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Bob Fasolo and his band of hoops cutthroats. (Photo courtesy the Fasolo family)

He was the coolest coach to ever walk into a gym.

Except he didn’t walk, he strutted like the king of the jungle, cause that’s what he was.

Bob Fasolo has been gone for 10 years now, but we’ll still be telling tales about him 100 years down the road.

He always looked like he had a surfboard in hand, even when he didn’t, and he oozed raw, freakin’ coolness with every action and story he told.

I never wrote about any of his teams, but I spent a few nights in the gym playing hoops with him, always mesmerized by his ability to talk non-stop, swish jumpers and strut, all in the same fluid motion.

Every time we saw each other, in a gym, at the grocery store, or on one of his many frequent hang-outs at Videoville, sprawled across the counter, chewing on a Red Vine, as he debated his video choices, Bob was the ultimate pimp.

I don’t mean in the sense that he ran hookers on the corner, but that he was the coolest cat this side of a ’70s inner city crime epic.

Every time he said my name, he managed to take the words “Dave, my dude,” turn it into a free form jazz explosion that rumbled from somewhere down in his chest, then stretch the words out so far even Matthew McConaughey would have been like, “dang, son!”

Bob was the closest any Coupeville resident has ever come to being the living, breathing embodiment of The Dude.

If Jeff Bridges hadn’t been available to make “The Big Lebowski,” Bob would have done just fine in the role.

He was The Man, always and forever.

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   The ’83 CHS cheer squad featured (back l to r) Renae Keefe, Tammy Engle, Tonia Moncrief, (middle) Jesse Anderson, Dean Strom, Tony Burwell, (lower) Tracy Hudson, Stacy Glover, Nancy Diem, (front) Debbie Zustiak.

Coupeville also had a drill team in the ’80s, the loud ‘n proud Wolfettes.

Today’s version of Flashback Friday is a loud ‘n proud one.

The photos, which come to us courtesy Renae (Keefe) Mulholland, feature the 1983 Coupeville High School cheer squad and drill team.

Times may have changed, with kids and grandchildren having arrived over the years, but their spirit endures through the decades.

1983 or 2018, there’s little doubt this is a group full of school spirit and pep.

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Mollie Bailey has seen the past and she is delighted. (John Fisken photo)

   CMS hoops star Mollie Bailey has seen the past (which includes dad Rusty sportin’ short shorts) and she is delighted. (John Fisken photo)

Coupeville High School's '84 boys' basketball squad. (Photo courtesy Moose Moran)

  Coupeville High School’s ’85 boys’ basketball squad. (Photo courtesy Moose Moran)

The shorts were shorter and the mustaches were longer.

It was 1985 and we’re jumping back in time to gaze in wonder upon a photo of the CHS boys’ basketball squad from then.

It’s a little dose of Friday Flashback for everyone to marinate their eyeballs in, courtesy Moose Moran, who was nice enough to pluck the pic out of the ether for us.

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