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Taygin Jump, who will be a CHS freshman in the fall, fires up a serve during a middle school match. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Jump, always right in the middle of the action.

And willing to sell out for the good of her team.

Every team needs a Taygin Jump.

The ultimate scrapper and hustler, she always has something positive to say to her teammates, and was seemingly born to collect Most Inspirational awards.

As she heads to Coupeville High School for her freshman year this fall, Jump will be a busy bee, flying right into volleyball before having to decide between track and tennis in the spring.

The exuberant young woman isn’t a one-dimensional athlete, however.

She looks forward to her language arts classes, enjoys writing and reading non-fiction, and is a huge fan of animals.

“I love animals, especially cats,” Jump said. “Though I do not have a cat of my own, because my two malamutes would eat a cat…”

She bops through a wide variety of music, depending on her mood, and is an equal opportunity film fan, watching the best of both Marvel and DC superhero films.

Most of all, Jump remains outgoing, the type of person who brings others together.

“I love hanging out with all of my friends and having a good laugh.”

That extends to her time on the court, where Jump can always be found at the heart of the action, usually providing a steady stream of chatter and vocal support to her fellow players.

“I enjoy being part of a team,” she said. “I enjoy learning and building on the skills and knowledge coaches teach me.

“I enjoy the challenges of the games and becoming a stronger person on and off the court,” Jump added. “My strengths as an athlete are team work and building the team’s spirit.”

While she enjoys every sport she’s involved in, the lure of racking up digs and spikes is irresistible.

“100% volleyball! I enjoy volleyball because there are a variety of skills and plays in each and every moment in the game,” Jump said.

“I feel each position is absolutely necessary to execute each play,” she added. “The challenge of watching the opposing team to determine what their play is and how I will help and guide my team to defend against it, is truly inspiring.”

Jump credits those who have worked to shape her game with providing a positive influence.

“Mainly my club volleyball coaches and (CHS) Coach Cory (Whitmore),” she said. “My club coaches had a huge impact on my skills. They helped me develop the skills I needed to work better as a team and individual player.

“Coach Cory lets me stay after practices and skills camps to work on my technique and encourages me to keep working hard.”

As she progresses in the game she loves, Jump continues to refine her skills, always looking to reach new levels of success.

“I would like to work on balancing academics with practices and games,” she said.

“Also, I struggle with being a stronger player; for example if someone on the court is louder than me, I won’t be as loud as I normally would.”

Jump is in it for the long haul however, and, as her career soars, so should her confidence.

Ask me what former CHS volleyball star she reminds me of, and I will say Valen Trujillo, who holds the CHS volleyball career record for digs and was a multiple All-Conference selection.

Jump, like Trujillo before her, provides a beautiful combination of hustle, passion for the sport, positive mind-set, and an unflagging ability to elevate the play of those around her.

“I believe I am a great team player, and I plan to be a CHS volleyball player my entire high school career,” Jump said.

Will the sport lead her to new heights? She hopes so, and plans to put in the necessary work to make a run at big-time success.

“It would be ideal to receive a volleyball scholarship and continue to play through college,” Jump said. “I’m also considering becoming a coach for volleyball or work my way up to playing professional volleyball.”

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(Karen Swegler photos)

Framing an age group winner. (Karen Swegler photos)


Costumes, tutus or running gear, they all ran for a good cause.


    Marvel and DC intermingled, as heroes from both sides of the comics world shared the track.


Joey Lippo and Abby Parker sprint for the finish line.


Even the dogs dressed for the occasion.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I set a PR. You?"

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I set a PR. You?”

Superheroes of all sorts ran through Coupeville Saturday.

Some wore costumes, others tutus, and a few wore both.

Whether they dressed up or not, all who showed up for a Tutu 5K on the prairie helped raise money for the Whidbey Island Dance Theatre.

And now some of them get a moment in the spotlight, with their pics landing on the internet.

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Yes, it is that flippin' awesome.

Yes, it is that flippin’ awesome. (Image copyright Marvel)

James Gunn,

Thank you.

You made me 10 years old again, and that is amazing.

Let’s take a moment and hop back to 1981, when a 10-year-old David went to see a brand new movie, a little thing known as “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

My brain blew through the back of my head, bounced around the theater like it was wired on too much chocolate (which it was), ran screaming down the aisles, gave wedgies to as many theater patrons as possible and then flopped back into my cranium, exhausted and happy.

I was never the same after that.

Fifteen years in a small-town video store (1994-2009), and some 20,000 movies viewed later (including a nasty little gem you wrote called “Tromeo and Juliet”), my love affair with the thing they call cinema continues unabated.

But your new movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” took me to another dimension.

From the moment Star-Lord made his Indiana Jones entrance, merrily skippin’ along, kickin’ lil’ alien creatures in the rear to the tune of “Come and Get Your Love,” I was a goner.

There is no rational way to describe my utter love for your film.

It is 121 minutes of complete joy and wild invention pumped directly into my brain, and I can not, will not, be rational about it.

Others can dissect the film. In the words of Rocket, “You just wanna suck the joy out of everything.”

I choose to mainline it.

A snarky raccoon blasting away with a laser gun as he and his ride, a talking tree, lead a prison breakout.

Star-Lord’s epic smile when someone, anyone, finally calls him by his nickname.

The opening in the hospital, which makes me cry just thinking about it. My mom, who went to many movies with me, would have enjoyed this film greatly.

“We … are … GROOT!!!”

The mix tape.

The cameo in the post credits scene.

That character’s much-maligned movie is now, and was then, a hell of a lot of fun and people who take a dump on it can sit and spin. If he’s really coming back, I’ll light a stogie in tribute.

Lil’ Groot dancin’ to the Jacksons.

The Kevin Bacon shout-out.

Every freakin’ moment, frankly.

I walked into the theater a 43-year-old guy who has seen way too many movies. I left it a 10-year-old.

It’s a beautiful thing, man.

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