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Luke and Maria Summers both ran in the half-marathon Sunday.

Thousands of runners, but we only care about 27 of them.

Sunday’s Whidbey Island Marathon brought a sea of humanity to Deception Pass and outlying areas, but the only way those runners get into this story is if they listed Coupeville as their hometown.

You call Alabama, Oregon, or (shudder) Oak Harbor your place of residence?

Good on you.

Now go start your own blog. It ain’t that hard.

With that said, we present the few, the proud, the Central Whidbey residents who ran in the half-marathon, 10K, or 5K.

As far as I can tell, no one from Coupeville took on the full 26.2-mile main event this time around.



Luke Summers (50th) 1:42:36
Colin Albi (59th) 1:43:43
Hannah Teminsky (115th) 1:52:38
Gilberto Gonzalez (186th) 1:57:44
Maria Summers (321st) 2:12:03
Kyle Shipman (332nd) 2:12:50
Melissa Vrbanac (441st) 2:25:16
Kim Nguyen (516th) 2:44:59
Megan Fallert (582) 3:29:39



Kendall Parrett (171st) 1:08:58
Esteban Hernandez (240th) 1:19:06
Jennifer Thai (247th) 1:20:46
Anthony Hernandez (272nd) 1:35:19
Patricia Hernandez (282nd) 1:45:26



Charles Arndt (4th) 22:18
Ashley Carter (121st) 39:31
Michael Carter (122nd) 39:31
Lisa Olds (137th) 43:42
Sean Duffy (164th) 49:07
Irene Bryant (178th) 53:07
Brooke Crosby (185th) 54:32
Kelsey Crosby (187th) 54:38
Kelly Crosby (212th) 1:05:53
Gary Crosby (214th) 1:05:56
James Lovell (220th) 1:08:10
Shannone Lovell (221st) 1:08:11
Georgie Smith (227th) 1:11:59

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Get in early.

Registration is open for the year’s biggest race, where you can run a 5K, 10K, or half-marathon to raise money for Coupeville High School grads.

Race the Reserve goes down Aug. 12 this year, with all money benefiting the Class of 2024.

If you register early, you can nab a discount as well.

For more info and to register, pop over to:


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Lucy Sandahl dodges raindrops during 2019’s Race the Reserve. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Do it for the thrill of competition.

Do it for the glow of being #1.

Do it for the homemade cookies.

But whatever you do it for, just do it.

With Race the Reserve — the biggest fundraiser for the Coupeville High School Class of 2023 — set for Saturday, Aug. 13, organizers are scrambling to field a full team of volunteers.

They’ve launched a competition between Wolf fall sports teams, with the team with the most volunteers nabbing the Golden Shoe Award and a batch of cookies from acclaimed cook Helene Lhamon.

It’s a royal rumble between volleyball, soccer, tennis, cross country, and football, with a tasty finale.


Volunteers are currently needed for:

Food Team (1)
Parking (3)
Photographer (1)
Race clean-up (9)
Race set-up (2)
Registration (5)
Water at Hill Road (1)
Water at Wanamaker (2)


To sign up, pop over to:


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Coupeville’s James Steller finished 13th in the main event at Sunday’s Whidbey Island Marathon.

The 2022 edition of the Whidbey Island Marathon brought out 860 runners across four races Sunday morning.

But we’re only here to talk about 16 of them.

If you listed Oak Harbor, or Mukilteo, or some random city in West Virginia as your hometown, good on you for lacing up your running shoes.

But here, on a blog called Coupeville Sports, the only people to get their names published are those who actually listed Cow Town as their residence.

Want to see the other 844 names? Pop over to:



And now, our Coupeville results:



Amaya Schaffeld (55th) 33:32
Rebecca Roberts (85th) 36:17
Amanda Schaffeld (95th) 38:15
Lauren Belfor (129th) 43:59
Marilyn Ferguson (158th) 50:34
Carolyn Horning (177th) 55:59



Kendall Parrett (125th) 1:11:31
Patricia Hernandez (195th) 1:36:58
Anthony Hernandez (196th) 1:36:58
Terri Eggers (204th) 1:43:06
John Eggers (205th) 1:43:09


Half Marathon:

Samuel Spanovich (93rd) 1:59:08
Samuel Perry (155th) 2:09:33
Daria Higman (216th) 2:19:32
Kay Babst (335th) 3:28:55



James Steller (13th) 3:37:17

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Registration is open for this year’s edition of Race the Reserve.

The annual running event, which features a 5K, 10K, and half marathon, is set to go down Saturday, Aug. 13.

Or, if you can’t make it to Ebey’s National Historical Reserve that day, you can sign up and run a virtual race at your convenience.

Money raised by the fundraiser goes to support a safe and sober graduation night celebration for the Coupeville High School Class of 2023.


To sign up:



For more info on Race the Reserve:


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