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Sylvia Hurlburt, the feistiest one of them all. (John Fisken photo)

Sylvia Hurlburt, the feistiest one of them all. (John Fisken photo)

Hurlburt and Jovanah Foote -- cheer buddies for life. (Photos courtesy Kristin Hurlburt)

   Sylvia and Jovanah Foote — cheer buddies for life. (Photos courtesy Kristin Hurlburt)

"I'll get off the freakin' Ferris Wheel when I feel like it, buddy, and not before!!"

   “I heard you the first time, woman! I’ll get off the freakin’ Ferris Wheel when I feel like it, and not before!!”

He's not heavy, he's my brother. Sylvia and big bro' Larry.

The dynamic duo — Sylvia and big bro’ Larry.

Workin' as the paparazzi. (John Fisken photo)

Workin’ as a paparazzi. (John Fisken photo)


The track superstar at rest. (Kristin Hurlburt photos)

Miss Hurlburt, friend to animals.

Miss Hurlburt, friend to animals.



Today, if you haven’t heard, is national Sylvia Hurlburt day.

The Coupeville High School senior, a whirlwind of positivity and wonderment (and athletic skill and sunny snarkiness, too!), is celebrating her cake day, having hit the big 1-8 on her journey towards graduation.

As she celebrates her latest milestone, we present a few hundred photos to mark the occasion.

OK, 23 photos, if you’re counting, but that’s still the most I’ve run for anyone’s birthday. So, that’s something.

I also got one of Sylvia’s closest friends, fellow CHS cheer captain Jovanah Foote, to say a few words about Miss Hurlburt.

So, let’s turn the stage over to her.

Sylvia is one of my oldest friends and she is spectacular.

She cheers, she dances, and she’s a crazy athlete.

She is a bundle of joy and love mixed with a little sass and I absolutely love it.

I’ve known her since I was very little and it’s insane that we’re both already 18 and graduating.

I have so many great memories with her, starting from preschool all the way up to our final year of high school, and I absolutely cherish all of them.

Cheering with her all these years has been so fun and great!

I have enjoyed being by her side, her partner in crime.

I can’t wait for many more memories in our lives because we will forever be best friends.

I love you and I hope your 18th birthday is insanely FABULOUS!

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Jovanah Foote

Jovanah Foote

Jovanah Foote seems to have no fear.

The Coupeville High School senior, who celebrates a birthday today, has spent her final year at CHS taking full advantage of every opportunity.

She’s always been front and center in the world of Wolf cheer, and was a captain in two different seasons this year.

But Jovanah has also jumped at the chance to try new things in her final go-round, playing soccer and running track to keep her senior year a busy one.

On the pitch she became a fan favorite, working as hard as anyone on the team and building a cheering section one game at a time.

When Foote came super-close to scoring this season, Dawn Hesselgrave, mom to Wolf booters Mia and Kalia Littlejohn, about fell off the top row of the bleachers, she was so excited.

And while Jovanah didn’t bring the same years of experience to the field that many of her new teammates did, she more than matched them in enthusiasm and the joy she displayed every time she entered a game.

If you could, you’d like to take every person as they enter their last year of high school and point to Foote and say, “Follow her example.”

Take new chances, try new sports and activities, expand your repertoire.

That way, when you’re a few years down the road, you’ll look back and have more memories, and more positive memories, than if you just lock down and focus solely on grades.

But don’t get me wrong there. I’m sure her grades are impeccable.

Jovanah, like her older brother Nathaniel, comes across as highly intelligent, well-spoken and someone who is going to continue to dazzle folks long after high school.

As she celebrates her cake day, we want to wish her the best.

You have been a bright, shining superstar, Miss Foote, and I have no doubt the best is still yet to come for you.

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Jovanah Foote (John Fisken photos)

  Wolf co-captain Jovanah Foote gets ready to kick things off. (John Fisken photos)

Gaby Halpin

Gaby Halpin has spirit, do you?

Claire Mietus

Claire Mietus does.

Sylvia Hurlburt

   A cheerleader (in this case, fall season captain Sylvia Hurlburt) taking photos of other cheerleaders? The circle is complete.

Natasha Estes

Natasha Estes has some ballerina in her, getting up, way up, on her toes.

Julie Bucio

Julie Bucio waits for the beat to drop.

Heather Nastali

Heather Nastali slides into action, backed by Robin Cedillo.

Mckenzie Meyer

   Mckenzie Meyer did double duty, alternating between cheer and band on this evening.

They’re the best at what they do.

For the high-energy Wolf cheer crew, that means being loud and proud and nailing every routine in their playbook.

They were back at it Friday night, during home girls’ basketball games, keeping the noise and energy bouncing off of the walls of the CHS gym.

In between kicks and cheers, travelin’ photo man John Fisken slid by and captured a few pics of Cheridan Eck’s squad in action.

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Makana Stone (Sylvia Hurlburt photos)

Makana Stone can already taste the two points. (Sylvia Hurlburt photos)

Lauren Grove

  Lauren Grove (right) is filled with joy at the mere sight of teammate Mia Littlejohn.

Tiffany Briscoe

Tiffany Briscoe, working the paint like she owns the place.


The Wolves cap their pre-game huddle by firing up a round of shots.

Kyla Briscoe

   The key to Kyla Briscoe’s success? The purple shoes. Oh, and talent, too. A whole lot of talent helps, as well.

Jovanah Foote

Jovanah Foote will knock you out … with her note-perfect cheer routines.

"Your hair game is strong ... but mine is stronger!!"

“Your hair game is strong, sister … but mine is stronger!!”

Mia Littlejohn

“At my signal, unleash Hell, Wolves!!”

Is there anything Sylvia Hurlburt doesn’t do?

No, the answer is no, cause she does it all. And she does it all really, really well.

Cheerleader, choreographer, track star, ballet dancer, and, of course, photographer with mad skills.

All of those words describe the ever-moving, ever-grooving Coupeville High School senior.

Her latest work, which she is nice enough to let me unleash onto the masses, is this collection of girls’ basketball photos.

The eight pics above are just a small fraction of what she shot — I’ll continue to drop Hurlburt originals on you as the season unfolds — but they give you a solid taste of what she’s up to when she gets let loose with a camera.

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squad (John Fisken photos)

   The Wolf winter cheer squad pauses for a moment before hitting the court to kick-off its season Wednesday. (John Fisken photos)


   Freshman Gaby Halpin (top) hangs out with veterans (l to r) Robin Cedillo, Mckenzie Meyer and Claire Mietus.

Cheerleaders, camera. Camera, cheerleaders.

Travelin’ photo man John Fisken clicked away merrily Wednesday as CHS hosted a season-opening basketball doubleheader, but not all the photos made it from his camera to my computer … until now.

The pics above capture the Wolf cheer squad in brief moments of rest, as they were on their feet and hard at work the other 99.2% of the night.

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