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The way it always should have been.

If there’s one positive from the current pandemic, it’s this — Coupeville High School is adapting by moving its graduation outdoors.

Instead of jamming people into a sweltering gym in early summer, the ceremony for the Class of 2021 will take place at the stadium over at Mickey Clark Field.

The info you need can be found in the photo above.

And if you don’t know, the stadium and field sit behind Coupeville Elementary School at 6 S. Main Street.

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With one flex of his chest, Xavier Murdy crushes the soccer ball’s dream of flying free. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The boys were back in town.

Thursday night brought the Coupeville High School boys soccer squad back to Mickey Clark Field for the first time in two weeks, and the occasion lured in wanderin’ photo whiz kid John Fisken.

The pics seen above and below are courtesy him.

To bask in everything Fisken shot, and possibly buy some glossy keepsakes, pop over to:

BS 2021-04-29 vs Providence – John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net)


Ryan Blouin sweeps the leg.

Wolf girls soccer stars show support for their male counterparts.

Logan Martin elevates and denies.

Cael Wilson unleashes his full fury.

Payton Parks (left) and Abbie Martin are A-OK with having their photo snapped.

Cole White dances in the dandelions.

Sam Wynn chooses the nuclear option.

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The program for the first-ever game played at Coupeville’s Mickey Clark Field. (Program courtesy Randy Keefe)

You can know the name without knowing all the facts.

My family moved to The Rock in 1989 and I made my writing debut in the Whidbey News-Times in early 1990.

From the first time I stepped foot on Coupeville’s football field (it wasn’t used for soccer back then), I knew it was called Mickey Clark Field.

It was only later, though, as I learned more about the history of Cow Town sports, that I got a better image of who the man was, and how he impacted the town and its young athletes.

And yet, until this morning, when I stumbled upon a pristine program from 1975 while leafing through memorabilia which Wolf legend Randy Keefe needs to get back at some point, I could not have told you with any certainty when the field debuted.

But then boom, nestled inside basketball clippings and programs, there was the football program you see in the photo above.

Coupeville football opened the 1975 season with road games at Langley and Concrete, before making its home debut Sept. 19 against Chimacum.

It was that night, 43 years back, when the dream became a reality.

According to the program, a pre-game flag-raising ceremony was conducted by the honor guard of the Sea Explorer Ship Whidbey, while the band performed under the direction of Leonard Denham.

Once the game reached the halftime break, CHS Athletic Director Bob Barker acted as Master of Ceremonies, while John Weber, Chairman of the School Board, and Joanette Wells, President of the Coupeville High Associated Students, gave presentations.

Topping things off, the Wolfette Drill/Dance Team, under the direction of Michelle Peel, performed as well.

The program paid tribute to a number of groups and individuals who made the field a reality, from the Lion’s Club, Puget Power, Central Electric, Vaughn and Wilson Construction and Chuck Jamison to the school’s vocational shop class.

But the man of the hour was an unassuming, hard-working coach and volunteer, and there’s a page in the program devoted to answering the question “Why, Mickey Clark Field?”

It reads:

For a period of twenty-five years Mickey coached boy’s softball teams, transporting them up and down the island to their summer league games.

He, along with John Syreen, started the little league baseball programs in Coupeville.

Mickey coached the high school basketball team for a season when they found themselves without a coach.

For a period of ten years he was the official Island County referee.

As county referee he officiated all the league football and basketball games for the Island County League teams, consisting of the Coupeville, Langley and Oak Harbor High Schools.

Mickey was instrumental in initiating and has directed a program that has probably saved the life of many a community youth – the Lion’s Club Swim Program.

For eighteen years, two nights a week, he was busy directing a popular and successful Peewee Junior Basketball league, sponsored by the Lion’s Club.

Most recently, Mickey headed the football bleachers building program for the Lion’s Club.

For the thousands of hours and sincere interest in our children — this is why Mickey Clark Field.

So, now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

And, for the completists out there, we wrap up this trip down nostalgia lane with a look at the first Wolf athletes and coaches to ever play on the field:


Wolf football roster:

Larry Ankney
Mike Ankney
Randy Blindauer
Chris Ceci
Charlie Cook
Ray Cook
Mike Dunn
Foster Faris
Gary Faulconer
Mike Gordon
Kevin Haga
Chuck Hardee
Randy Keefe
Pat Leach
Frank Mueller
Tim Pool
Jeff Rhubottom
Marc Sem
Don Sherman
Bill Stone
David Suder
Lee Suder
Jeff Thomas
Charlie Toth
Wayne Trumbull
Ed Weber
Steve Whitney
Fred Wyatt



Pat Lippincott
Greg Simon



Teresa Coupe
Lisa Keeney
Sherri Knoll
Kathy McClane
Jan Sem
Jill Whitney

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A new concession stand and bathrooms are coming together at the entrance to Mickey Clark Field. (Scott Losey photo)

Soon. Or so they hope.

Keeping alive the tradition of leaving us guessing when it comes to construction, the new entrance, bathrooms and concession stand at Coupeville’s athletic field will NOT be ready for the start of fall sports.

But, the shiny new home stands, complete with press box, will be fully functional (unlike last fall), so let’s take our victories where we can find them.

The official word as of Wednesday, from Coupeville High School Athletic Director Willie Smith:

Due to construction, the main entrance, bathrooms, and concession buildings will not be finished in time for our first home Coupeville athletic events at Mickey Clark Field.

Soccer Game – Thurs. 9/6 @ 4:30

Spectators cannot park at the Elementary School parking lot earlier than 4 PM.

Parking prior to 4:00 is to be at the Coupeville High School baseball/softball field parking area; entrance from that area will be made from the back gate of the field, behind the baseball diamond.

Football Game – Fri. 9/7 @ 6:00

Entrance/parking is available at the Elementary School after 4:00.

Additionally, we will have a ticket booth set up at the back entrance by the baseball field, if spectators wish to park at the baseball/softball field.

Home stands will be in our new stands.

Patrons will have access to the two bathrooms located at the end of the old Multi-Purpose room (as well as Sanicans on the visitors side), and our old concession stand will be running. 

We will update each week as construction continues.

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   Day one of putting together the 1,000 pieces that comprise the new CHS grandstands, and the question on everyone’s mind is … “What do you mean you lost the instructions?!?!” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“No, no, it looks fine that way.”

   Later, when everything looks all fancy, people will forget about the lowly, but important piece which anchors everything. I shall call it … Thaddeus.

“I’m just saying, I could have lifted that without any machinery. No, really…”




And we’re .02% done.

It’s like a really big Ikea project.

The two-year wait for the new Coupeville High School football/soccer/track grandstands to arrive is over.

Now we just wait for all 10 million pieces to be put together.

Will the new stands debut during one of the three remaining Wolf home football games?

Or, more likely, will butts hit the seats for the first time this spring?

Only time will tell.

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