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Former Wolf soccer/tennis star William Nelson had the best finish Saturday of any Coupeville resident, claiming 3rd in the 5K at Race the Reserve. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Aidan Wilson comes in hot in the 5K, finishing a slot behind Nelson.

CHS track coach Lincoln Kelley wraps up his run in the half marathon.

They endured.

Despite a nice burst of summer rain Saturday, the annual Race the Reserve drew a fair amount of runners to Whidbey Island.

The event, which is the biggest fundraiser for the Coupeville High School Class of 2020, featured five events – a marathon, half marathon, 5K, 10K, and a marathon relay.

Runners pounded across the pavement and prairie, traveling through Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve, with cloudy views of nearby mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca along the way.

Mixed in among the participants were Coupeville athletes, and they, by virtue of their hometown, get their name on the internet today.

From Sherman Oaks or Coronado? Good on you, but this blog is called Coupeville Sports, so it is what it is.


Runners who listed Coupeville as their home town:





Marathon Relay:

Coupeville XC 1.1 — Jack Porter, George Spear, Ayden Wyman, Hank Milnes, Johnny Porter — (2nd) 3:54:36.4

Coupeville XC 1.0 — Andrew Williams, Hayden Harry, Tate Wyman, Cole White, Chase Anderson, Aiden O’Neill — (4th) 4:17:35.8


Half Marathon:

Michael Linder (22nd) 1:58:50.7
Christina Jump (27th) 2:02:35.5
Lark Gustafson (41st) 2:13:32.1
Neil Anthony (59th) 2:35:16.4
Lincoln Kelley (72nd) 3:03:00.4



Todd Wentworth (7th) 52:40.4
Lucy Sandahl (14th) 1:01:21.6
Alison Perera (15th) 1:01:46.3
Sophie Sandahl (21st) 1:05:07.8
Lori Callahan (32nd) 1:13:10.4
David Ford (38th) 1:17:05.1
Stephanie Cantu (48th) 1:32:28.1
Sarah Meyer (49th) 1:37:00.2
Abbie Martin (50th) 1:37:00.3
Everett Winsberg (56th) 1:44:11.5
Kathryn Rickner (57th) 1:46:24.9
Elizabeth Florkowski (58th) 1:46:24.5
Gaye Rodriguey (61st) 1:58:52.1
Connie Lippo (65th) 2:01:13.3



William Nelson (3rd) 21:30.5
Aidan Wilson (4th) 22:37.4
Danny Conlisk (6th) 25:33.5
C. Wilson (20th) 29:52.0
Susan Marchese (31st) 32:48.6
Kenneth Conlisk (34th) 33:24.3
Dianna Wells (42nd) 35:38.6
Debbie Thompson (54th) 40:36.1
Mary Conlisk (56th) 41:36.1
Catherine Wilson (62nd) 48:51.0
Casara Elliff (63rd) 48:57.1
Sheila O’Rourke (71st) 52:07.1

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A young runner attacks the course at Saturday’s Race the Reserve. (Photos courtesy Morgan White)

Cross country returns to Coupeville High School and Middle School this fall, after a two-decade absence.

The prairie was alive with the sounds of thudding feet and (sometimes) strangled breathing.

The 2018 edition of Race the Reserve, a running event which raises money for the senior class at Coupeville High School, went off in style Saturday, and numerous locals were on hand to defend their course.

Sean Celli of Black Diamond hit the tape first in the marathon, covering the course in 3:21:20.9, the only event where Coupeville had no representation.

Cow Town came strong in the other four events, however.

Here’s everyone who listed Coupeville as their home town (and a few Coupeville alumni who might have been running under a different address, but didn’t evade my (bleary) eagle eyes as I scanned the results.)

Half Marathon:

James Steller (7th) 1:39:13.8
Lark Gustafson (27th) 1:58:20.9
Maria Summers
(36th) 2:08:32.8
Lincoln Kelley 
(78th) 3:31:55.6

Marathon Relay:

Coupeville Middle School – Andrew WilliamsHayden HarryTate WymanCole White, Aiden Anderson (4th) 4:13:15.2


Helene Lhamon (12th) 56:49
Jordan Wilcox (14th) 57:50.3
Christina Jump (16th) 1:00:51.1
Mindy Wilcox (35th) 1:19:34.6
David Ford (36th) 1:19:59.9
Everett Winsberg (45th) 1:44:06.1
Sheila O’Rourke (46th) 1:44:06.3


Dawson d’Almeida (2nd) 21:21.7
Charles Arndt (3rd) 21:48.3
Sam Wynn (5th) 21:57.8
Aiden Wilson (9th) 22:55.5
Roy Gordon (10th) 23:19.6
Jennifer Wynn (14th) 25:28.6
Landon Roberts (15th) 25:51.8
Sydney Lupien (18th) 26:02.5
Carolyn Lhamon (19th) 26:03.7
Alana Mihill (20th) 26:42.5
Adair DeJesus (25th) 28:53.3
Daniel Verble (29th) 29:40.2
Bree Daigneault (30th) 30:15.7
Knight Arndt (41st) 35:01.8
Bryan Verble (47th) 38:24.6
Wynter Arndt (58th) 43:09.7
Catherine Wilson (66th) 47:47.9
Irene Echenique (70th) 52:04.2
Eric Daigneault (71st) 52:04.4
Kristina Morris (72nd) 52:40.3
Melissa Horton (75th) 52:21.3
Gaye Rodriguey (76th) 53:06.8
Katie Lovell (77th) 54:15.6
James Lovell (78th) 54:33.5
Anne Harvey (86th) 1:04:42.3
Georgie Smith (88th) 1:10:21.5
Shannon Lovell (89th) 1:10:24.2
Alejandro Echeverria (95th) 1:19:32.6
Irene Bryant (96th) 1:19:33.8

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All the pertinent details.

Won’t someone run for the kids?

We’re approaching that time of year again, when the incoming senior class at Coupeville High School hosts the annual Race the Reserve.

The event, which goes down Aug. 11 this year, is the biggest fundraiser for the senior trip, which will benefit the CHS Class of 2019.

Registration is open now, and you can pick between marathon, half marathon, 5K, 10K or marathon relay.

As always, the race winds through some of the most eye-popping scenery to be found on the running circuit.

For more info or to register, pop over to:


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   Brandon (left) and Lincoln Kelley use Saturday’s Race the Reserve to nab some father/son time. (Shawna Kelley photo)

   Coupeville High School’s rock was freshly-painted for the event. (Kim Bepler photo)

   Aimee Bishop and daughter Breeanna Messner hit the trail. (Photo courtesy Bishop)

   Bob and Abbie Martin hang out in the parking lot after running. (Photo courtesy the Martins)

The hometown runners held their own.

Coupeville representatives captured two of the main four events at Saturday’s Race the Reserve, with James Steller winning the marathon and Riley Borden claiming the 10K title.

Steller surged across the line in 3:19:00.39, while Borden rambled in at the 49:54.45 mark.

Andrew Harnish of Seattle won the half marathon (1:31:16.28), while Carter Eldridge of Enumclaw (17:54.22) zipped through the 5K the fastest of anyone.

The annual event, which raises money for the incoming senior class at Coupeville High School, was a booming success, drawing in 348 runners who enjoyed the opportunity to race across the prairie.

Here’s where we get territorial and list the finishers who claimed Cow Town on their registration form.

If you hail from Mill Creek or Tucson, AZ or Clarks Summit, PA, thanks for coming, but this is called Coupeville Sports, not the Roseburg Runners Gazette.

And PS, these results are as close as I can get based on what Tortoise and Hare Timing Company has posted online Sunday morning.

There seems to be some runners missing, starting with the fact three of Coupeville’s finest, seen above boasting numbers and medals, aren’t anywhere to be found in the results.

UPDATE: 10K results updated at 3:30 PM.


Henry Wynn (3rd) 19:59.19
Aidan Wilson (11th) 26:09.75
Cael Wilson (12th) 27:03.93
Claire Wilson (13th) 28:24.68
Gabe Shaw (15th) 28:43.40
Jim Shank (17th) 29:06.68
Marianne Thawley (18th) 29:18.68
Caleb Meyer (20th) 30:24.06
Rosmond Shaw (22nd) 31:26.25
Mason Scoggin (26th) 32:20.85
Sandi Farris (33rd) 35:20.41
Cody Staker (35th) 36:11.55
Eileen Stone (47th) 44:15.86
Sallie Shank (52nd) 47:03.00
Emily Staker (61st) 55:55.01


Riley Borden (1st) 49:54.45
Bob Martin (5th) 53:54.66
Helen Lhamon (6th) 54:37.63
Jennifer Kellner (16th) 1:00:39.04
Christy Marx (18th) 1:02:29.19
George Thawley (29th) 1:07:34.45
Dan Schurr (35th) 1:12:32.83
Catherine Roach (42nd) 1:14:24.94
Andrew Ziehl (43rd) 1:14:24.95
Lincoln Kelley (45th) 1:15:22.40
Brandon Kelley (46th) 1:15:22.93
Kelly McCulloch (52nd) 1:21:19.61
Reed Swanson (53rd) 1:21:50.38
Vickie McDaniel (60th) 1:36:42.11
Abbie Martin (61st) 1:38:49.98
Tammy Smith (62nd) 1:39:08.03
Irene Echenique (63rd) 1:39:08.83
Ciara Smith (64th) 1:39:10.35
Everett Winsberg (68th) 1:46:39.86
Sheryl Sato (69th) 1:46:41.87
Sheila O’Rourke (70th) 1:46:41.87

Half Marathon:

Elizabeth Bitting (20th) 1:55:26.16
Christina Jump (24th) 1:58:07.93


James Steller (1st) 3:19:00.39
Daniel Verble (23rd) 4:38:40.31

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   A flashback to an earlier edition of Race the Reserve, as Coupeville legend Danny Savalza leads the pack. (Shelli Trumbull photo)

Run like the wind, two times.

First, if you aren’t registered yet for Race the Reserve, the clock is running out on you.

The annual shindig — which features a marathon, half marathon, marathon relay, 10K and 5K — is just a week away, with the starter’s pistol set to fire next Saturday, Aug. 12.

If you register online or in person the day of the event, you can use a credit card, cash or check. Registration by mail has closed.

Once you hit that starter’s line, ready to rumble, weather conditions are looking strong. Forecasts call for a high of 72 degrees that day, with a mild wind and some clouds.

As you run through Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve, you’ll be treated to views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, the Olympics and the Straight of Juan de Fuca.

Money raised goes to fund graduation night events for the Coupeville High School Class of 2018.

Deb Smith is the driving force behind this year’s event, with Beth Stout, Lisa Toomey, Jennifer Wynn, Dawn Hesselgrave, Connie Lippo, Kali Barrio, Elizabeth Bitting and Deb Savalza all playing key roles.

For more info and to register, pop over to:


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