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Da champs. Top to bottom, starting on left, are Brendan Coleman, Aaron Curtin, Aaron Trumbull, Carson Risner, Kurtis Smith, Ben Etzell, Korbin Korzan, Brian Norris, Morgan Payne, Jake and Chris Tumblin, Wade Schaef, Paul Schmakeit, Kyle Bodamer.

July 24, 2010 – the day Coupeville shocked the baseball world. (Shelli Trumbull photo)

It remains one of the enduring moments in prairie sports history.

Thirteen Coupeville boys and four coaches shocked the baseball world in 2010, knocking off all-star teams from bigger towns, rallying for win after win to claim a state title.

In the finale, on Saturday, July 24, the Central Whidbey Little League Juniors (13-14) squad scored three runs in the bottom of the seventh to force extra innings, then one more in the tenth to beat West Valley 10-9.

The winning run came when Aaron Trumbull lashed an infield single, plating Jake Tumblin.

It was the first-ever state title for a team coming out of District 11 (Skagit and Island counties), and the team largely stayed together afterwards.

Eight of the 13 players would go on to play four years of baseball at Coupeville High School, and every one of the players owns a diploma from the school.

As the 10-year anniversary approaches, head coach Chris Tumblin looks back fondly on one of his favorite summers:

The 2010 season was such a fun time as a coach and I have so many fond memories.

My wife Shannon had one word for that team – “family”.

The players were like a team of brothers but the parents were as much a part of the family as they were.

They never complained when I asked them to make sure the kids were there at least two hours before the game started to make sure we were able to get them ready to play.

The marathon practices that were officially over but continued because the players still wanted to have more batting practice.

The unwavering support they gave to the coaches and the players during home, away, and playoff games was second to none.

As you know the league president was Bob Martin. That guy went above and beyond my expectations, especially when we went to state.

I remember sitting with the umpires and league officials before the games started, going over each kids eligibility paperwork and finding a problem.

Sitting in Spokane I thought we were not going to have all our players eligible, but Bob went to work and got the needed paperwork by fax or email or carrier pigeon; I’m still not sure how, but we played with all players.

I always felt more at ease when he was there and he was always there.

One of the things that was always mentioned by the other coaches, umpires and parents of the other teams was how respectful our players were.

We had a team of confident players and they never talked trash or were arrogant; they played a sport they loved and they always played till the last out.

They never got behind and lost the will to win, never dwelled on a bad at-bat, never stopped believing that this was their season.

Having coaches that were having as much fun as the kids was also a plus.

Ramon (Villaflor), Brad (Trumbull), and Mike (Etzell) were fun to work with.

Taking time to coach takes a lot of time out of our schedules, missing work, first to get to the field and last to leave and all the meetings in between.

I can’t thank them enough for their commitment.

We played a lot of great games, and I was pleasantly surprised when we ran the winners bracket to the championship game.

That last day was very hot and we played a doubleheader but we lost the first game.

During intermission they were giving free chili dogs to the players and I wouldn’t let our players have any because you are what you eat and I didn’t want them to play like a team of chili dogs.

We went back to the hotel; I asked for a conference room and sat them down at a table and told them to figure out what happened.

To talk it over as a team and figure what they need to do to turn it around and then all the coaches left for the next 30 minutes.

When time was up we gathered the kids and went back to the field; they obviously had a plan.

We know what happened during the final game — several lead changes, extra innings, the other team coach and parents complaining about how hard our parents were rooting with every pitch.

The last two plays stick out in my head more than anything else.

Jake got in a pickle between second and third base with two outs in the bottom of the 10th; I thought the inning was over, but he ran it out and made it to third.

Aaron Trumbull at the plate hit a high bouncer between the third-baseman and short; there wasn’t even an attempt to throw Aaron out at first and Jake easily scored.

Let the celebration begin.

I can’t begin to express how lucky I was to be able to be a part of that season; we were the underdogs from the beginning.

People asked us how many teams we were pulling from to make the all-star team; they never believed me when I said we only have one and that we only had one stop light in the entire town.

We won that season not only because of the players on the field, it was also due to the support of a community!

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Koby Schreiber won his match Tuesday against University Prep. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

No small challenges.

Two Coupeville High School athletic teams faced a similar dilemma Tuesday – how to respond when facing off with the defending state champs.

And, while both the Wolf boys tennis and girls soccer squads ended up falling to their private school rivals, they met at least part of that challenge, keeping the score competitive and putting up a solid fight.

The CHS booters fell 4-0 to visiting King’s, while the Wolf netters exited their home court after absorbing a 4-1 loss to University Prep.

The defeats dropped soccer to 0-2-1 on the young season and tennis to 1-1.

While Coupeville didn’t get a goal past the Knights, they did have a fair amount of quality shots, while Wolf goaltender Sarah Wright snagged a variety of skillful saves.

“We put up a good fight, and beside a lack of focus to start the game and second half, we played really well,” said CHS coach Kyle Nelson. “I saw improved play all over the field; we are headed in the right direction quickly.”

The net squad, facing a U Prep team which has rolled to back-to-back state titles, got a win at #2 singles from Drake Borden, and pressed the Pumas hard in several other matches.

Complete Tuesday tennis results:


1st Singles — Jakobi Baumann lost 6-3, 6-0

2nd Singles — Drake Borden won 7-5, 7-5

1st Doubles — Zach Ginnings/Jacob Burke lost 6-0, 6-0

2nd Doubles — Mason Grove/James Wood lost 7-6(7-2), 6-1

3rd Doubles — Tiger Johnson/Jaschon Baumann lost 6-3, 6-4


3rd Singles — Koby Schreiber won 6-2

4th Doubles — Harris Sinclair/Andrew Aparicio lost 6-0

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Former CHS supernova Katrina McGranahan won a state title this weekend with her travel softball team. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Call them the comeback queens. Or, better yet, just call them champs.

Sparked by their Coupeville superstar, Katrina McGranahan, the Seattle Spice travel softball team roared from behind four times in two days this weekend to win the USSSA U18 B state championship.

Playing in Auburn, the Spice spotted each of their rivals an early lead, then convincingly put the hammer down when it mattered.

Fresh off their state title, McGranahan and Co. are off to Canada this coming weekend to play in the Canada Cup. The Spice close the summer ball season at the Western Nationals in Oregon the following week.

McGranahan, who graduated from CHS this spring, won pretty much every honor possible during her stellar run as a volleyball and softball star.

She was an Olympic League MVP in both sports, shared Coupeville High School’s Female Athlete of the Year award as a junior, and was a staple on All-Conference teams.

McGranahan signed a letter of intent with Everett Community College, and is slated to be playing college ball next spring at the same school where former CHS star Hailey Hammer sparkled for two years.

Killer Kat, a terror at the plate and a flame-thrower in the pitcher’s circle, twice carried the Wolf softball team to within a win of the state tourney.

Now, she gets the title she always deserved – state champ.

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   Hunter Smith tossed six scoreless innings and racked up four RBIs Saturday in an 8-2 win over defending state champ Vashon Island. (John Fisken photo)

Vashon Island was the toast of baseball a year ago.

The Pirates took out Meridian, Nooksack Valley, Overlake/Bear Creek and defending state champion Hoquiam en route to taking home the trophy as the best 1A team in all the land.

Maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t face Hunter Smith along the way.

The Coupeville High School hurler got his crack at the Pirates Saturday and thoroughly bushwhacked them, tossing six scoreless innings and driving in four runs to spark an 8-2 win.

The non-conference victory, the third straight for the Wolves, lifts them to 3-2.

Coupeville has a busy week ahead, with two of three at home.

The Wolves host non-conference foe Sultan Monday, then open defense of their Olympic League crown with a home game Wednesday against Klahowya and a road trip Friday to Port Townsend.

Now, if we’re being totally fair, we’ll acknowledge this year’s Vashon squad is not the same as last year’s, since the Pirates lost nine players to graduation.

But until someone takes away the title, they will still enter every game this year bearing the moniker “defending state champs,” so it is what it is.

And Vashon flat-out had no luck against Coupeville’s junior ace, who welcomed the Pirates to Whidbey by setting them down one after another.

Smith whiffed ten, while giving up just a single in the second and a walk in the fifth, cruising home with an 8-0 lead.

Vashon managed to scrape together two runs in the seventh against Wolf reliever Matt Hilborn, but he settled down quickly and ended any hopes of a late-game rally.

Coupeville jumped on the Pirates quickly, scoring two in the first and another two in the second.

The opening runs came courtesy an RBI double from Clay Reilly and an RBI single by Jake Hoagland, before Smith struck in the second with a two-run single.

Two innings later, Smith was right back at it, this time crushing a two-run double to run the score to 6-0.

Reilly and Dane Lucero plated runners in the fifth to cap Coupeville’s scoring.

While Vashon couldn’t buy a hit most of the day, the Wolves collected six base-knocks, with four of them being of the extra-base variety.

Smith, Reilly and Ethan Marx all had doubles, while Reilly also tripled.

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In 116 years, no Coupeville High School student has won as many state titles as this guy -- five-time champ Kyle King.

The most decorated male athlete in CHS history — five-time state champ Kyle King.

(Jim Waller photo)

If CHS were to adopt the style used by Oak Harbor High School, with its own color scheme, white could be for league titles, black for district titles and red for state accomplishments. (Jim Waller photo)

Natasha Bamberger, holder of four of the 17 state titles won by CHS athletes all-time.

Natasha Bamberger, the only Wolf to win five state titles completely on her own.

116 years. 113 titles.

That’s what I’ve come up with. So far.

Never having been satisfied with the small amount of banners that hang in the Coupeville High School gym, I decided recently, with the help of Jim Waller, Keven R. Graves and the Whidbey News-Times archives, to see if I could get a better read on the history of Wolf sports.

What I have come away with is about 100 (give or take one or two) more titles than what currently hang in the gym.

Now, this is not meant to be a slam on anyone in the school administration.

It doesn’t matter who let the history slip away, or when it happened.

But we are the generation that can save it.

It’s that simple.

If we move forward and restore the lost accomplishments, we can honor the past and inspire the future.

As we move forward, I’ll continue to talk to those who actually make these kind of decisions (administrators, school board, Booster Club), figure out what it would cost, how we could make it happen and all that jazz.

But, for the moment, let your eyes wander down the list.

61 league titles.

14 district titles.

21 teams that placed at state (top 10), topped by three (2002 softball, 1987 baseball, 2005 girls’ tennis) who finished as high as 3rd — and yet two of those teams (baseball and tennis) do NOT have banners currently hanging.

17 state titles. 15 in track (14 individual and one relay team) and two in cross country — won by six guys and two gals.

Fact-check me. Did I miss something while going cross-eyed? It’s possible.

Or just bask in the history of our little school on the prairie.

Coupeville High School title winners 1900-2016:


1960 — “B” Northwest League
1965 — “B” Northwest League
1969 — “B” Northwest League
1973 — “B” Northwest League
1973 — “B” District
1974 — “B” Northwest League
1975 — “B” Northwest League
1976 — “B” Northwest League
1976 — “B” District
1977 — “B” Northwest League
1977 — “B” District
1978 — “A” District
1980 — “A” Cascade League
1987 — “B” District
1987 — “B” 3rd at state
1991 — “B” Northwest League
2008 — “A” District


1970 — “B” Northwest League
1970 — “B” District
1971 — “B” Northwest League
1972 — “A” Cascade League
1975 — “B” Northwest League
1979 — “A” Cascade League
1998 — “A/B” Northwest League
2002 — “A” Northwest League


1975 — “A” 9th at state
1976 — “A” 5th at state
1977 — “A” Cascade League
1977 — “A” District
1977 — “A” 5th at state
2010 — “A” Tyler King — state champion


1961 — “B” Northwest League
1967 — “B” Northwest League
1968 — “B” Northwest League
2002 — “A” Northwest League
2009 — “A” Northwest League
2009 — “A” District
2010 — “A” Northwest League
2011 — “A” Northwest League
2015 — “A” Olympic League


1979 — “A/B” Jeff Fielding — state champion (3200)
1979 — “A/B” 8th at state
1984 — “B” Northwest League
1985 — “B” District
1986 — “B” 6th at state
1987 — “B” Northwest League
1987 —  “B” District
2005 — “A” Bi-District
2005 — “A” 8th at state
2006 — “A” Bi-District
2006 — “A” Jon Chittim — state champion (200, 400)
2006 — “A” Kyle King — state champion (3200)
2006 — “A” Chris Hutchinson, Jon Chittim, Kyle King, Steven McDonald — state champion (4 x 400)
2006 — “A” 4th at state
2007 — “A” Kyle King — state champion (1600, 3200)
2008 — “A” Kyle King — state champion (3200)
2008 — “A” 4th at state
2010 — “A” Tyler King — state champion (1600, 3200)
2010 — “A” 6th at state
2011 — “A” 7th at state


1974 — “B” Northwest League
1990 — “B” Northwest League


1998 — “A” Northwest League
2002 — “A” Northwest League
2002 — “A” 6th at state
2003 — “A” 8th at state
2005 — “A” Northwest League
2005 — “A” 8th at state
2006 — “A” Northwest League
2015 — “A” Olympic League
2016 — “A” Olympic League


1981 — “A/B” 8th at state
1982 — “A” Cascade League
1982 — “A/B” 4th at state
1985 — “A/B” Natasha Bamberger — state champion


1994 — “AAA” Wesco (Coupeville/Oak Harbor)
1994 — “AAA” 4th in state (Coupeville/Oak Harbor)


1981 — “A” Cascade League
1982 — “A” Cascade League
1983 — “A” Cascade League
1998 — “A” Northwest League
1999 — “A” Northwest League
2000 — “A” Northwest League
2001 — “A” Northwest League
2002 — “A” Northwest League
2003 — “A” Northwest League
2004 — “A” Northwest League
2005 — “A” Northwest League
2005 — “A” 3rd at state
2008 — “A” Northwest League
2009 — “A” Northwest League
2010 — “A” Northwest League
2011 — “A” Northwest League
2012 — “A” Northwest League
2015 — “A” Olympic League


1984 — “B” Natasha Bamberger — state champion (1600, 3200)
1984 — “B” 5th at state
1985 — “B” Natasha Bamberger — state champion (3200)
1986 — “B” Natasha Bamberger — state champion (3200)
1986 — “B” 8th at state
1989 — “B” Northwest League
1989 — “B” District
2003 — “A” Amy Mouw — state champion (800)


2002 — “A” Northwest League
2002 — “A” 3rd at state


1997 — “A/B” Northwest League
2001 — “A” Northwest League
2002 — “A” Tri-District
2004 — “A” District

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