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Former Wolf soccer/tennis star William Nelson had the best finish Saturday of any Coupeville resident, claiming 3rd in the 5K at Race the Reserve. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Aidan Wilson comes in hot in the 5K, finishing a slot behind Nelson.

CHS track coach Lincoln Kelley wraps up his run in the half marathon.

They endured.

Despite a nice burst of summer rain Saturday, the annual Race the Reserve drew a fair amount of runners to Whidbey Island.

The event, which is the biggest fundraiser for the Coupeville High School Class of 2020, featured five events – a marathon, half marathon, 5K, 10K, and a marathon relay.

Runners pounded across the pavement and prairie, traveling through Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve, with cloudy views of nearby mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca along the way.

Mixed in among the participants were Coupeville athletes, and they, by virtue of their hometown, get their name on the internet today.

From Sherman Oaks or Coronado? Good on you, but this blog is called Coupeville Sports, so it is what it is.


Runners who listed Coupeville as their home town:





Marathon Relay:

Coupeville XC 1.1 — Jack Porter, George Spear, Ayden Wyman, Hank Milnes, Johnny Porter — (2nd) 3:54:36.4

Coupeville XC 1.0 — Andrew Williams, Hayden Harry, Tate Wyman, Cole White, Chase Anderson, Aiden O’Neill — (4th) 4:17:35.8


Half Marathon:

Michael Linder (22nd) 1:58:50.7
Christina Jump (27th) 2:02:35.5
Lark Gustafson (41st) 2:13:32.1
Neil Anthony (59th) 2:35:16.4
Lincoln Kelley (72nd) 3:03:00.4



Todd Wentworth (7th) 52:40.4
Lucy Sandahl (14th) 1:01:21.6
Alison Perera (15th) 1:01:46.3
Sophie Sandahl (21st) 1:05:07.8
Lori Callahan (32nd) 1:13:10.4
David Ford (38th) 1:17:05.1
Stephanie Cantu (48th) 1:32:28.1
Sarah Meyer (49th) 1:37:00.2
Abbie Martin (50th) 1:37:00.3
Everett Winsberg (56th) 1:44:11.5
Kathryn Rickner (57th) 1:46:24.9
Elizabeth Florkowski (58th) 1:46:24.5
Gaye Rodriguey (61st) 1:58:52.1
Connie Lippo (65th) 2:01:13.3



William Nelson (3rd) 21:30.5
Aidan Wilson (4th) 22:37.4
Danny Conlisk (6th) 25:33.5
C. Wilson (20th) 29:52.0
Susan Marchese (31st) 32:48.6
Kenneth Conlisk (34th) 33:24.3
Dianna Wells (42nd) 35:38.6
Debbie Thompson (54th) 40:36.1
Mary Conlisk (56th) 41:36.1
Catherine Wilson (62nd) 48:51.0
Casara Elliff (63rd) 48:57.1
Sheila O’Rourke (71st) 52:07.1

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Go for a run tonight and get a new support group. (Photo courtesy David Ford)

Want to get out and run, but don’t want to go alone?

Head out to Coupeville every Wednesday and Saturday and join a new low-stress, high-benefit running club created by David Ford.

There’s no cost for the Coupeville Running Club, and you don’t have to be a record-busting pro to join.

The group will run (or walk) a 5K every Wednesday night at 6 PM (starting today, July 24), with a five-mile run at 7 AM Saturday mornings.

If you want to take part in tonight’s inaugural Wednesday run, everyone is meeting in the Coupeville Elementary School parking lot at 6 S. Main.

The run itself will go north on the Kettles, hook onto Sherman, then follow a set course back to the school, where things will be capped with two laps around the track.

A post-run beer at the Penn Cove Tap Room, where everyone talks about how they could win the Boston Marathon right now, today, is optional.

Runners are encouraged to show up a bit early for the first Wednesday run (Ford will be at the school at 5:30), so groups can be put together based on average running times.

Side note – no headphones (encouraging you to interact with your fellow runners) and no dogs.

For Ford, this is a chance to encourage others, as well as himself.

“This is my effort to bring a subset of our community together to spend some time enjoying each other’s company while pounding the pavement,” he said. “This group will also provide some accountability on my quest to lead a somewhat healthy lifestyle.

“What’s in it for you? Whatever you make of it!”

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Coupeville Middle School runners go in for a team cheer before competing Thursday in Arlington. (Elizabeth Bitting photos)

The Wolf girls, ready to hit the trail.

Warm-ups? We don’t need no stinkin’ warm-ups.

Thanks to their bus driver being given the wrong destination Thursday, the Coupeville Middle School cross country team arrived for its meet in Arlington with mere minutes left until the first gun.

That forced CMS coach Elizabeth Bitting and her runners to play catch-up, but it worked out fine in the end.

“Unfortunately there was no time to walk the course, but our Wolves didn’t let that dampen their race strategy,” Bitting said. “They all ran strong! They all ran hard! They all finished tired.

“They were amazed with how many runners they passed on the one long hill,” she added. “And once they hit the track they were flying!!!”

The race featured harriers from seven schools, with Langley, Granite Falls, Lakewood, King’s, Sultan and Northshore Christian Academy joining Coupeville on the 1.71-mile course.

While the late arrival left everyone a bit frazzled, the Wolves (backed by their faithful traveling fans) still managed to pull off a superb performance in their second meet of the young season.

“Afterwards they (the runners) said it was actually better because they didn’t have time to get nervous,” Bitting said.

“We had a great parent turnout. It’s so nice to hear cheers for our athletes!,” she added. “They appreciate it and I appreciate it. It helps fuel their adrenaline.”


Complete results:



Carolyn Lhamon (7th) 11:45.26
Claire Mayne (8th) 11:48.58
Helen Strelow (22nd) 13:23.70
Cristina McGrath (23rd) 13:27.15
Erica McGrath (27th) 13:59.36
Allison Nastali (30th) 14:06.38
Sam McMahan (37th) 14:50.00



Cole White (8th) 10:34.00
Aiden Anderson (26th) 11:40.00
Tate Wyman (32nd) 12:08.00
Hayden Harry (47th) 12:59.18
Andrew Williams (48th) 13:01.81
Alex Clark (56th) 13:49.04

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A young runner attacks the course at Saturday’s Race the Reserve. (Photos courtesy Morgan White)

Cross country returns to Coupeville High School and Middle School this fall, after a two-decade absence.

The prairie was alive with the sounds of thudding feet and (sometimes) strangled breathing.

The 2018 edition of Race the Reserve, a running event which raises money for the senior class at Coupeville High School, went off in style Saturday, and numerous locals were on hand to defend their course.

Sean Celli of Black Diamond hit the tape first in the marathon, covering the course in 3:21:20.9, the only event where Coupeville had no representation.

Cow Town came strong in the other four events, however.

Here’s everyone who listed Coupeville as their home town (and a few Coupeville alumni who might have been running under a different address, but didn’t evade my (bleary) eagle eyes as I scanned the results.)

Half Marathon:

James Steller (7th) 1:39:13.8
Lark Gustafson (27th) 1:58:20.9
Maria Summers
(36th) 2:08:32.8
Lincoln Kelley 
(78th) 3:31:55.6

Marathon Relay:

Coupeville Middle School – Andrew WilliamsHayden HarryTate WymanCole White, Aiden Anderson (4th) 4:13:15.2


Helene Lhamon (12th) 56:49
Jordan Wilcox (14th) 57:50.3
Christina Jump (16th) 1:00:51.1
Mindy Wilcox (35th) 1:19:34.6
David Ford (36th) 1:19:59.9
Everett Winsberg (45th) 1:44:06.1
Sheila O’Rourke (46th) 1:44:06.3


Dawson d’Almeida (2nd) 21:21.7
Charles Arndt (3rd) 21:48.3
Sam Wynn (5th) 21:57.8
Aiden Wilson (9th) 22:55.5
Roy Gordon (10th) 23:19.6
Jennifer Wynn (14th) 25:28.6
Landon Roberts (15th) 25:51.8
Sydney Lupien (18th) 26:02.5
Carolyn Lhamon (19th) 26:03.7
Alana Mihill (20th) 26:42.5
Adair DeJesus (25th) 28:53.3
Daniel Verble (29th) 29:40.2
Bree Daigneault (30th) 30:15.7
Knight Arndt (41st) 35:01.8
Bryan Verble (47th) 38:24.6
Wynter Arndt (58th) 43:09.7
Catherine Wilson (66th) 47:47.9
Irene Echenique (70th) 52:04.2
Eric Daigneault (71st) 52:04.4
Kristina Morris (72nd) 52:40.3
Melissa Horton (75th) 52:21.3
Gaye Rodriguey (76th) 53:06.8
Katie Lovell (77th) 54:15.6
James Lovell (78th) 54:33.5
Anne Harvey (86th) 1:04:42.3
Georgie Smith (88th) 1:10:21.5
Shannon Lovell (89th) 1:10:24.2
Alejandro Echeverria (95th) 1:19:32.6
Irene Bryant (96th) 1:19:33.8

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James Steller and Co. will circumnavigate Whidbey Island Labor Day weekend to raise money for Coupeville schools.

He’s back at it, but this time he’s bringing some friends along for the adventure.

James Steller, one of Whidbey’s top runners and supporters of local schools, will once again be circumnavigating the Island Labor Day weekend.

But, unlike last year, when he attempted to go solo and put himself in the hospital for a bit, this time out Steller will be joined by “a small group of crazies.”

Neil Rixe, who coaches track and robotics at Coupeville High School, dentist Andrew Wyman and firefighter Greg White, a Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Famer for his old-school high school athletic exploits, will join Steller.

The quartet, who have seven kids among them, all involved in Coupeville schools, will launch “Circumnavigate Whidbey – 2018 – The Traverse” Sept. 1-2.

Each of the two days starts and ends in Coupeville, with the foursome (or more, if others join), running, biking, kayaking and swimming.

It will take 120 miles of biking, 24 miles of running, eight miles of kayak, and one mile of swim for the group to travel around the perimeter of Whidbey.

The event raises money for the Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools, a non-profit organization which supports local teachers by funding projects and issues scholarships to graduating seniors.

The Foundation annually puts $25,000 back into local education.

Last year’s inaugural edition of Circumnavigate Whidbey raised $15,000 in donations, but just about wrecked Steller.

A veteran triathlon and marathon athlete, he attempted to run the entire length and found even his well-seasoned body had trouble achieving the feat.

While it might have been a small setback in the moment, Steller was cheered by how the community stepped up with donations, and how, in the end, several other athletes jumped in to try and get him to the finish line.

After a lot of thought, and some personal reflection, he decided he couldn’t let the event die.

“The decision for me to try this again took me until June to finally make up my mind,” Steller said. “I knew that it was great for the Foundation, really bringing in both publicity and significant monies for our year of grants and scholarships.

“I just knew my body couldn’t run it.”

That was when he hit upon an idea to mix things up.

“In my past, I have done both the Ski To Sea and triathlons,” Steller said. “So my wife and I were talking and said, why can’t we do something like that on Whidbey?

“My ultimate ambition is to make it a tradition and have folks who participate do their own fundraising.”

While he has three compatriots lined up, Steller is open to adding other athletes to the mix.

As the founder of the event, he has the logistics and route ready to go, but would encourage anyone wanting to join to commit to raising $500 for the Foundation.

If you’re content to cheer from the sideline and donate to the cause, there’s still something special in it for you.

For every $100 you donate, you get an entry into a raffle for a two-night stay at the Ocean’s Bluff Farm’s guest house.

A small jewel tucked away on the Island, it offers “expansive ocean and Olympic views, farm animals and serenity.”


To get an idea of what the guest house looks like, pop over to:



For more info on Circumnavigate Whidbey, or to donate, pop over to:



If you’re interested in joining the “band of crazies” and taking to the road or waters of Whidbey, drop Steller a line at jsteller@hotmail.com.


PS — Check out this vintage video about the Foundation from 2011 and see how many future Wolf athletic stars you can ID. I got at least seven.

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