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Sean Toomey-Stout and Co. will have to wait at least one more day to return to basketball action. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Well, at least you can make plans early … to do nothing.

With more snow coming down Tuesday night, the Coupeville School District opted not to wait until morning, and made the call early to cancel all classes and activities for Wednesday.

That gives students a second-straight snow day, while also ensuring none of us will need to slip ‘n slide to the CHS gym to try and watch basketball.

The Wolf boys basketball teams originally had home games against Cedar Park Christian set for Tuesday.

Those games were bumped until Wednesday, with the hope the weather would improve.

It has not, so the matchups with the Eagles get shoved a little further down the schedule.

They will get played, since they’re league games, but, whether that happens Thursday, or at a later date, is unknown as of Tuesday night.

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Wintery weather conditions will prevent Kylie Van Velkinburgh and Co. from playing basketball Tuesday. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Mother Nature strikes again.

The 2019-2020 Coupeville High School basketball season continues to be jumbled by weather-related incidents.

After twice being tripped up by wind storms, this time around it’s snow bedeviling the Wolves.

CHS was slated to send its girls squads to Granite Falls Tuesday, while the boys teams were set to welcome Cedar Park Christian to town.

With both of those rival schools closing due to the wintery weather, however, gyms everywhere will remain silent.

The games, which are North Sound Conference rumbles, will be rescheduled and the hope is to do it fast.

The girls games at Granite Falls have been bumped to Thursday.

If weather improves, the Wolf boys will play at home Wednesday.

Those games would be set for 5 PM (JV and C-Team) and 6:45 (varsity).

In a twist, the Wolf C-Team would actually play Sultan in the middle school gym, and not CPC, as that game was already on the schedule for Wednesday.

The C-Team could then possibly pick up the Cedar Park game at a later date, said CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith.

Of course, continued snow and ice could make this all moot.

Friday, all five CHS hoops teams are scheduled to travel to Langley to face South Whidbey.

Temperatures are projected to be in the 40’s Island-wide by then.

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   Just give Ben Etzell the ball. That’s all he wants. Oh, and no more Minnesota snow. (Libby Auger photo)

With the snow receding, they’re rolling once again.

Saint John’s University baseball, and former Coupeville diamond star Ben Etzell, were slowed by the non-stop white stuff which hammered Minnesota.

After starting the season in Florida and Arizona, once the Johnnies returned home they found nothing but games being backed up, and then backed up some more.

That has begun to change, and SJU is once again playing, running its record to 19-5 after a doubleheader sweep Monday of Hamline University.

Etzell, a senior, tossed a perfect inning, including a pair of strike-outs, to slam the door in the nightcap, a 6-1 win.

He’s tied for the team lead among pitchers with seven appearances and is 1-2 with a 2.35 ERA this season.

For his career, Etzell is 9-4 with seven saves and he crossed the 100-inning barrier against Hamline. He has 84 K’s in 100.2 innings all-time.

Saint John’s has 13 regular-season games left on its schedule and will be playing a ton of doubleheaders over the next two weeks.

The league tourney is scheduled for May 10-13.

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   Abby Mulholland and her CMS teammates are stuck at home Thursday, after snow postponed a planned trip to Port Angeles. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Mother Nature strikes again.

With snow covering the ground Thursday, the Coupeville Middle School girls basketball teams will not travel to Port Angeles to face Stevens.

The move, announced mere moments ago by Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith, was made based on both “weather and road conditions.”

A makeup date will be determined later.

Barring any more blizzards, the Wolves return to the court next Monday, Feb. 26, when they travel to Sequim.

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Coupeville Sports readers searched for a lot of things in 2016. Coming in at #4? CHS cheerleader Kiara Burdge. (John Fisken photo)

   Senior cheerleader Kiara Burdge was the most-searched athlete on Coupeville Sports this year. (John Fisken photos)


   Football fans celebrate Coupeville’s season-opening win over visiting South Whidbey in the #3 most-viewed photo of 2016.

Every day’s a surprise.

There are times when I’m sure a story will be well-read, and others when I think there was probably no reason to bother publishing what I just did, cause no one cares.

Both times, I’m usually wrong.

Case in point, the 6th most-read story here on Coupeville Sports in 2016 — https://coupevillesports.com/2016/12/09/it-makes-snow-sense/ — was a quickly tossed-off piece about snow cancelling a basketball game.

At the moment it was written I viewed it as little more than a quick public announcement, a way to alert local fans that the Wolf girls’ hoops team would not be in action that night as expected.

Imagine my surprise when the story started to spike almost immediately. Then really spike, then hit a completely unexpected level.

It made no sense. It was a nothing story.

At the time, I wrote it off as one of the quirks of having my work on WordPress.

From time to time, there are weird, brief, intense spikes that seem to have nothing to do with my actual readership.

Finally, maybe 6-8 hours down the road, it began to surface that Klahowya fans, having read that innocuous story, as well as some snarky side comments on Facebook and Twitter, were driving the readership spike on this particular story.

While Coupeville fans had shrugged and gone about their business, Eagle Nation had gotten its collective underwear into an epic twist, deciding I basically wanted to strap their daughters into a bus and send them to a fiery death over a snowy embankment.

As someone who has poked fan bases before (South Whidbey, ATM, King’s, the mouth-breathers in Sultan), I usually know when people are gonna get peeved.

This one, I did not see coming.

And frankly, still think is a fairly large pile of steamin’ crapola.

Having dissected that (very thin) story 100 different ways, I still fail to see how anyone with more than a fourth grade education sees anything offensive in THAT STORY.

But, ultimately, who am I to complain? Klahowya’s lack of reading comprehension/sense of humor brought in a fair amount of page views.

What else attracted eyeballs in 2016?

With eight days left, here are the top five most-viewed articles on Coupeville Sports:






As you know, #6 is a snow job, while #7, #8 and #10 documented the ongoing issues in the CHS cheer world and #9 — https://coupevillesports.com/2016/09/03/the-bucket-is-back/ — celebrated Coupeville thumping South Whidbey on the gridiron.

What will pop in 2017? As proven this year, I have no idea.

Though I am pretty sure I will tick off at least one rival school next year, maybe more. Maybe even on purpose this time.

That seems to be a given.

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