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Kyle King (bottom left) continues to prep for running the marathon at the US Olympic Team Trials.

The work never stops.

As he prepares for next month’s US Olympic Team Trials, marathoner and Coupeville High School grad Kyle King continues to put in miles.

The former Wolf, a five-time state track champ during his CHS days, is a Captain in the US Marine Corps, currently stationed at the Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado.

While there, King is training with the Good Boys Running Club, and he and one of his running mates competed Saturday at a high-end 10K.

The event was the USATF Cross Country Championships, held at Mission Bay Park in San Diego.

Competing against a collection of the best runners in the nation, King finished 16th out of 68 runners, crossing the line in 32 minutes, 38 seconds.

Good Boys teammate Garret Lee claimed 32nd, while Anthony Rotich of the Nike/US Army team won the race in a crisp 30:36.

With the top three finishers, and four of the first seven across, the Army team also won the team title.

The Olympic Team Trials are February 29 in Atlanta, Georgia, and King would need a top-three finish there to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The fourth and fifth-place finishers will be alternates for Team USA.

Whether he makes it to Japan or not, the 30-year-old runner remains a legend in local running circles.

While running for CHS, he won three-straight state titles in the 3200 from 2006-2008, added the 1600 crown in 2007, and ran a leg on a triumphant 4 x 400 relay unit in 2006.

After graduation, King ran as an NCAA D-I scholarship athlete at two schools – Eastern Washington University and the University of Oklahoma.

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A young runner attacks the course at Saturday’s Race the Reserve. (Photos courtesy Morgan White)

Cross country returns to Coupeville High School and Middle School this fall, after a two-decade absence.

The prairie was alive with the sounds of thudding feet and (sometimes) strangled breathing.

The 2018 edition of Race the Reserve, a running event which raises money for the senior class at Coupeville High School, went off in style Saturday, and numerous locals were on hand to defend their course.

Sean Celli of Black Diamond hit the tape first in the marathon, covering the course in 3:21:20.9, the only event where Coupeville had no representation.

Cow Town came strong in the other four events, however.

Here’s everyone who listed Coupeville as their home town (and a few Coupeville alumni who might have been running under a different address, but didn’t evade my (bleary) eagle eyes as I scanned the results.)

Half Marathon:

James Steller (7th) 1:39:13.8
Lark Gustafson (27th) 1:58:20.9
Maria Summers
(36th) 2:08:32.8
Lincoln Kelley 
(78th) 3:31:55.6

Marathon Relay:

Coupeville Middle School – Andrew WilliamsHayden HarryTate WymanCole White, Aiden Anderson (4th) 4:13:15.2


Helene Lhamon (12th) 56:49
Jordan Wilcox (14th) 57:50.3
Christina Jump (16th) 1:00:51.1
Mindy Wilcox (35th) 1:19:34.6
David Ford (36th) 1:19:59.9
Everett Winsberg (45th) 1:44:06.1
Sheila O’Rourke (46th) 1:44:06.3


Dawson d’Almeida (2nd) 21:21.7
Charles Arndt (3rd) 21:48.3
Sam Wynn (5th) 21:57.8
Aiden Wilson (9th) 22:55.5
Roy Gordon (10th) 23:19.6
Jennifer Wynn (14th) 25:28.6
Landon Roberts (15th) 25:51.8
Sydney Lupien (18th) 26:02.5
Carolyn Lhamon (19th) 26:03.7
Alana Mihill (20th) 26:42.5
Adair DeJesus (25th) 28:53.3
Daniel Verble (29th) 29:40.2
Bree Daigneault (30th) 30:15.7
Knight Arndt (41st) 35:01.8
Bryan Verble (47th) 38:24.6
Wynter Arndt (58th) 43:09.7
Catherine Wilson (66th) 47:47.9
Irene Echenique (70th) 52:04.2
Eric Daigneault (71st) 52:04.4
Kristina Morris (72nd) 52:40.3
Melissa Horton (75th) 52:21.3
Gaye Rodriguey (76th) 53:06.8
Katie Lovell (77th) 54:15.6
James Lovell (78th) 54:33.5
Anne Harvey (86th) 1:04:42.3
Georgie Smith (88th) 1:10:21.5
Shannon Lovell (89th) 1:10:24.2
Alejandro Echeverria (95th) 1:19:32.6
Irene Bryant (96th) 1:19:33.8

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   Stig Carlson (right) had the best finish of any Coupeville runner in the half marathon Sunday during the Whidbey Island Marathon. (Photo courtesy Luke Carlson)

Hundreds upon hundreds of runners descended on Whidbey Island Sunday, but we only truly care about 23 of them.

If we listed all the results from this year’s Whidbey Island Marathon, this story would go on and on and on some more.

But, since the blog is Coupeville Sports, and not, say, The Tallahassee Tattler, we’re only listing those who claimed Cow Town as their residence when they registered.

Makes my life a lot easier…

So, here we go, Coupevillians who enjoy getting up and going for a run at the crack of dawn.



Bethany Lee (44th) 3:55:00


Half Marathon:

Stig Carlson (156th) 1:59:06
Maria Summers (173rd) 2:00:57
Terri Eggers (405th) 2:25:15
Theresa Knoll (443rd) 2:31:56
Jackie Calkins (459th) 2:33.54
Brian Haight (539th) 2:49:47
Carolyn Horning (628th) 3:51:24
Shari Murray (631st) 4:28:54



Elias Robles (40th) 54:22
Charla Hall (53rd) 57:13
Susan Marchese (105th) 1:02:34
Lanae Nienhuis (122nd) 1:05:33
Everett Winsberg (233rd) 1:27:36
John Eggers (244th) 1:30:06
Sheila O’Rourke (262nd) 1:38:55
Karen Fletcher (277th) 1:46:17
Arlene House (281st) 1:50:06



Skylar Newkirk (62nd) 33:52
Emily Lohmann (65th) 34:39
Nathaniel Nienhuis (98th) 40:54
Amanda Jones (117th) 43:53
Elizabeth Florkowski (129th) 46:33

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