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Megan Thorn and Rebel show off their Western Gaming ribbons after competing at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. (Photo courtesy Thorn)

Ride hard, ride fast and make ’em remember your name.

Coupeville High School junior Megan Thorn, with a lil’ help from her trusty steed, Rebel, rocked the Washington State Fair, running away with three ribbons in Western Gaming competition.

The duo finished 4th in poles, 7th in barrels and 8th in key pole while riding in Puyallup.

The big finish at the year’s biggest event capped a whirlwind first year together.

Thorn and Rebel have spent the past 12 months getting to know each other, and have quickly become an extension of each other when they are in the arena.

“Had an awesome year at state!,” Thorn wrote on Facebook. “I couldn’t even imagine my year without him. I can’t wait for Rebel and I to improve even more.”

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Megan Thorn and her trusty steed, Rebel, are state bound after tearing up the Island County Fair. (Photo courtesy Thorn)

On a horse, with reigns in hand? That young woman is unbeatable.

Working in perfect tandem with her horse, Rebel, Coupeville’s Megan Thorn ruled the Island County Fair and is now bound for state.

The duo, who compete in poles, figure eight, two barrel flags, international flag, key pole, and Texas barrels, set the pace and never looked back.

Hurtling across the course with fire in their eyes, Thorn and Rebel earned gaming high point, beating all competitors in Western Gaming.

Now, the CHS junior and her trusty steed will compete at the state fair in Puyallup Sept. 13-16.

Thorn, who is also a member of the Wolf girls soccer squad, will be joined at state by Ashley Casey, who home schools in Coupeville.

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   Megan Thorn and her horse, Cheyenne, celebrate a successful equestrian season. (Photo courtesy Gretchen Thorn)

Champions ride from Coupeville.

Horse sports have attracted the interest of numerous CHS athletes in recent years, with Wolf alumni such as Madison Tisa McPhee, Brendan Coleman and Ally Roberts going on to ride competitively in college.

Back on the Island, the current batch of riders continue to put up strong times and performances, and are being honored for their achievements.

Saturday the Whidbey Western Games Association, whose season runs from Mar. through Oct., handed out its year-end awards, with three Wolves bringing home hardware.

Thora Iverson claimed 1st place in the Pee Wee division, while Megan Thorn and Madison Krieg finished 3rd and 7th, respectively, in the Juniors division.

Thorn was also tabbed as a Princess when the association named its 2017 royalty.

While the WWGA season is done, Krieg, Thorn and CHS foreign exchange student Charlotte Nolle will continue to ride as part of a high school equestrian team.

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   Coupeville got lucky in the foreign exchange student lottery, netting a winner in Charlotte Nolle. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

That moment when you thought it was a Friday, but it was just a Wednesday.

“How you doin?”

   Hope Lodell (left) and Kyla Briscoe plot out strategy. “I’m gonna hit it where they aren’t, and then we’ll win. Sound good?”

   Local legends Paul and Marilyn Messner, about to be be swarmed by autograph seekers.

Zoe Trujillo trains like Zola Budd. Look it up on Wikipedia…

Jaimee Masters (left) and Megan Behan plot shenanigans.

Even with a fractured ankle, Sean Toomey-Stout is still faster than you or me.

   With Coupeville sweeping all nine sets from Chimacum Tuesday, there was plenty to cheer about for Wolf spikers.

Megan Thorn unleashes The Crippler.

Imagine if this was the olden days, when you had to go in the darkroom and develop every picture.

Freed up by the advent of digital, wanderin’ photo god John Fisken madly clicked away Tuesday, bopping between Coupeville soccer and volleyball contests.

Along the way, he also let his lens slide into the crowd to capture what was brewing off the beaten path.

The pics above, while providing a nice overview of everything, are just the tip of the iceberg, however.

To see the billions of pics Fisken shot, there’s two handy links below.

And when you jump, remember, purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes, and they make it more likely he’ll return to Cow Town.

Volleyball — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-Coupeville-Volleyball/2017-10-03-vs-Chimacum/

Soccer — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/2017-2018-Coupeville-Soccer/2017-10-03-vs-Chimacum/

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Megan Thorn (John Fisken photos)

   Megan Thorn sails over a hurdle during her middle school days. (John Fisken photos)


Thorn provides cover for teammate Cassidy Moody.

(Sharon Edwards photo)

Off to collect more ribbons. (Sharon Edwards photo)

Some people are just more likable than others.

Coupeville High School freshman Megan Thorn, who celebrates a birthday today, falls firmly into the category of those who bring a special light into the world.

Owner of a big brain, and a scrappy competitor on the athletic stage, she is, overwhelmingly, just a really nice person.

Megan, like mom Gretchen, has a genuine sweetness to her soul.

If you don’t like her, there’s something wrong with you. Seriously wrong.

When it comes to sports, the younger Thorn might not be the tallest, or the strongest, but her heart is three times the expected size.

Whether competing in track, basketball or soccer (where she was just named Most Improved during her freshman season), Megan never backs down or gives less than her best.

Her best moments as an athlete, though, have probably come in the world of horse riding, where she follows in the footsteps of fellow Wolves like Ally Roberts and Ashley Menges in being a highly-accomplished equestrian.

Whether she’s collecting ribbons (all the ribbons!) or meshing her talents with teammates in school sports, Thorn is a winner.

Who just happens to be one of the nicest people you will ever bump into.

It’s not hard to root for Megan, and it’s even easier to pay tribute to her.

So, happy birthday, Miss Thorn, and may it be a day worthy of you.

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