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Maya Toomey-Stout rises and destroys. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Ashley Menges flies the friendly skies.

The Wolf student section is a group of many moods.

Hannah Davidson delivers a killer tip.

The rampagin’ Vick sisters, Raven (left) and Willow, wait to destroy another team.

Steve Kiel, the mack daddy of CHS volleyball.

Jaimee Masters gets the offense set up.

Peytin Vondrak (left) and Ema Smith, artistic smack talkers.

Right back at it.

Less than 24 hours after playing King’s Tuesday, the Coupeville High School volleyball squad was back on the floor Wednesday to face Sultan.

And right there, along with them, was travelin’ paparazzi to the stars John Fisken, who made it two nights in a row in Cow Town.

The pics above are courtesy him. To see everything he shot, pop over to:


When you do, remember that any purchases help fund scholarships for CHS senior student/athletes. Circle of life depends on you.

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Peytin Vondrak

Peytin Vondrak at work and rest. (John Fisken photos)

Vondrak, hanging out with teammates Hannah Davidson (left) and Lucy Sandahl during volleyball season.

   Vondrak hangs out with volleyball teammates Hannah Davidson (left) and Lucy Sandahl.

At first glance, you would think Peytin Vondrak has been a Wolf for life.

The Coupeville High School sophomore has become so deeply ingrained in the local sports scene, it’s easy to forget she and her family only arrived on The Rock this school year.

Pensacola’s loss has been Cow Town’s epic gain, as Peytin, and lil’ sis Maddie have quickly become integral parts of Wolf Nation.

As she celebrates her 16th birthday today, the coolly elegant Peytin is blossoming into a superstar, as an athlete, but even more so as a brainy, warm-hearted young woman.

Vondrak made her first splash playing volleyball in the fall.

While adjusting to a new school, teammates and coaches (not to mention she had never played volleyball before), she helped the Wolf JV roll to an undefeated 9-0 record in 1A Olympic League play.

When she was on the floor, Vondrak used her natural height and long reach and mixed it with hard work, dedication and a refusal to ever give up on a play.

If the rotation landed her on the bench, she was loyal and supportive of her teammates, always among the first to cheer for her new friends and make sure they knew she had seen, and appreciated, what they had accomplished.

Vondrak strolled away with Most Improved honors at the postseason banquet and frequent behind the scenes praise from her coaches when they discussed their squads.

Now, she’s teaming up with Skyler Lawrence to provide CHS girls basketball with impeccable managerial service this winter.

Once again, behind the scenes praise from her coaches pours in on a regular basis.

Up ahead, plans to play softball in the spring, and even more coaches, teammates and fans to win for the extremely likeable Vondrak.

In the short time she has been here among us, Peytin has made a strong first impression.

She comes across as a well-spoken, thoughtful, talented young woman who, as she finds her way in the world, is going to continue to successfully climb one summit after another.

As a town, a school and a community, we lucked out when the Vondraks reached out, stuck a finger on the far left side of the map and said, “Yep, that’s where we’re going.”

So happy birthday, Miss Vondrak.

I hope that you are enjoying Coupeville as much as the rest of us are enjoying having you here.

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Peytin Vondrak

   Peytin Vondrak gets full extension as she soars skyward to unleash a winner. (John Fisken photos)

Hannah Davidson

   The next sound you hear is a volleyball screaming after being smacked by Hannah Davidson.

Raven Vick

   Raven Vick’s forearms are so ripped, they deflate volleyballs on contact. True story.

Scout Smith

Scout Smith gets sneaky.


Wolf cheerleaders, showing their support for their classmates.


The look of a team that’s undefeated in league play.

More photos? Of course.

When I posted a CHS volleyball photo essay this morning, I didn’t have access to JV pics from Tuesday night.

That’s changed now, so I’m back to unleash more pink-hued glossy images on the spiker world.

Six snappy pics in all, with a cameo from Wolf cheerleaders just to mix things up a bit.

Want to see more?

Pop over to:


PS — Purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes. So, bonus!

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Lucy Sandahl (John Fisken photo)

   Lucy Sandahl’s service game Thursday, when she had seven winners, drew praise from her coaches.  (John Fisken photo)

It started with a bang, and ended with an even bigger one.

From the opening point, a gorgeous drop shot for a winner from Hannah Davidson, to the final big statement, a sizzling ace delivered with gusto by Peytin Vondrak, the Coupeville High School JV spikers were electric Thursday night.

Crushing visiting Port Townsend 25-10, 25-17, 15-5, the Wolf young guns rolled to a flawless 3-0 in 1A Olympic League play, 5-2 overall.

CHS coach Kristin Bridges and her squad have won three straight, and made it look easy all the way.

Nothing was different Thursday, as the Wolves used a note-perfect service game to completely take the air out of the RedHawks.

Zoe Trujillo and Scout Smith led the way, each lashing 17 winners on their serves, combining for more than half of the 65 points won by Coupeville.

While long runs at the service stripe by both Wolf snipers naturally limited the opportunities for anyone else, when she had the ball in her hand, Lucy Sandahl was just as efficient.

The CHS frosh won seven points on her serve, pulling off back-to-back aces at one point and launching another missile that got “VICIOUS” spelled all in caps in my notebook.

After the match, Sandahl also earned public praise from varsity coach Cory Whitmore, which probably matters more than me writing all in caps.


When the ball was in play, which wasn’t often, the Wolves made quick work of things.

Jillian Mayne pulled off her best play of the season, going low to save a ball and then spinning it back over the net for a winner, while Maya Toomey-Stout bounced around as the Mad Tipper, and the Vick sisters, Raven and Willow, chased down everything in sight.

The calm at the center of the hurricane, as always, was ever-dependable Maddy Hilkey, a veteran leader whose presence under pressure keeps her younger teammates focused.

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Tiffany (John Fisken photos)

   Tiffany Briscoe (15) leads her teammates in a cheer for their on-court sisters. (John Fisken photos)

Lauren Rose

Lauren Rose flashes the eye of the tiger.

Jae LeVine

   Taking a quick break from her duties at Prairie Center, Jae “Flash” LeVine arrives to fire up the crowd.

Peytin Vondrak

   Peytin Vondrak makes a picture-perfect return, while teammate Raven Vick backs her up.

Emma Smith

   No volleyball will escape the long reach of high-flying sophomore sensation Emma Smith.


The Wolf student section gets comfortable.


Rose gets Ally Roberts’ head in the game.


“And that’s what we call kickin’ your fanny!!”

It was a busy week, on and off the court.

With back-to-back home volleyball matches, the Coupeville High School spikers had plenty of opportunities to get floor time.

That also gave wanderin’ photo man John Fisken, who was in town for Chimacum Tuesday and Sequim Wednesday, plenty of time to capture a billion or two pics.

Eight of the snappiest can be seen above.

To marinate in all of his pix (purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes!), pop over to:

Chimacum — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/VB-20160913-Coupeville-vs-Chim/

Sequim — http://www.johnsphotos.net/Sports/VB-20160914-Coupeville-vs-Sequ/

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