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Chelsea Prescott (John Fisken photo)

Chelsea Prescott will terminate you. (John Fisken photo)

She is the future, and the future looks pretty dang impressive.

When you look at middle school athletes and try and forecast how they will do at the high school level, it’s always a bit tricky.

A million little things can change, and the kid who was a star at one level never hits it as big at the next, or the kid you never saw coming grows into a superstar.

But let me say this — I’m betting the farm on Chelsea Prescott.

The Coupeville Middle School 8th grader, who hits the big 1-4 today, reminds me a lot of Lindsey Roberts, who, as a CHS sophomore, is currently on target to earn the maximum 12 athletic letters.

Having watched Chelsea play volleyball and basketball at CMS, and both baseball and softball with Central Whidbey Little League, she’s the real deal.

As a spiker, she lashed one serve that (literally) exploded a rival player’s face, sending blood spraying and ensuring no one on the other team will ever want to come back to Coupeville.

Fear the Wolf. That’s a good thing, I say.

On the hard wood, Prescott is a scoring machine who already has a confidence rare at the middle school level, and on the diamond, she’s the complete package, whether pitching or playing short stop.

Chelsea has power, speed, hits with a rare aggression and, again, possesses quiet confidence.

And that is why I think she will be successful at whatever sports she plays at the next level, because she is confident, yet not egotistical, plays to win and is quick to work with her teammates and even quicker to listen to her coaches.

She’s also 14 years old, and I don’t want to put too much pressure on her.

I hope she has a phenomenal prep career (makes for better stories for me) but I hope, more importantly, that Chelsea continues to enjoy herself.

That she gets out of sports what she wants, but that she is also successful in every other part of her life.

From the stands, she comes across as a low-key, friendly young woman, one with a strong, supportive family. I think that bodes well for her future, as an athlete, a student, and a person.

As she celebrates her birthday today, I just want to chime in with my own well wishes.

It has been a treat to watch you play so far, and I look forward to watching your future successes unfold, whether they be on or off the athletic stage.

Happy birthday, Miss Prescott.

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The impeccably-dressed Melia Welling. (John Fisken photos)

The impeccably-dressed Melia Welling. (John Fisken photos)

"Is mom working at PC right now, cause I'm parking this ball somewhere around the produce section."

   “Is mom working at PC right now, cause I’m parking this ball somewhere around the produce section.”

I like Melia Welling.

Regardless of whether or not she continues to become a big athletic star and ends up giving me plenty to write about over the next four years (and I think she will), she’s just a great young woman.

Like older brother Julian, she projects a friendliness that is infectious, and you can’t help but root for her.

Melia is on her way to becoming a freshman at Coupeville High School, with a pit stop in Birthday Land today, and she’s already made an impression as an athlete.

Volleyball, basketball, and, most recently, as a softball slugger for Central Whidbey Little League’s high-flying Juniors squad, the Venom, Welling has jumped in feet first.

She hails from an athletic family, which includes big bro and her cousins, Mitchell and Shane Losey, and she’s upholding tradition well.

Her biggest moment so far probably came when she thumped a two-run double in a Venom game.

The blow made Julian come dangerously close to flipping off the top row of the bleachers at the CHS softball diamond, as he screamed like a banshee while Melia beamed from ear to ear at second base.

Whether crunching big hits or giggling away with Cassidy Moody as the duo kept score at middle school boys’ basketball games, Welling is a talented, hard-working young woman who has made a very good impression on those of us in the cheap seats.

From all of us, happy birthday Melia. May the best be yet to come.

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Willow Vick (John Fisken photos)

   Willow Vick hits all the colors of the rainbow as she patrols the outfield for the Venom this spring. (John Fisken photos)

Vick dares the pitcher to try and throw the ball past her.

Vick dares the pitcher to try and throw the ball past her.

Willow Vick is not afraid of a challenge.

When Central Whidbey Little League was scrambling around this spring, trying to pull together enough athletes to form a Juniors softball squad, she came to their rescue.

And, despite never having played before, she acquitted herself quite nicely, growing in confidence as the season progressed and being a vital part of a Venom squad which finished 13-3.

Now, as she and twin sister Raven head into their freshman year at Coupeville High School this fall, Willow is ready for new challenges.

She plans to play volleyball in the fall, and is debating between a return to softball or heading out to take advantage of the school’s new track come spring.

Sports are just one part of Vick’s life, however, as she enjoys drawing, swimming, sleeping and working out.

Her musical tastes run to Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, while movie-wise she’s fond of Mary Poppins.

So, pretty broad spectrum there.

When she is competing, Vick picks volleyball as her primary sport.

“It’s fun, lots of work, keeps you mentally and physically fit,” she said.

She enjoys how sports help her keep in shape and build muscle, but is always working to become a more technically sound athlete.

“I want to get my serves over the net 95% of the time,” Vick said. “I need to work on being louder and more confident.”

She’s also got an eye on improving her softball hitting, and, away from the arena, would like to sharpen her drawing skills and keep her grades up.

Her positive traits are many.

“My technical abilities, I’m a good teammate, good setter I guess, lots of power,” Vick said. “I’m willing to try new things like playing softball for the first time, not afraid to ask for help.”

Whether it’s something she’s done once or a thousand times, she knows she can always turn to her fan club for support.

“My parents, for always pushing me to be my best and to never give up when things get tough,” Vick said. “Friends who support me.

Lisa Toomey for giving crazy pep talks before, during and after games,” she added. “And my twin for always being someone to compete with and support me.”

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Marenna Rebischke-Smith patrols center field for the high-flying Venom. (John Fisken photo)

   Marenna Rebischke-Smith patrols center field for the high-flying Venom. (John Fisken photo)

Rebischke-Smith lashes a base hit.

Rebischke-Smith lashes a base hit.

Don’t ask her to beat up on people, and we’re good.

Marenna Rebischke-Smith enjoys athletics, just not ones that involve her having to elbow people in the face.

“My favorite sport is softball, because it doesn’t involve a lot of physical contact,” she said. “I tried basketball, but didn’t like it because I had to push people.

“I like softball because you can take your anger out on inanimate objects instead of other people.”

Rebischke-Smith, who will be a freshman at CHS in the fall, builds on that, embracing her teammates and pulling them close.

“I enjoy the fact that you have a whole other “family” out on the field,” she said. “I like that you can count on that family to have your back.”

This spring she played center field for the Venom, a Central Whidbey Little League Juniors softball squad which went a sparkling 13-3.

Now playing All-Stars with another team, she’d like to keep the softball express going in high school.

“My whole juniors team had a big impact on me,” Rebischke-Smith said. “I hope to play with them again in high school; they are all very fun and friendly.”

As the season played out, she became a much-more aggressive hitter at the plate, while also making some web gems in the outfield, chasing down balls on the fly several times.

Still, like any good player, she is always looking to improve her game.

“I am definitely not as great as some of my teammates I had in juniors,” Rebischke-Smith said. “But I would like to work to get better and hopefully be as good as they are, if not better.

“I believe I have a pretty strong hit when I have something to hit for, but I would like to improve my hit to have a great hit every time I go up to the plate.”

When she’s not practicing or playing, Rebischke-Smith likes to play the guitar and hang out with friends.

A solid student as well (“my goal for freshman year is to have fun and get my work done and not have to take summer school”), she looks to those she lives with for support and guidance.

“I would say that my dad helped me a lot,” Rebischke-Smith said. “He is always there to help me with my homework and play catch with me; he is really great.

“My mom helped too, even though she works a lot in Seattle. She has been to every one of my games and supported me.”

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Emma Mathusek (John Fisken photos)

Emma Mathusek contemplates the state of the universe. (John Fisken photos)

Willow Vick

Bat at the ready, Willow Vick gets ready to launch the ball across the prairie.

Melia Welling

Melia Welling pities the fool who has to get a strike past her explosive bat.


Mathusek comes in hot.


Assistant coach Ema Smith sports a t-shirt signed by all the Venom players.


Venom softball guru Charlotte Young imparts sage wisdom to Vick.


Marenna Rebischke-Smith hangs out in the high dandelions.

Maya Toomey-Stout

   Maya Toomey-Stout, AKA “The Gazelle,” prepares to unleash her blazing speed on an unsuspecting world.

For a team which was only pulled together at the very last moment, the Venom did pretty dang good.

By the time the Central Whidbey Little League Juniors softball squad was done thumping people, it finished 13-3 and won a league title.

Along for the ride Thursday night during the season finale was wanderin’ photo man John Fisken, who clicked the pics above.

While not showing all 10 Venom players, they do give you a great sneak peak at some of the sluggers who should go on to star for CHS in the coming years.

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