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Birthday girl Lainey Dickson.

Birthday girl Lainey Dickson.

She is like a ray of sunshine on the prairie, isn’t she?

Like big sis Allison before her, Coupeville High School cheerleader Lainey Dickson has so much spirit and energy, it would be a crime against humanity if she wasn’t a cheerleader.

So, it’s a good thing Lainey, who celebrates a birthday today, chose the Ohana life.

It was, quite simply, her destiny.

Part of a large, very successful athletic family with strong Coupeville ties, Dickson is a young woman going places.

Bright, outgoing, kind, loyal, (I can keep going…), smart as all get-out and able to light up the entire crowd even on a foggy Friday night when the Wolves are four touchdowns behind, she is a winner through and through.

As Lainey celebrates her birthday, nine weeks to the day she and her fellow CHS cheerleaders will return to the field for the 2016 football opener against South Whidbey, we want to wish her the best.

Thank you, Miss Dickson, for being an amazing ambassador for your school, your town, your faith and your family.

We are blessed to have you front and center here in Wolf Nation.

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CHS cheer captain, and birthday girl, Allison Dickson. (John Fisken photos)

CHS cheer captain, and birthday girl, Allison Dickson. (John Fisken photos)

Dickson shares the stage with co-captain Sylvia Hurlburt and Wolf coach Cheridan Eck.

   Dickson shares the stage with co-captain Sylvia Hurlburt and Wolf coach Cheridan Eck.

Getting a boost from Jovanah Foote (left) and sister Lainey Dickson.

  Getting a boost from Jovanah Foote (left) and lil’ sis Lainey. (Lisa Dickson photo)

Can’t celebrate Christmas without cheering on Allison Dickson.

Seriously, cause the Coupeville High School senior was born on Christmas Eve and her legend has just grown from there.

A dedicated part of the Wolf cheer squad, Allison rose to the captaincy this year, where she and Sylvia Hurlburt were benevolent (and loud ‘n proud) rulers.

As she celebrates her birthday today, Dickson is a vital part of one of Coupeville’s best sports families.

The Dicksons (older brother Jared was a Wolf football and soccer standout who is now off on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, while lil’ sis Lainey is also a key member of the CHS cheer squad) have always been class acts.

I would assume parents Randy and Lisa are proud of the trio, who reflect extremely well on their family, their town and their faith.

I can’t say that I know the Dicksons all that well on a personal basis, but as a fan, always lurking there in the background with an eye on things, I have been absolutely impressed with them.

You could use a lot of words to describe today’s birthday girl, words like exuberant, cheerful and a leader.

But if you had to pick one, and stay with one, it is that — class.

Dickson has exuded that every day, in every way, during her time on the sidelines at CHS.

She comes across as a smart, dedicated young woman, open to helping others and a great role model for young cheerleaders just coming up through the system.

Allison shines now, and I have little doubt she will go on to amaze us all in her future endeavors, much like her brother before her, but, while she’s still here, due respect should be paid for the way she conducts herself on a daily basis.

She is one class act, and she makes her town and her school better for her presence.

I know this from what I see and also from what I hear from other fans.

Happy birthday, Miss Dickson, and thank you.

Whether you realize it or not, your fan club is huge and all of us wish you the very best, today and every day.

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Kaela Hollrigel

Kaela Hollrigel

The lighter side of Hollrigel’s personality surfaces.

Kaela Hollrigel is a busy young woman.

The Coupeville High School junior, who moved to the Island last October, has added cheer to a schedule already chock-full.

Along with being a wingman for the Wolf cheer squad, Hollrigel is a leader in both ASB and National Honor Society, while also participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Toss in side activities (“My primary interests are reading and doing art, like painting and drawing”), favorite classes like science and art and hanging out with family (“I love to spend time with my mom and sister”) and she’s got a lot going on.

Though, and this is a HUGE plus, Hollrigel still finds the time to appreciate a little AC/DC, so, when CHS football announcer Willie Smith cranks up his pre-game tunes over the PA system this fall, at least one Wolf cheerleader will enjoy the moment.

Hollrigel picked up the cheer bug as a way to meet people in her new home, and it’s worked out splendidly.

“I started because I wanted to be a part of a team that is fun and a great workout,” she said. “I also wanted to join cheer because I thought it would be a great way to make friends, and it is.”

Now several months intro her introduction to the sport, Hollrigel has come to appreciate the connections that grow between teammates.

“I enjoy so many things in cheer. Like the great bond all of us have formed like a family; we all call it Ohana,” she said. “Also I love how much fun all the dances are and the routines and our coach Cheridan (Eck) makes our practices so much fun for all of us because each day is a new experience.”

Team leaders have helped show her the way, and she looks up to them for their leadership, style and inclusiveness.

“Some players that have really been a role model to me are our team captains, Allison Dickson and Sylvia Hurlburt, because they are such great role models for the whole team and with the help of Cheridan they make practice even more fun then it already is,” Hollrigel said.

“And that’s pretty hard, because we all have so much fun.”

But, while it’s enjoyable, there is also a lot of work involved, work that Hollrigel and her teammates would like to see appreciated.

“I would consider CHS cheer a sport, because as a team we do a great workout every day during practice,” she said. “We also have Workout Wednesday’s, where we do our own personalized workouts.

“As a team we also have a great workout when stunting because we have to throw and lift girls up in the air,” Hollrigel added. “That, to me, is why cheer is considered a sport.”

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Clockwise from left, Sylvia Hurlburt, Allison Dickson and Jovanah Foote. (John Fisken photos)

Clockwise from left, are Sylvia Hurlburt, Allison Dickson and Jovanah Foote. (John Fisken photos)

Spirit runs deep in Coupeville.

CHS cheer coach Cheridan Eck currently has a roster almost 30 girls deep, as practice for the fall season is kicking into over-drive.

Leading the way will be a trio of veterans.

Co-captains Sylvia Hurlburt and Allison Dickson will be at the forefront, with Jovanah Foote having been tabbed as spirit captain.

The Wolf roster as it sits today:

Madison Aylesworth
Julia Borges
Haileigh Bovee
Kiara Burdge
Robin Cedillo
Allison Dickson
Lainey Dickson
Natasha Estes
Jovanah Foote
Jazmine Franklin
Naika Hallam
Gaby Halpin
Abby Hamilton
Tomi Herrera
Kaela Hollrigel
Sylvia Hurlburt
Mckenzie Meyer
Claire Mietus
Arisbeth Montiel
Lolli Montiel
Katherine Morales
Heather Nastali
Amanda Neitzel
Maddy Neitzel
Andrea O’Brochta
Moira Reed
Rebecca Robinson
Hannah Shinn
Brittany Starr

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Allison Dickson

Allison Dickson

A new high school sports year approaches and the Coupeville High School cheer squad is hard at work.

To get you ready, we present a series of features on Wolf cheerleaders, with the headline to each article paying tribute to 2009’s “Fired Up!,” the best cheerleader movie ever made.

Yeah, you heard me the first time, “Bring it On.” I said it and I meant it.

Allison Dickson does not fear hard work. In fact, she embraces it.

The CHS junior, who is entering her second season as a member of the Wolf cheer squad, knows her sport requires hours of toil and sweat, work often under-appreciated by those who think cheer is just standing on a sideline waving pom-poms.

“Cheer takes hard work,” Dickson said. “We have to practice, just like any other sport, we have to work as a team, just like any other sport, we have to be strong and we have to work hard, just like any other sport.”

She’s joined on the squad by younger sister Lainey, and family has always been an important part of her life.

“My family always supports me,” Dickson said. “They help me to be confident in myself, to know that I can do hard things.

“They help me to be the best I can be!”

When she’s not cheering, Dickson can usually be found somewhere in the vicinity of a piano (she’s been playing more more than a decade).

She also participates in Big Brothers Big Sisters, is a member of the National Honor Society, and, like her siblings, played soccer when she was younger.

“I like all my classes, but my favorite last year was weight training,” Dickson said. “I like spending time with family and friends, church, eating food, and I like photography.”

And, while there is a lot of work involved in cheer, in the end, it comes down to joy for Dickson.

“I thought it might be something I would enjoy,” she said. “I enjoy getting people excited and cheering people on.”

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