains, like best friend Valen Trujillo, the gold standard for student/athletes at CHS.

Mattea has never been one to shout and scream and thump herself on the chest. Instead, she is the athlete who quietly does whatever is necessary, the dirty work or the star work, and sparkles at it all.

If they come to us and say, go pick someone who your town can hold up proudly, as an athlete, but even more so, as a person, a young woman of class and determination, who always shows love for her family and friends, someone who is worthy of being hailed for her character and her sweet nature, someone who will fight on the field but embrace others afterwards, Miller accomplishes all of that.

She is one of the special ones.

As all three of these young women — top scholars, feisty athletes, special people — celebrate their cake day, we want to wish them the best.

Arisbeth, Julia, Mattea, you make this town better for your presence. May your day sparkle as much as you all do.

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Julia Borges

Julia Borges (Photo courtesy Borges)

Coupeville cheer will have a Brazilian accent this year.

This addition of foreign exchange student Julia Borges adds a big city touch to small town athletics.

The newest Wolf hails from São Paulo, the most populous city in the Western hemisphere and the 13th biggest in the entire world.

Estimates of the population run from 11-19 million (depending on whether you count the metropolitan area surrounding the city).

And now Borges will call Coupeville, with a population of less than 1,900, home for the next school year.

The quiet, and the weather, have been the biggest transitions so far.

“I was afraid to live in a town so different from Sao Paulo, but I am adjusting so well here!,” Borges said. “My host family is so nice and everyone I have already met is nice and helpful too!

“That is the biggest surprise I had and my biggest challenge here is the cold weather, which I am not used to.”

Borges has many supporters back home (“I have a big family with a lot of cousins and relatives”) and their faith in her made it easier to travel around the globe.

“I always wanted to be an exchange student and my family always supported that idea!,” Borges said. “I intend to improve my English, to be more independent, to meet new people and to have a different experience!”

Like most foreign exchange students, she had no idea where she would end up, but she’s quickly adjusting to the culture shock.

“Coupeville was a surprise destination and now I am sure it is the perfect town for my exchange!,” Borges said. “Everybody here is so friendly and nice!”

While she’s never been a cheerleader before, Borges, who hopes to also play tennis for CHS in the spring, has been a dancer for most of her life, which should help.

“It is not common to have cheer-leading team in Brazil, so that is a different experience that all the Brazilian girls would like to have,” she said. “I love dancing and I have been practicing it in Brazil since I was a child, so being a cheerleader is similar.”

Borges also plays the piano and enjoys movies and music. After her year in America, she plans to return to her home country and study architecture.

And, while her Coupeville odyssey is just beginning, she already has plans for return visits.

“I intend to come back here later and visit everyone from Coupeville that I will miss so much!”

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Clockwise from left, Sylvia Hurlburt, Allison Dickson and Jovanah Foote. (John Fisken photos)

Clockwise from left, are Sylvia Hurlburt, Allison Dickson and Jovanah Foote. (John Fisken photos)

Spirit runs deep in Coupeville.

CHS cheer coach Cheridan Eck currently has a roster almost 30 girls deep, as practice for the fall season is kicking into over-drive.

Leading the way will be a trio of veterans.

Co-captains Sylvia Hurlburt and Allison Dickson will be at the forefront, with Jovanah Foote having been tabbed as spirit captain.

The Wolf roster as it sits today:

Madison Aylesworth
Julia Borges
Haileigh Bovee
Kiara Burdge
Robin Cedillo
Allison Dickson
Lainey Dickson
Natasha Estes
Jovanah Foote
Jazmine Franklin
Naika Hallam
Gaby Halpin
Abby Hamilton
Tomi Herrera
Kaela Hollrigel
Sylvia Hurlburt
Mckenzie Meyer
Claire Mietus
Arisbeth Montiel
Lolli Montiel
Katherine Morales
Heather Nastali
Amanda Neitzel
Maddy Neitzel
Andrea O’Brochta
Moira Reed
Rebecca Robinson
Hannah Shinn
Brittany Starr

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Wynter Thorne made her singles debut Friday, cruising to a victory. (John Fisken photos)

  Wynter Thorne made her singles debut Friday, cruising to a victory. (John Fisken photos)

The Luvera sisters, winnin' and grinnin'.

The Luvera sisters, winnin’ and grinnin’.

The league is theirs to take.

Soundly thrashing the combined forces of Chimacum and Port Townsend Friday, the Coupeville High School girls’ tennis squad sent a message.

A loud one.

The chase for a championship banner in the 1A Olympic League goes through Cow Town, and the Wolves are dead-set on bringing home the hardware.

Friday’s 6-1 shellacking, coming on the heels of an equally-impressive dismantling of Klahowya in late March, lifts Coupeville to 2-0 in league play, 3-3 overall.

The Wolves still have two more matches apiece against their league rivals, but the opening wins were emphatic enough to make Vegas pick CHS as a sure thing.

Complete results:


1st Singles — Jacki Ginnings beat Laura De Michelli 6-2, 6-3

Not even a Brazilian foreign exchange student could ruffle the super-smooth Ginnings.

“Her game is developing rapidly as she plays matches,” said Coupeville coach Ken Stange. “Now that she’s into her third year of playing, Jacki’s now able to focus on the little subtleties of the game. She’s a real technician on the court!”

2nd Singles — Valen Trujillo beat Casi Rowland 6-0, 6-2

Valen continues to roll. She simply overpowered her opponent. Sometimes it can be difficult to play well against a player who hits with little pace and direction.

“Valen didn’t let her own level of play dropped; she applied constant pressure.”

3rd Singles — Wynter Thorne beat Amelia Breithaupt 6-2, 6-2

Formerly a doubles ace, Thorne made her debut as a singles player and was an immediate hit.

“Her style of play is well-suited for the singles court. She has a long swing that produced deep shots. Wynter did not disappoint.

Wynter looked quite comfortable. She moved well, she kept the ball deep, and she made her opponent run everywhere. She was all smiles. Her play made me feel like a genius. Her play also made me very happy.”

1st Doubles — Payton Aparicio/Sage Renninger lost to Ray Maki/Sarah Allen 6-3, 6-4

Coupeville’s freshmen ran into a duo that has been playing together for four years, and experience edged youthful enthusiasm.

Payton and Sage made a very skilled team earn the win. The Wolf frosh continue to grow, and they are staying positive. Their time will come!”

2nd Doubles — McKenzie Bailey/Jazmine Franklin beat Sophia Thurstan/Makenzie Richey 6-3, 6-1

McKenzie and Jazmine were on top of their games today! They are a pair that does not present a weak link.”

3rd Doubles — Sydney Autio/Micky LeVine beat Holly Taylor/Alyssa Wolfe 6-3, 6-4

The duo started hot, hit a rough spot, then regrouped and finished strong, winning Player of the Match honors.

4th Doubles — Ana Luvera/Ivy Luvera beat Amy Plastow/Tessa Rasmussen 6-1, 6-3

“They didn’t even think that they played well, but I assured them that they did. They played against players who played, well, non-traditionally.

“Ana and Ivy were able to overcome some odd bounces, and they sent their opponents packing.”


Bree Daigneault/McKenzie Meyer beat Chloe Patterson/Jordyn Johnson 8-1

Haleigh Deasy/Hanna Seiffert beat Gladys Hitt/Juliet Alban Vallat 8-6

Ashley Smith/Kameryn St. Onge beat Christina Bell/Emily Calkins 8-3

Maggie Crimmins/Kenzi LaRue lost to Amelia Breithaupt/Chloe Patterson 8-2

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